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Advertiser spotlight: Pura Vida

Pura Vida bracelets feature distinct color combinations making every one distinct to its owner. These stunning accessories support full-time jobs for craftsmens worldwide along with a variety of charitable organizations.

advertiser spotlight pura vida

Pura Vida means”pure life “in Spanish. The Pura Vida lifestyle is a dedication to living a full life without remorses, never ever taking anything for granted; it’s a mindset. The Pura Vida affiliate program uses a fantastic chance to earn commissions on special, socially mindful way of life products.

Fill out the blank– Affiliate marketing suggests to me:

The ability to grow and change as a brand, along with make consumer trust through all the different partnership avenues!

What’s your “elevator pitch” for prospective partners or those who are unfamiliar with your company?

Founded in Costa Rica, Pura Vida supplies sustainable jobs to over 800 artisans worldwide and has actually raised over $3.5 million for charity with beautifully crafted precious jewelry, apparel and accessories that return.

What sets your business and affiliate channel practices apart from others in your specific niche?

Pura Vida is concentrated on providing quality items with a mission– our customers know that buying Pura Vida items implies that they are a part of giving back to charities and know that they are assisting others when they select our items.

What are the benefits to working with you in the affiliate channel?

We are constantly open up to optimizing in new and unique methods! We enjoy to find out about brand-new positioning opportunities, new cash back events, and new ways to be included in upcoming content on various material websites.

What makes a fantastic partner in your eyes, and what kind of partners are you seeking to deal with?

A fantastic partner is one that thinks in Pura Vida’s total mission and presents chances that line up with our core worths. Opportunities that would align with our worths are ones where a partner recommends a method to push our charity bracelets collection or any collection that includes giving back to a charitable cause.

In addition to what you consider to be a terrific partner, how do you measure success of said terrific collaboration?

Success is measured through not just striking our goals as a brand, but likewise a partner’s determination to provide advice and options throughout a campaign that we run together. That stated, a partner will want to provide new ideas if a project is not hitting income targets or traffic targets, and will be able to include us in various placements to push our brand name more on their website.

Do you have any guidance for those who are brand-new to affiliate marketing?

Be open to attempting whatever a minimum of when! This can consist of taking part in double money back events, buying essential paid positionings during essential vacations, along with participating in new and interesting chances within the affiliate space.

What is your preferred part about dealing with ShareASale? Do you have a preferred tool or function?

Our preferred part about ShareASale is how easy it is to discover new publishers and to develop tags for our publishers. Creating tags for publishers enables us to guarantee that our program is organized and that we are developing a specific experience for everyone we work with.

\ What is among your favorite items on your website?

Our favorite items are any of our items that are charity items or a part of the charity pack. Giving back becomes part of who we are, and having these items that are lined up with various charities makes it easy to return. Considering that we offer to a lot of various charities, customers can choose a bracelet and charity that aligns with their worths.

Intrigued in partnering with Pura Vida? Contact their affiliate team or apply to their program here.

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