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Affiliate Marketing Free Methods – 3 Easy Ways

Affiliate Marketing Free Methods.

There are many affiliate marketing free methods available, which will enable you to start earning money as an affiliate without any initial outlay.

In this article, we will cover three of the most powerful affiliate marketing free methods available:

Affiliate Marketing Free Methods One – Distributing free eBooks that contain your affiliate links.

One of the most effective ways to make money as an affiliate is to provide free information about a topic to people hungry for knowledge on that subject, but also include links to paid products where further information can be found.

This works extremely well in almost any niche imaginable. To do this, you will need to obtain free PLR material covering your desired subject and use the content to create your free information product. If you have enough knowledge on the subject you could always write the content yourself.

For example, if you are promoting an affiliate product on dog training, you could give away a short free eBook on dog training and include a link to the affiliate product at the end of the report. Using this method you will be able to drive highly targeted traffic to your affiliate product.

The trick is to provide enough good quality content in your free product, but not so much that you satisfy all of the readers requirements, leaving them with no further need for information!

You will need to distribute your free report or eBook around the internet as widely as possible. To do this, you can upload it to a number of free eBook sharing sites, such as

You can also make the eBook available for free download from your own site or blog, possibly as an incentive for opting into your mailing list, which will also help you to grow your database of potential customers at the same time!

Affiliate Marketing Free Methods Two – Create a review site using free blogging platforms.

There are a numerous free blogging platforms that allow you to create professional looking review sites free of charge, the best being and

Both of these sites are loved by the search engines, and benefit from high traffic, so if you provide good quality content on your site, and target the correct keywords, then you can expect to rank highly in your chosen niche and drive high quality traffic through your affiliate links.

To do this, you first need to identify a product that you would like to promote, and then research which keywords related to this product would be best to target. The keywords you should target need to have reasonably high levels of daily searches and low competition, especially when you are just starting out.

You then need to create a series of informative and interesting blog posts incorporating these keywords into your posts. The keywords within the article should be hyperlinked to the affiliate product you are promoting.

This is an excellent method of earning affiliate commissions, as the people reading your blog are actively searching for information on the exact topic your affiliate product relates to.

Affiliate Marketing Free Methods Three -Driving affiliate traffic through article marketing.

This method is similar to the blogging method above, but in this case instead of posting articles to your blog you will submit articles to article directories. People searching for information on a particular topic will often visit sites such as to browse the articles there.

Once again, if the information you provide is of high quality and relevant to the affiliate product you are promoting, then the person reading the article may well click on your resource box at the bottom of the article where you can include a link to the product.

A great tip is to use article marketing in conjunction with a free blog. Any blog posts you make can be rewritten slightly and posted to good quality article directories, thereby increasing your chances of making affiliate commissions!

There are many affiliate marketing free methods available, and with a little know-how, you can be making a full time income as an affiliate using methods that don't cost a cent!

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