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Financial Affiliate Programs – Not Always About Mortgages

At Affiliate Ranker, we notice many webmasters looking for mortgage and loans affiliate programs, but the financial sector offer much more services than that. Only seeing one type of program will make it harder to find that one, great program – suited perfectly for your website.

The popularity of mortgage affiliate programs can be explained – at least in part – by the high commissions and the fact that many programs offer pay per lead commission models, as well as the huge online demand for mortgages and loans.

Almost every grown up in the civilized world are affected by mortgage rates in one way or another, making the number of daily searches for terms related to loans almost to high to calculate. Making an effort to reach the top results on a query of this kind is perhaps one of the hardest SEO tasks one can take on. This said, the upside of a successful website about loans and mortgages can make an excellent profit.

Within the search terms related to mortgages and loans, one can find a lot of terms related to other financial services. Finding affiliate programs in such niches will broaden your targeted audience, presenting them with more ways of making you a nice commission.

Insurance affiliate programs.

Insurance affiliate programs work similarly to mortgage programs. They often use a pay per lead commission model, are in a highly competitive niche and are something most people are affected by.

Some insurance programs are highly specified, making them very good for related websites, but not nearly as good for a site about banking, loans or mortgages. Even though it is not impossible a visitor of such a site would be interested in cat insurance, it's not nearly likely enough. Be sure to find an insurance program offering insurances for everything or a program targeting something relevant to your topic.

Stocks and Investment affiliate programs.

All though these affiliate programs are highly specific, if you can find a way to promote them, they almost always pay very well. For any type of investment affiliate program, you should never choose one without residual commission. The big upside lies in the possibility of referring one, or a few high rollers – making them earn you commission over and over again on every trade they do.

If you have a site with a section about stocks and/or investments – looking at affiliate programs promoting trading-tools or similar can convert very well at times.

Real estate affiliate programs.

Perhaps the most specific of all financial affiliate programs, real estate programs will only perform well under certain circumstances; if you have a website about real estate (obviously), if you have a geographically specified site or if you have a site with classifieds. The few real estate affiliate programs available do pay fairly well, mainly due to the high price on their services. Real estate programs are closely related to mortgage affiliate programs – many websites offer products and services from both niches.

Looking at financial affiliate programs, trying to find one or a few somewhat relevant programs to promote can, if done correctly, earn you some serious commission. It might not be easy, but if you find a way – you won't be disappointed.

Theo Swan – Writing about affiliate programs and online revenue talks about the various financial affiliate programs, such as; stocks, insurance, real estate and mortgage programs. Read more, or become an affiliate at Affiliate Ranker.

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