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I can tell you firsthand, that I use free marketing tool's on a daily basis and yes they can be very effective tools, when used on a regular basis.

A great place to find Affiliate Marketing Tools.

When affiliate marketers want to grow their subscribers list, they will usually offer freebies if you subscribe to their newsletter. I have utilized this not only to gain valuable marketing tips and information to grow my own affiliate business, but also to acquire a lot of free marketing products in the process.

Keep your eyes peeled online, because right now, there are many joint venture giveaways that are taking place for the holidays. By simply signing up for free and agreeing to subscribe to these affiliate marketers mailings you can get your hands on a lot of valuable free marketing tools. I like free and I am quite sure most of you do too.

Free RSS Feeds can boost affiliate income.

Most affiliate marketers will eventually have to learn just how important RSS feeds can be to your marketing efforts. Not only are they free, they can literally send hordes of traffic to your affiliate websites on a constant basis. By simply setting up your own RSS feed for your website or blog and using pinging services when you have added fresh content. You will see a steady increase in traffic to your sites.

Another great aspect about RSS feeds is that you can simply grab RSS feeds from other related sites and add them to your affiliate marketing websites. When done properly, the search engine spiders will visit your site more often and consider your content fresh. The best way to implement affiliate RSS feeds on your website is in html format. If you opt for the javascript codes, your efforts will be in vain. The spiders cannot read java and will simply miss the RSS feed altogether.

One last thing to note when using RSS feeds on your affiliate websites. You want to use them as a complement to your original articles or posts. Usually 3 – 5 headlines per feed will do the trick. Using too many RSS feeds on the same page will throw up a red flag to the search engines and defeat the goals of using them.

Blogs are great free affiliate marketing tools.

Since Google and Word Press offer you free platforms to market your affiliate programs through blogs, why not use them. Google has a new beta version which makes adding elements easy with drag and drop simplicity. You can add RSS feeds and AdSense code with one click to a Google blog. I post to my blogs on a regular basis and have links back to my affiliate websites on my blogs and my affiliate sales have gone up as a result.

Word Press is a little stricter when it comes to affiliate links, but is still a great free marketing resource to gain name recognition to your affiliate website.

Forums are another free affiliate marketing tool.

Affiliate marketers have used the free forums for years to build their fortunes and so can you. By simply signing up for as many free related forums and being active in discussions and posting, with your links in your signature file. You are creating a pathway back to your affiliate website, that the search engines will follow, not to mention the forum members.

If you post in forums on a regular basis following this free affiliate marketing technique, your visitors will increase as will your affiliate commissions from sales that you will generate. Although this technique can take a few months to see results, you will be building a steady flow of traffic that will last for years to come.

Writing articles is a another free affiliate marketing tool.

What good can free article submission do for you? Article submission is by far the most viral form of free marketing that you can use. Most article directories want your quality articles and will help you gain one way links to your affiliate websites, by simply submitting your articles to them. Not to mention that you will get a lot of visitors to your affiliate site from the directories.

In conclusion, there are so many free affiliate marketing tools online that will help your affiliate income grow. These tools will take a little bit of time for you to see results. You must use them on a regular basis and you will see a steady flow of traffic to your affiliate websites.

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