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AliExpress Affiliate Program Review: Is It Worth It?

The AliExpress affiliate program … Is it worth your time? AliExpress is one of the leading eCommerce sites linking consumers with factories and wholesalers, the majority of which are

situated in China. They have their own affiliate program, too … however is it worth checking out? In this article, we’re covering whatever you require to understand about the AliExpress affiliate program, including options

if you wind up choosing it’s not for you

. Let’s enter it. AliExpress Affiliate Program Review Summary The AliExpress affiliate program gives affiliates access to tons of products and has a decent commission structure, however the prices in general are low, resulting in low commissions. This program is handled by many networks which can be complicated.


  • Variety of items to promote
  • Ships worldwide
  • Longer cookie duration than Amazon Associates


  • Shipping can take up to a month or longer
  • Low prices = low commissions
  • Low-quality items in abundance
  • Little to no affiliate assistance

About AliExpress

aliexpress affiliate program review is it worth it

AliExpress is an eCommerce

site that links consumers straight with storage facilities and product providers. Providers are based in numerous locations, a lot of commonly China. If you’re familiar with the eCommerce world,

you may have heard of Alibaba. Alibaba is an eCommerce site that connects wholesalers with providers in China. Alibaba offered steeply marked down rates on products acquired wholesale, but consumers could not use the platform to purchase single items.

That’s where AliExpress comes in. AliExpress offers customers (and dropshippers) the opportunity to buy affordable products in small or particular amounts.

You can find pretty much anything you can think of on AliExpress and the rates are much lower than on Amazon or other U.S.-based eCommerce sites.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Overview

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Like many other eCommerce sites, AliExpress has an affiliate program, too. The AliExpress affiliate program can be discovered through the platform directly or through a variety of affiliate networks. This gets a bit unpleasant, with a variety of websites online claiming the affiliate program is on numerous platforms that it’s not actually on. Here are the verified platforms hosting AliExpress. Signing up for the affiliate program straight through AliExpress is infamously tough and not really easy to comprehend, so it may be worth registering with one

of the affiliate networks instead. Throughout my signup procedure I had a lot of problems getting the website to work properly, however after a lot of page revitalizes it ultimately exercised.

I never ever heard back about admission into the program. This might be due to the fact that the program is supported, or they may not have a dedicated individual managing affiliate requests.

It’s worth discussing that if you do register with AliExpress portals you will get access to a feature similar to Amazon’s “Site Stripe”, which permits you to get an affiliate link straight from any item’s page.

AliExpress Affiliate Program Details

AliExpress “Portals Awin FlexOffers” Sovrn

Commission Rateup to 50 % 2.4-7% 1.92– 8.4 % 6– 10 % Cookie Duration 30 Days 3 Days 3 Days Varies Payout Schedule< td data-sheets-value=" "1":2,"2": "Net 60"" > Net 60 Varies Net 60 Net 90 As you can see, the AliExpress affiliate program details differ extensively. This is one of the most confusing affiliate programs I have seen so far, with every platform

using a different commission rate, payment schedule, and cookie period

. Commission rates and cookie period

can actually make or break an affiliate program. How much can you really make on AliExpress? The truth is: not that much. Given that AliExpress is house to ridiculously low-cost products, you’ll have problem generating a sustainable affiliate income unless you have lots of traffic.

Honestly, if you want to promote physical items, the Amazon associates program is a far better option.

AliExpress Affiliate Support and Resources

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Try as I might, I was unable to find a main assistance channel for AliExpress affiliates. If you register for the AliExpress affiliate program through a network like Awin or FlexOffers, you’ll have

the assistance of each network’s affiliate managers and support services.

But that seems to be as far as the assistance truly goes. There are numerous Facebook pages declaring to be the AliExpress Portal main page or the AliExpress affiliate program official page, however I can’t fully validate whether or not they’re individually run.

Affiliate marketing is a deep subject. Do not know where to begin? Have a look at our
ultimate deep-dive guide into affiliate marketing. Affiliate

Marketing for Beginners What Products Can You Promote

aliexpress affiliate program review is it worth it 3

? You can promote basically any items

  • you can consider, and many
  • that you’ve most likely never heard of before. Popular classifications on
  • AliExpress include: Home and Garden Women’s Fashion Guy’s Fashion Home devices Electronics
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Shoes

… And much more.

All of the products on AliExpress can generally be found for more affordable than you ‘d find them in the United States.

Nevertheless, some brand names’ quality is doing not have and the shipping can take up to a month or longer.

Prior to you promote any AliExpress products, I highly advise ordering yourself a sample first.

Pros and Cons of the AliExpress Affiliate Program


  • Tons of items to promote
  • Capability to create deep links to products
  • AliExpress ships worldwide
  • Longer cookie period than Amazon


  • Extremely sluggish shipping
  • Nonexistent affiliate support
  • Internal affiliate program is almost difficult to sign up for and use
  • Low prices implies you need a lot more sales to make the same amount of money you would with other affiliate programs
  • Low-grade products from some brands

AliExpress Affiliate Program Alternatives

I can consider numerous reasons to avoid this affiliate program. If you concur, here’s a list of AliExpress affiliate program options.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program is the Amazon affiliate program.

With this program, you only get a 24-hour cookie window and approximately 10% commissions, however there are lots of advantages over AliExpress.

For one, consumers get Prime shipping. Everyone understands what Amazon is and most, if not all, individuals trust it and use it for going shopping daily.


The Walmart affiliate program is trying to competing Amazon. Typical commissions hover around 4% and the affiliate cookie is likewise 24 hours.

Walmart buyers can select to get their products in-store or have them shipped to their home.

Plus, Walmart is another trusted brand and shipping will not take months like on AliExpress.

Sign Up for the Walmart Affiliate Program


ShareASale is a terrific affiliate network whether you’re trying to find an AliExpress affiliate program alternative or just wish to expand your horizons.

You can discover both physical and digital products for sale with this network, and tons of high-quality name brand names.

Commission rates and cookie periods differ by brand.

Sign Up for ShareASale

eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is another great alternative to AliExpress. You can discover lots of products to promote on eBay.

The commission rate for eBay depends on 4% and the cookie duration is just 24 hours.

Neither of those numbers sound like they form up to AliExpress, keep in mind that the shipping is faster, the platform is widely known, and the prices are higher.

Discover more About the eBay Partner Network

Want to discover more about earning money with affiliate marketing? Check out these courses: Best Affiliate Marketing Courses To Dropship or Promote Affiliate Products With AliExpress

?< img loading= "lazy"class="alignnone size-full wp-image-35550"src

aliexpress affiliate program review is it worth it 1

=” “alt width=”1280″height =”915″srcset =” 1280w, 300w, 1024w, 768w, 720w,×350.png 490w” sizes=”(max-width: 1280px)100vw, 1280px” > If you’re thinking about beginning an online

organization based around AliExpress, dropshipping is definitely the way to go. Item rates are so low on AliExpress that dropshippers can still make a good revenue without increasing the prices to a crazy amount.

Although shipping takes a long time, clients are more familiar with longer shipping times when buying from independent brand name sites.

If you’re not acquainted with the topic, what is dropshipping!

.?.!? Dropshipping is an online company model where you source items from a wholesaler or inexpensive seller(like those on AliExpress), create an online store with a tool like Shopify, and list those items for sale at a markup.

When a client purchases the product on your website, you simply place an order on AliExpress with the client’s name and address and keep the earnings.

The supplier will deliver the product and package to your consumer.

Dropshipping on AliExpress is most likely to be more successful than affiliate marketing through the platform due to the fact that you have control over your earnings margins.

If you’re set on affiliate marketing as your service model, starting with a program like Amazon Associates is a better option.

Wrapping Up: Is the AliExpress Affiliate Program Worth It?

By now you may have gathered that the AliExpress affiliate program doesn’t appear to be worth the time and effort involved.

The website declares that they have affiliates making upwards of $30k monthly, but I was not able to confirm that anywhere else.

There doesn’t seem to be any official affiliate assistance and the sign-up process on the AliExpress platform was questionable at finest.

While AliExpress might not be excellent for affiliate marketing, it still shines brightly as a fantastic resource for dropshippers.

If you want to source products for your dropshipping business that you can increase with a fantastic profit margin, AliExpress is still a great place to source inventory.

However, as far as affiliate marketing goes, you ‘d be much better off with any of the AliExpress alternatives pointed out above.

Check out other websites like AliExpress in our post listed below.

Site Like AliExpress

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