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3 Tips To Properly Run Sweepstakes Offers

August 18, 2021 – 6 minutes checked out

Among the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing is Sweepstakes.

Each year it attracts beginners and skilled affiliates alike with lots of offers, accessibility throughout all GEOs, with high converting excellent and possible action to all kinds of traffic.

But though it may appear like a low-hanging fruit in regards to ROI, launching a lucrative sweepstake project needs skill and practice.

For you to get the most out of running sweepstakes, we’ve narrowed all the best practices down to 3 key points.

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What are Sweepstakes and What Types Are There?

Sweepstakes are a kind of an online prize draw where the winner is identified randomly amongst all the individuals. This term is typically utilized interchangeably with “contest”, however, a contest implies an aspect of skill.

With sweepstakes, the result depends strictly on pure luck.

There are numerous sort of sweepstakes funnels, which specify the mechanics of involvement for a user.

SOI/DOI (Single Opt-In/Double Opt-In) sweepstakes need a user to offer their information (e.g. an email, a social account or a telephone number) and possibly confirm it.

CC send (Credit card send) requires a user to supply their charge card information.

All types reveal terrific outcomes on RollerAds traffic with both push ads and popunders, provided the marketer uses the best practices listed below.

Pointer # 1 Always Use Prelanders

The very best prelanders (meaning) are styled as questionnaires or surprise boxes, personalized according to the product you’re promoting. As the user answers the questions or “unwraps” the box, they get invested in the process and provide their information more eagerly.

Example # 1 Example # 2 Example # 3 If you’re running an iPhone 12 project, ensure your prelander is styled for the user’s mobile provider. This targeting is offered in RollerAds. Do not be reluctant to utilize recognizable brand names on your prelanders if you have a gift card offer. Popular brand name images evoke trust and instill confidence in users which favorably impacts the CTR. When you do that, the task’s not done yet: inspect your prelander

‘s CTR levels, optimize the buttons, colors and shapes. Compare the results of your campaign with different elements and keep the ones that reveal higher ROI. And if you’re running a push project, an imaginative is what the user will see. You can use the same tips

to it when it comes to the prelanders. Images of popular brands on a creative boost CTR compared to a plain image. Tip # 2 Optimize Your Creatives For creatives to hit the goal and make your offer tempting to the user, you need to take note of both the text and the image accompanying it. Phrases like” The prize is waiting on you” or “You have (1 )item to collect” are 2 of the most efficient examples.

iPhone sweepstakes dominate the vertical, so if you’re running one, make certain to utilize the very same image (design, color, etc.) as the user will see on the deal page. If you’re aiming to run brand-new and converting sweepstakes, sign up on Mobidea and browse the deals directory site.

As for the images, present boxes, emojis connected with the celebration and urgency are the important things that excite users the most.

Tip # 3 Analyze Your Traffic The previous 2 pointers, nevertheless useful they may be, will not be your silver bullet if you don’t put in sufficient effort into optimizing your projects.

It needs to begin with evaluating your traffic. They say understanding is your finest armor. Make certain you understand everything about your campaign: track the OS versions, providers, web browsers, web browser languages, etc. to know what’s bringing you conversions and what’s a waste of budget plan.

Scale up the very first, and omit the latter– and you’ll see your profits.

Bonus offer idea: Test GEOs and deals.

As we’ve mentioned at the start of this post, there are a number of sort of sweepstakes deals.

Our information shows that SOI/DOI sweepstakes perform specifically well with push ads in United States, ZA, GB, DE, FR and Asian nations.

As for the CC sends, popunders are the favored format here. It has greater volumes and supplies a more comprehensive reach.

Tier-1 GEOs like United States and Europe are the place to go, and do not forget to tailor your prelanders for a specific audience!

Finishing up

RollerAds is an excellent place to run your sweepstakes offer.

Do not think twice to give it a try! And if you have any concerns or require assistance, connect with our assistance team– contact@rollerads.com!.?.!.


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