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Best About Me Template For Your Website: Plus 8 Great Examples

You’re about to receive an ‘about me’template for your website. Initially, you need to understand why you require an about me

page in the very first location and also the number of site owners are doing things wrong. A lot of entrepreneur do not understand the value of an about us page. And I do not suggest important because Google will slap you if you don’t have one; I mean important because of the covert benefits that could make or break your business. Yes, what may look like a minor page to have on your site, ends up being pretty important. I’ll offer you the template, the reasons they’re important, and reveal you 8 websites with wonderful about pages. You’ll be able to remember, get inspiration, and find out how to

write an about me page like an expert. Read the article completely and after that return to the steps and finish them

one at a time. Why Do You Need An About Me Page?

Your about page is one of the most essential pages on your website. It will develop your brand name, increase your traffic, and tell the world (your prospective customers) what you do.

It’s a marketing muscle that opens you up for success.

You need to treat your about page as a sales page because, effectively, that’s what they are. Yes, you still inform them who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them, but eventually, it’s an in-direct sales page that starts a nurturing procedure with your potential consumer.

If you write an about us page correctly, you can construct your e-mail list and offer your items, in addition to telling the reader what they would like to know about you.

Your about page can likewise drive traffic from the search engines if you execute the appropriate on-page SEO tactics.

For instance, take a look at what occurs when somebody look for ‘Niche Pursuits’ on Google.

About Me Template SEO Example

Let’s try another one. As you can see, the about pages are showing in the search results page, therefore will yours if you take a little bit of time to

compose an excellent one. Before we move on

, there’s something else you need to understand about the readers of your about page.

They do not care about you! If you waffle on too much about yourself or your company, you’ll bore them to death. Obviously, there’s a small interest in who you and your company are, however honestly, they don’t provide a damn; they just

would like to know something. What can you do for them!

And that is where the opportunity lies. If you consist of the necessary things, you’ll have the ability to turn your about page into a gold-plated source of details. Information that offers new readers what they would like to know, and at the exact same time, you’ll be starting a marketing campaign with them without them even realizing it.

All you need to do is follow the template.

About Me Template

Since that will not do you any good at all, this about page template isn’t a cookie-cutter technique. What it is, is a series of sections that you will need to fill in yourself.

If you were anticipating an easy approach that will take you ten minutes to complete, then this isn’t the template for you– you’re going to have to invest a couple of hours getting this right.

Start at action one, total it, and then carry on to step 2, and so on.

Action 1. Introduce Yourself

I’ve simply touched on this, but I’ll repeat it because it’s essential to your success– your about page is not about you, however more about what you can do for your reader.

If you keep in mind one thing from this short article, make certain it’s what I’ve just said.

When starting your about page, you need to present yourself however at the same time tell your readers what you will provide for them if they stay.

Take a look at the start of Pat Flynn’s about page on SPI.

Pat Flynn About Page

Notice how he begins by telling the reader what he will be doing for them. Anybody reading his about page will seem like he wants to help them.

Neil Patel About Template Example

Here’s a couple more. This one is a little bit different since it’s a video on the about page, however if you look at the video’s

title, you can see that he is telling the visitor

Eban Pagan About Me Template

that he can generate more traffic and sales for them. The next one is a favorite of mine. This one comes from Eban Pagan; look at his last and first paragraph– quite effective. Action Step 1: Write your introduction using the info and examples in this short article for motivation and guidance. The following suggestions need to help you

  • out: Don’t bore them with company talk in the introduction– you can quickly discuss it, however ensure it’s quickly developed into how you will be assisting them
  • Share your goal– what do you wish to achieve for them with your blog?
  • Be specific
  • Use bullet indicate show the advantages of sticking around
  • Add visuals
  • Keep it brief

Step 2. Business Story

The next action is to inform a short (keyword ‘BRIEF.’) story about your business. You can include how, when and why you created the business.

Remember, they do not really care, so make it brief and interesting.

If you have the writing skills of Stephen King, you will have the ability to get away with a longer story, however for most of us, simply inform them the bare minimum.

Action Step 2: Create your company story, however don’t make it a wall of text. Consist of images, bullet points, and lists to make it aesthetically appealing.

Step 3. Show Proof & & Credibility If you have reliability, proof, and authority, then you require to show it on your about page. It could be reviews, video reviews, or even certificates of certifications and accomplishments. You can connect to other sources here, but ensure they’re internal links and pertinent to the material. Your aim in this area is to show the reader that

you are qualified to be teaching them. If you don’t have any proof, leave this area out, or much better still, get proof in the forms of reviews and testimonials. Action Step 3: Gather proof, testimonials, videos,

links to case studies, and add them to your about page. Step 4. What’s Next For Them You now require to inform them what’s next for them.

They know what you can do for them, your company

story, and they think you can help them because you have shown proof, but you now require to tell them what they need to do. Simply put, inform them to sign up for your free report, webinar, totally free trial, and so on. Action Step 4: Have a strategy

for nurturing the reader. You will want to get them into your funnel, and signing them up

to your email list need to be the primary concern. Step 5. Program Them the Way You do not simply inform them what to do; you reveal them. Click here now to register for a free webinar, or Get your totally free 30-day trial here–

actually inform them what to do. Of course, you will have to describe what’s in the report

and trials, however the primary objective is to show them how. You ought to also inform them to follow you on social networks sites such as Twitter and explain

how they can call you if they require any aid or suggestions. Action Step 5: Make sure you have clear calls to action on

your about page. About Me Page Live Examples Below is a choice of 8 of the best about pages online. Take a look at them and see how they use the above actions in their writing. As discussed above, take notes, and see if you can use their style on your own about page

. 1. Niche Pursuits

Our very own Spencer Haws is on the list due to the fact that his about page is excellent. He presents himself in two sentences( speak about keeping it short )and then informs you the function of Niche Pursuits. He will share his knowledge with you– he tells you this by the sixth sentence; you don’t even require to scroll down. You are shown bullet points of his accomplishments given that 2005, not to brag, but to encourage you that he’s a reliable individual to follow. His about page links to his social networks websites, contact page and likewise offers you the chance to register to his e-mail list. There’s a short background on him, and also a short story on how he stopped his task. That’s it. Short and reliable. 2. Enchanted Marketingbest about me template for your website plus 8 great examples 5 Take a look at the menu products at the start of this great about page by Henneke Duistermaa. The extremely first section is ‘How I Help You.’Whatever pointed out in the template above is on this about page. It has evidence, links, reviews, images, and above all else, it’s all about the reader.

Have a look at how

she writes her about page since

it’s as excellent as I’ve ever seen. 3.
Enchanted Marketing About Us Template

Smart Blogger Smart Blogger CEO Jon

Morrow is a genius when it concerns blogging. Everything he touches turns to gold, and it does not amaze me that his about page hits the spot to excellence.

What we do and how we do it are the main headlines at the top of the page. He has links to his complimentary courses

, testimonials from marketing rock-stars, and a back story that no one will get bored of reading. The Smart Blogger about page is a thing of beauty, and you can find out a lot from it. 4. Fresh books The about page discusses how the business was formed when the owner lost his billing

after typing it out without saving it– this exists in three brief sentences. You then see the above image. Absolutely nothing will if that does not get your attention. Reevaluate; over 24 million individuals have utilized the business. The evidence and reliability are indisputable. There are brief text blurbs about the business’s approach, team, and vacancies. After that,

About Me Page For Fresh Books

there relate news links about an alternative and the company to attempt the software free of charge. Fresh books about page is an ideal example of keeping things simple, however at the very same time, it shrieks authority. 5. Copy Blogger Copy Blogger is among the greatest content marketing blog sites on the planet. They know how to use copy successfully, and it reveals on their about page. Have a look at the heading.

They’re telling you that a person of the most significant blogs worldwide ended up being successful utilizing the techniques they teach on the website– you

instantly understand they can help you
Copy Blogger Website About Page

. There’s a deal totally free tested training and links to follow them on Twitter and other social media sites. They make their about page about you rather than them.

They have short areas about

individuals running the website, but it’s brief, handy and interesting details in the primary. 6. Ann Handley

Ann Handley has produced her about page with colorful text blurbs

, downloadable PDF links, and proof of competence like being showcased on the Wall street journal. At the top of her page is a blue heading revealing proof and

evidence of how she can inspire
Ann Handley Template For Her About Me Page

her readers to develop lasting outcomes for their service. It’s one of the quickest about pages on the list but still handles to load a punch with her style of composing and modern style. 7. Shopify

Shopify is another business that has actually produced a brief but efficient about us page that loads everything you need to understand within a lovely design

. The first thing you see
About Us Page For Shopify

is a lime green note box informing you that they power over 1.7 million websites. They mention that their software application supplies everything you require to begin, run and grow your service. Pretty powerful. There are quick areas about their story, objective, dedications, staff, and at the end of the page, they provide you a complimentary 14-day trial without any credit card required. 8. Maria Forloe I love Maria Forloe’s about page for many reasons, however the very first thing that impresses me is the lazy-loading image intro– it’s various, distinct, and looks quite

Maria Forleo About

cool. She wishes to help you become the individual you wish to be– right from the start; she made her about page about the reader. Scroll down a touch, and you see credibility. You quickly notice that her program is acclaimed and that her book was a New

York Times bestseller. There are pictures of her with some famous faces and a link to join her program. Maria has created a fantastic about page that informs her individual story and makes it interesting the reader with trustworthiness, modern style, and a touch of class. Finest About Page Templates An about me template is a terrific tool to use if it’s not a cookie-cutter approach. There’s no point in creating

an about page comparable to everybody else’s. If you utilize a fill-in-the-blanks template, this is what takes place. You require to think about your target audience and create a value proposal that makes the page about them more than it does about you. All the above websites are using

the template supplied in some way or another. The only distinction is that they have actually all marketed their brand in their own special voices. These sites are not fly-by-night successes; they’re developed by a few of the sharpest minds online–

business owners who know what it takes to become successful. They understand how to produce an efficient about page. Your job is to do the very same.

The more time visitors spend on your site the much better!

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