Advertiser spotlight: Ooni

Founded by husband-and-wife team Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland in 2012, Ooni Pizza Ovens completely transformed the outside cooking landscape and created a new classification when they introduced the world’s first portable pellet pizza oven.

advertiser spotlight ooni

advertiser spotlight ooni Ooni provides users the capability to prepare genuine, flame-cooked pizza in just 60 seconds, with Ooni ovens ready to begin cooking in 25 minutes or less. They warm up to 500 ˚C/ 950 ˚F– double the temperature level of domestic ovens and that burning temperature you need for incredible Neapolitan style pizza. Ooni appreciates building a business for good and paying it forward, too. They contribute 1% of every sale to thoroughly selected environmental and social causes as a member of 1% for the Planet.

Fill out the blank– Affiliate marketing means to me:

A win-win partnership driven by enthusiasm about the products

What’s your “elevator pitch” for potential partners or
those who are not familiar with your business?

Understood for bringing portable pizza ovens to yards all over the world, our goal is to assist people make genuinely great pizza in the house. To meet this objective and spread the pizza happiness, we wish to partner with passionate affiliates who like our brand (and pizza too). In 3 words, we require YOU.

What sets your business and affiliate channel practices
apart from others in your specific niche?

Affiliates are not numbers but individuals, so it’s essential
for us to make them feel part of our objective and to always value them. This is
at the basis of every practice.

What are the advantages to working with you in the affiliate

We offer customized commissions and a passionate Ooni Affiliate Marketing Coordinator available to support and collaborate with affiliates. Benefits of our affiliate program include:

  • Commission rates for content publishers and influencers beginning with 10%
  • High conversion rate
  • Banners and text links available, and more possessions provided as necessary
  • Commission can be made up to 30 days after the very first visit
  • Devoted publisher support
  • Newsletter updates about ALL you require to understand for your affiliate activity

What makes a fantastic partner in your eyes, and what kind of
partners are you seeking to work with?

A great partner is enthusiastic about food, pizza and Ooni. We are searching for excellent quality material websites. Our perfect affiliate partner will examine our items or write articles about Ooni highlighting the reasons why Ooni is the number 1 pizza oven company worldwide. A great partner should be proactive, truthful when promoting the brand name and be able to show that he/she lives by our values: compassion, aspiration, rigor, passion, innovation.

In addition to what you consider to be a terrific partner,
how do you determine success of said fantastic partnership?

A terrific affiliate
collaboration includes building strong relationships with publishers, and making
sure they are supported in the journey of becoming an effective publisher. We determine success in qualitative
and quantitative ways. Quality ways being able to drive quality sessions to
our ecommerce website thanks to the affiliate’s web promotion (material: posts,
evaluations, etc) or social media promo (posts, stories, etc). Quantity means
being able to drive sales. We do not allow any paid activity.

Do you have any guidance for those who are new to affiliate

Ask concerns and make sure your doubts are dealt with; be
curious and explore what various chances are offered for you.

What is your favorite part about dealing with ShareASale?
Do you have a favorite tool or function?

We enjoy the ShareASale user interface and its use. We value that we can quickly adjust the commission rates to reward our affiliates.

How do I become an Ooni affiliate?

Learn more about the Ooni affiliate program on ShareASale and register here.