16 Best Pay Per Call Networks + [Get Paid For Every Call]

Are you looking for the best pay per call networks? Sit tight as I take you through how they work and some of the best networks you can join today.

Affiliate networks come in different forms. You may be used to display ad networks or where you’re paid a commission per lead, but pay per call networks take a different approach.

Wondering how they work? Read on.

How Do Pay Per Call Networks Work?

As the name suggests, you get paid per call. When you sign up to one of these networks, you are assigned a specific phone number to promote. When someone makes a call through that phone number, you earn a commission.

Companies offering services such as banking, credit repair, landscaping, or law may offer pay per call affiliate programs.

However, even though the caller doesn’t have to purchase their products, they have to spend a considerable amount of time on the call and inquire about services offered by the company.

This duration varies with the business, but it often ranges from 1 minute to 5 minutes. The longer the call, the more you get paid. But the caller also has to meet the quality requirements set by the advertiser.

As you can see, Pay Per Call is a form of CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing. But the issue with most of the other marketing models is that the potential buyer doesn’t talk to the business’s representative directly.

All they see are ads and landing pages, which forward them to the websites and contact us pages where it can take hours or days to get a response.

But with calls, there is instant feedback. Besides, these are inbound calls where the potential client calls the advertiser. For the most part, they called because they are interested in the services, compared to outbound cold calls where prospects might consider you as just another “salesperson.”

Due to its effectiveness and high conversion rates, pay per call marketing has some of the highest commission rates compared to other affiliate marketing models.

Best Pay Per Call Networks

Now that you know how they work, below are some of the best pay per call affiliate networks.


Pay Per Call Networks

OfferVault is more of a search engine for affiliate marketing networks, traffic sources, and CPA offers. As such, you can use it to search for the best pay per call networks.

So, why would you need it instead of searching on Google? Because doing that is tedious and not always fruitful.

But with OfferVault, you can search specifically for pay per call networks, and you’ll get a whole list of them to choose from.

Commission – Varies



16 best pay per call networks get paid for every call 2

RingPartner is a company that focuses on generating leads for their clients through calls, forms, and other online methods. Calls are the core of their business, hence the name “RingPartner.” They offer solutions such as:

  • High-Quality traffic
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Dedicated account management
  • Seamless Connections

As an affiliate marketer, you can join their Pay Per Call Affiliate Program and help them generate leads for their clients.

Some of the industries that hire RingPartner to generate leads include pest control, legal services, hotel, travel, business financing, and insurance.

The more verticals there are, the more options you have to optimize your traffic. Better yet, they have a blog section on their website where you can learn more about pay per call advertising.

Commission – $20 to $80



Pay Per Call Networks

Launched in 2010 as ReviMedia, PX is another reputable customer acquisition service provider. They came at a time when smartphones were gaining popularity. As more people owned personal phones, it became easier to reach out to each individual and turn them into prospects.

If your website is in the home niche, PX will be perfect for you. Some of their verticals include home insurance, home services, solar, windows, and mortgages.

PX’s website also has a resources page where they post case studies, news and updates, and tips for advertisers who need leads and affiliate marketers who will help generate these leads.

Commission – Varies with the vertical


CJ Affiliates

16 best pay per call networks get paid for every call 4

Previously known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliates is an affiliate network consisting of a wide range of affiliate marketing commission models, including pay per call, pay per action, pay per click, etc.

Since they’ve been in business for about 2 decades, CJ Affiliates has built a good reputation among both publishers and advertisers, making them one of the best pay per call networks to join as a beginner.

They also have a larger inventory of ads to choose from. The different affiliate programs allow you to monetize your website in several ways, and you also get some of the best tools and integrations for promoting their products.

And if your website generates more than 10,000 page views a month, you can join the Content Certified program which gives you access to top brands and higher commission rates.

Commissions – Varies With the Campaign

Minimum Payout – $50



Pay Per Call Networks

ClickDealer is a leading CPA network with a vast inventory of campaigns in common niches such as:

  • Dating
  • Casinos
  • eCommerce
  • Social networking
  • Giveaways 

A popular adage in the digital marketing world is that numbers don’t lie. And the numbers that represent ClickDealer’s overall performance give you enough reason to trust them and start promoting their products.

For starters, they have over 1,000 advertisers which translates to thousands of offers to choose from. Secondly, they currently have at least 10,000 publishers which gives new advertisers even more reason to handle their campaigns through ClickDealer.

Whether you generate traffic through display ads, email, social networks, search, or app pop-ups, ClickDealer has got you covered. Besides offering promotion tools and analytics, this company also keeps its publishers engaged with contests, summits, meetups, loyalty programs, and bonuses.

Commission – Varies


Astoria Company

16 best pay per call networks get paid for every call 6

Astoria Company is famous for having one of the best pay per call programs, but they’ve also ventured into display ads, live call transfers, and social media.

Despite there being several networks, they’ve managed to stand out from the “noise” to become one of the fastest-growing companies.

The Astoria Company has also partnered with brands in the finance, insurance, home, mortgage, and education industries. As a result, affiliate marketers never run out of products to promote.

They also offer the following tools for pay per call campaigns:

  • Reporting, tracking, and analytics for every call
  • Online integrations with other campaigns
  • Phone numbers and the ability to track every activity on the phone number

Commissions – Varies with the offer


Aragon Advertising

Pay Per Call Networks

Aragon Advertising has made a name for itself in the pay per call industry. Launched in 2012, they have had time to test what works and what doesn’t.

Today, they combine good marketing practices and technology to offer advertisers and publishers the best-performing platform for their campaigns.

Whether you use content writing, display ads, or social media to generate leads, you will find tools to customize your campaigns and offers to promote. As a matter of fact, advertisers who use Aragon Advertising, or any other network, appreciate the diversity.

Having been ranked by mThink as the best pay per call network for four years consecutively, you can expect nothing but the best from this platform.

Each advertiser gets an account manager who guides them on setting the commission rates. That’s why they’ll vary. You can earn as high as $100 per lead on some offers.

Commissions – Varies with advertiser



16 best pay per call networks get paid for every call 8

The founders of HyperTargetMarketing understand the value of inbound calls compared to cold calls. That’s why they strive to offer the best environment for advertisers and the best tools for publishers to customize their campaigns.

As their name suggests, they help clients find “Hyper-Targeted” traffic, which is easier to convert. As a result, you get to spend less for high-quality leads. But that doesn’t mean the publisher will be paid less.

They do offer a 3% commission per referral, but they are a little vague on exactly how much you get paid. But they wouldn’t be that popular if they underpaid publishers.

Publishers can use display ads, paid search TV ads, SEO, local listing, social media, or email marketing to generate the calls.

Commissions – 3% per referral

Minimum Payout – $50



Pay Per Call Networks

ShareASale works like CJ Affiliates, where they help businesses generate leads and manage their affiliate marketing programs.

You may know them for other commission models like CPA or where a merchant pays you a commission for every sale you refer to them. But what most people don’t know is that they also have pay per call offers.

The good thing with ShareASale is they have over 2,500 merchants, thousands of offers, and a good reputation.

Affiliates also get to use banners, landing pages, in-text links, videos, and many other tools provided on the platform to run their campaigns. But why would you go for ShareASale rather than deal with the company directly?

ShareASale offers diversity and support. Not many companies can handle both their business and affiliate sides.

Commissions – Varies

Minimum Payout – $50


Palo Mobile

16 best pay per call networks get paid for every call 10

Palo Mobile is another reputable performance marketing pay per call network. They provide lead generation services to companies in industries such as:

  • Legal Services
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Health Care

Advertisers trust Palo Mobile due to the dedicated account management, fraud detection, and scalable campaigns.

On the other hand, publishers get access to higher quality offers, in-house offers, and state-of-the-art tech for managing campaigns.

Palo Mobile also keeps publishers motivated and effective with their Publisher Perks initiative. This program provides custom landing pages, a Google Ads editor, and a couple of starter keywords based on your niche.

Another benefit of joining Palo Mobile is that you don’t have to wait for monthly payments since they offer weekly payments.

Commission – Varies

Payment Frequency – Weekly

Minimum Payout – $50



Pay Per Call Networks

While most pay per call networks also offer other lead generation methods, it sometimes leads to dilution where programs will not be up to par.

Goojibear chose to focus on calls only, which has allowed them to have a smaller but highly targeted ad inventory. Their offers are also only available to the US and Canada regions.

But this shouldn’t stop you from joining this network, considering US and Canada are some of the largest markets targeted by digital marketers.

Some of the industries Goojibear generates leads for include:

  • Finance
  • Astrology
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Diet
  • Home services 

Commission – $25 per call

Payment Frequency – Monthly

Minimum Payout – N/A


Digital Market Media

Pay Per Call Networks

Digital Market Media is one of the highest-paying pay per call networks, paying as high as $400 per call or lead. This is because they use a more rigorous process in selecting publishers.

As a result, they end up with a qualified team that helps them offer the best inbound calls generation, live transfers, and exclusive lead generation.

The more high-quality leads they generate, the more advertisers trust them with their campaigns. It seems like this approach is working for them since it earned them position 1083 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list.

DMM’s verticals include;

  • Tax Debt
  • Health And Addiction
  • Home Security
  • Debt Settlement
  • Auto Insurance
  • Legal Services

Commission – Up to $400 per lead

Payment Frequency – Monthly

Minimum Payout – N/A



16 best pay per call networks get paid for every call 13

Started in 2015, Visiqua has not been around for that long, but that’s enough time for them to study the market and develop a comprehensive report on what works and what doesn’t. Besides, it consists of a team of people who have been in the business for a long time.

Visiqua provides a wholesome performance marketing service where they generate leads through calls, clicks, and forms. They’ve developed effective tech-stack and algorithms that fit into any business model, making them a favorite to Fortune 500 companies.

Visiqua has also partnered with top insurance, health, home security, beauty, and auto companies to make sure you have high-quality offers to promote.

They don’t give much information about their publishers’ program, but they are worth checking out.

Commissions – Varies


Global Wide Media

Pay Per Call Networks

This premium pay per call network provides data-driven performance marketing solutions and insights. To achieve this, they have refined their systems to appeal to top advertisers and created a favorable environment for affiliates.

They also generated up to 2 billion audience profiles through analyzing consumer habits, allowing you to tailor your campaigns based on these profiles. As mentioned earlier, a more targeted campaign leads to higher conversion rates at a lower cost.

Global Wide Media operates in over 100 countries, and their solutions work best for insurance, dining, education, entertainment, and many other industries.

Commission – Varies



Pay Per Call Networks

Curadebt offers debt relief, tax relief, and consultations to individuals and small businesses. Having been in business for more than two decades, they have helped many people clear their debts, improve their credit scores, and manage their finances better.

So, how can you benefit from them as an affiliate? Curadebt runs an affiliate program with varying commission rates based on various actions. These include:

  • Up to $600 for a successful enrollment
  • $30 per lead for debt relief
  • $200 sign up bonus for debt relief
  • $40 per lead for tax relief
  • $50 to $60 per call with queries about debt relief
  • $55 to $80 per lead with queries on IRS
  • 10% per referral when you refer other affiliates

If you’re in the finance or debt relief niche, you are likely to hit the jackpot with all these commission models.

Commission – Varies



16 best pay per call networks get paid for every call 16

And last but not least, we have Marketcall, a relatively new pay per call network that first entered the US Market in 2018. However, they have been in operation since 2015.

Marketcall provides an in-house calls and tracking platform where advertisers can submit their offers, record the calls for future reference, and track the stats of each call and each phone number.

On the other hand, affiliates can pick offers, get tracked phone numbers, create campaigns, start promoting, and track their performance.

Marketcall has more than 250 advertisers in the following industries:

  • Insurance
  • Real estate
  • Rehab
  • Travel
  • Home services
  • Finance

Affiliates also have access to landing pages, tutorials, other learning materials, dedicated account managers, and weekly payments.

Commission – Varies with the industry



And there you have it. If you want to venture into the pay per call sector, either as an advertiser or affiliate, these are some of the best pay per call networks you can join today. You’ll realize that pay per call affiliate marketing is not as straightforward compared to other forms of affiliate marketing.

Still, I’ve done my best and dug deeper to find the information you’ll need about each network.

16 best pay per call networks get paid for every call