Best WordPress GDPR Plugins To Keep You Out Of Legal Trouble

Complying with the European Union’s massive data protection and privacy law, ‘GDPR’ can be a nightmare for even the largest of companies. However, using one of the best GDPR WordPress plugins can help simplify the compliance process and keep you out of legal hot water.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best plugins and solutions that are available today.

Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Cookie Compliance

For smaller websites, a single plugin may be enough to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Other websites, however, may need multiple plugins handling different functions.

While this list will cover the best plugins for GDPR compliance, using one of these plugins doesn’t guarantee full compliance. It’s essential to read through and understand the GDPR to ensure your website is fully compliant with the law.

Many of these plugins will also cover the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act.) Both regulations are essential to comply with, so all the better if you find plugins that cover both. 

1. Complianz

Screenshot of GDPR solution Complianze homepage.

Complianz is a complete privacy suite for WordPress. Users can choose a free limited solution or a premium version that covers regulations in multiple countries.

One of the great things about Compianz is that it covers everything from cookie solutions to legal documents. In addition, you get all the features at a flat rate versus tools like Iubenda that charge different prices for different solutions.

Implementation is simple using a WordPress plugin, so you don’t have to worry about installing any code. The plugin is compliant with GDPR and privacy laws in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa.

Pros of Using Complianz:

  • Complete GDPR solution
  • Covers other necessary legal documents
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Ensures compliance with multiple regulations

Cons of Using Complianz:

  • Some users have reported slow support
  • Issues with some caching plugins

Check Out Complianz

2. Iubenda

Screenshot of Iubenda website homepage.

Iubenda is one of the leading cookie compliance and legal documentation providers for website owners. Their data privacy solutions stretch beyond WordPress to custom websites and apps.

Users can choose between a basic free version, premium version, or credits for custom solutions. Their premium version covers everything from cookie solutions to the privacy policy and terms of service generation.

One of the great things about Iubenda is it auto-scans your website regularly to ensure you stay compliant with regulations. So along with the extra-legal documentation provided, it makes an excellent all-around compliance solution to cover the GDPR and other major privacy regulations worldwide. 

Pros of Using Iubenda:

  • Auto scans website for active cookies and services
  • Easy to install via plugin or code
  • Total compliance solution for GDPR and other regulations
  • Free version for basic websites

Cons of Using Iubenda:

  • Costlier than some similar options
  • Support can be slow to respond

Check Out Iubenda

3. Ultimate GDPR Compliance Kit For WordPress

Screenshot for Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Plugin website homepage.

The Compliance Kit For WordPress is a total solution for WordPress website owners from developers CreateIt.

This option is one of the best WordPress GDPR plugins, also covering CCPA compliance with features such as data breach notification, cookie consent management, data portability, and more. Website visitors have complete control over their data and the right to be forgotten.

Users of the plugin will also benefit from privacy policy generation and terms and conditions pages to help with compliance.

Pros of Using Ultimate GDPR Compliance Kit For WordPress:

  • Covers all legal documents
  • Complete solution for GDPR and CCPA
  • Data breach notification and response tools
  • More affordable than similar solutions

Cons of Using Ultimate GDPR Compliance Kit For WordPress:

  • Only for WordPress websites
  • Only six months of support included in the purchase

Check Out Ultimate GDPR Compliance Kit

4. CookieYes

Screenshot of CookieYes website homepage.

CookieYes is a cookie consent solution that covers both the GDPR and the CCPA. Cookies are text files that contain identifying information to help track you across the web. 

The GDPR and CCPA require that you have prior consent from users to track them and store their personal information. Therefore, CookieYes will block cookies from activating on visitors’ browsers until you have their permission.

For GDPR specific compliance, the plugin will also show consent forms to EU visitors, and store their consent forms as proof of compliance, which is handy if you are audited.

Pros of Using CookieYes:

  • Both GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Records user consent for proof of compliance
  • Works on all content management systems
  • Scans your website to detect all cookies used

Cons of Using CookieYes:

  • Not a complete legal solution
  • Need to add code to your website (not a plugin)

Check Out CookieYes

5. Cookie Notice For GDPR & CCPA

Screenshot of Hu-Manity, maker of Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR & CCPA website homepage.

The Cookie Notice For GDPR & CCPA is a privacy plugin from developers Hu-manity. There are two options, the cookie notice or the more comprehensive cookie compliance consent management platform.

Using only the cookie notice for GDPR & CCPA will not be enough to bring you into full compliance with either law. You will need to use the cookie compliance CMP (content management platform) to be fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

You can use the Cookie Notice plugin for free, whereas the Cookie compliance version comes with a limited free version and paid plans.

Pros of Using Cookie Notice and Compliance For GDPR & CCPA:

  • It makes you fully GDPR and CCPA compliant 
  • Free and paid plans for full compliance
  • Creates compliance in over 100 countries
  • Clean styling for notices

Cons of Using Cookie Notice and Compliance For GDPR & CCPA:

  • Unintuitive settings layout
  • It does not cover other legal documentation

Check Out Cookie Notice For GDPR

6. WP GDPR Compliance (Cookie Information Plugin)

Screenshot of Cookie Information plugin website homepage.

WP GDPR Appliance, also known as the Cookie Information Plugin in the WordPress Repository, is an entirely free GDPR compliance tool.

An Amsterdam-based WordPress development agency developed the plugin.

Using the WP GDPR Compliance plugin, you can set consent checkboxes throughout relevant areas of your website. The tool also provides your site users the “right to be forgotten.” This is the right for all users to have their data deleted from your website.

Pros of Using WP GDPR Compliance:

  • Completely free plugin
  • It covers the right to be forgotten for users
  • Frequently updated
  • Takes care of most parts of GDPR compliance

Cons of Using WP GDPR Compliance:

  • Not a total GDPR solution
  • Does not cover other legal documentation

Check Out WP GDPR Compliance

7. GDPR Framework

Screenshot of Data443 website homepage.

The GDPR Framework is a free plugin from DATA 443, a data governance and security management firm. You can find more complete premium solutions from the company, but the GDPR framework takes care of the basics.

Using the plugin, you can create GDPR compliant privacy templates, manage and delete or anonymize data, track and manage consent, and so on. These will all give you the basic framework for staying in compliance with most GDPR stipulations.

One drawback is that this will only take care of the GDPR. So you may still not comply with regulations like the CCPA. It also doesn’t take care of all your other legal documents like terms and conditions.

Pros Of Using GDPR Framework:

  • Completely free to use
  • Easy to install WordPress plugin
  • Takes care of essential GDPR compliance
  • Works with WPML Multilingual plugin

Cons of Using GDPR Framework:

  • It does not create compliance with other regulations
  • Does not take care of all legal documents

Check Out The GDPR Framework

8. Cookiebot

Screenshot for Cookiebot website homepage.

Cookiebot is a complete GDPR and CCPA solution for website owners. You have everything from customizable consent banners to opt-in and opt-out capabilities within the plugin.

The Cookiebot consent management platform automatically scans your website to see what cookies are active. Users can rest easy knowing that any changes made to cookies will reflect in their cookie policy.

You can choose from a limited free plan that excludes many customizable features or the premium version, which offers more. Pricing for the premium version depends on the number of subpages on your website.

Pros of Using Cookiebot:

  • Customizable consent banners
  • Scans your website for active cookies
  • More affordable than other options
  • CCPA and GDPR compliance

Cons of Using Cookiebot:

  • It doesn’t include all legal documents
  • The free version is severely limited

Check Out Cookiebot

9. WordPress Real Cookie Banner

Screenshot of Real Cookie Banner website page.

WordPress Real Cookie Banner, from WP developer DevOwl, is a cookie consent solution plugin that helps with GDPR compliance. 

Like many of the GDPR cookie consent plugins, it allows you to auto-scan your website to see all services that use cookies. These services are then reflected in the cookie banner enabling your users to opt-in or out of tracking.

The plugin also includes a content blocker. This blocker prevents cookies from firing and content loading until the user has consented.

Pros of Using WordPress Real Cookie Banner:

  • Content blocking tools
  • Auto-scan of all website services
  • Guided implementation 
  • Free version available 

Cons of Using WordPress Real Cookie Banner:

  • Does not take care of all legal documentation
  • More expensive than similar options

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Check Out Real Cookie Banner

10. Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner

Screenshot of beautiful cookie conesent website homepage.

Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner is a simple plugin to help WordPress users comply with cookie consent laws as a part of the GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations.

The plugin comes with both free and paid versions and is less expensive than similar options. With the free version, you get a customizable consent banner with various options for implementation. 

Premium features include auto-blocking of services, multi-language support, and consent statistics and logs. However, be aware that this plugin alone won’t guarantee complete GDPR compliance.

Pros of Using Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner:

  • Fully customizable consent banners
  • Multi-Language support
  • Cheaper than similar plugins
  • Consent statistics and logs

 Cons of Using Beautiful Cookie Consent Banner:

  • Not a complete GDPR solution
  • Doesn’t take care of all legal documents

Check Out Beautiful Cookie Banner

11. GDPR Cookie Compliance by Moove

Screenshot of GDPR cookie compliance website homepage.

GDPR Cookie Compliance is a cookie consent plugin from the Moove Agency, a London-based WordPress development firm.

Their cookie compliance plugin offers users the ability to create fully customizable consent banners that are mobile responsive. Users can choose from a basic free version as well as a premium version.

Premium features include advanced support, geo-location preferences, consent logs, and more. One downside is that the premium version is a bit more expensive than similar plugins.

Pros of Using GDPR Cookie Compliance by Moove:

  • Option to load banner based on user location
  • Free basic version to start with
  • Fully customizable consent banner
  • SEO friendly and mobile responsive

Cons of Using GDPR Cookie Compliance by Moove:

  • Expensive for the premium version
  • Does not handle all legal documents

Check Out GDPR Cookie Compliance

12. EU Cookie Law For GDPR/CCPA

Screenshot of EU cookie law plugin in WordPress repository.

The EU Cookie Law For GDPR/CCPA plugin is promoted as a lightweight but powerful solution to help site owners comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations. It comes as a free plugin with the option to upgrade for advanced features.

All of the basic features in more advanced GDPR cookie compliance solutions come with this plugin. It does not, however, come with the more advanced features you see with the ubenda and Complianz plugin.

One thing to note is that this plugin is updated infrequently and, therefore, may not be the best solution for site owners. Infrequent updates can be a sign that a developer has abandoned a plugin. It can also lead to compatibility issues with future releases of WordPress.

Pros of Using EU Cookie Law For GDPR/CCPA:

  • Free for the basic plugin
  • Easy to install the plugin, so no code is needed
  • It covers most of the basics of GDPR
  • Guided setup to get started

Cons of Using EU Cookie Law For GDPR/CCPA:

Check Out The EU Cookie Law Plugin

13. GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin From WebToffee

Screenshot for the WebToffee GDPR page.

The GDPR Cookie Consent plugin from WebToffee is a premium GDPR solution for WordPress website owners. The plugin is a complete cookie solution to bring your website in compliance with GDPR.

Users can customize cookie consent banners and policy pages. It’s one of the best WordPress GDPR plugins for handling everything from cookie scanning to automatic script blocking and ensuring your website remains compliant.

However, this isn’t a total solution for GDPR. For example, it does not handle privacy policies or terms and conditions pages. Moreover, for the price, it is more expensive than similar solutions that offer more features.

Pros of Using GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin:

  • Complete cookie consent solution
  • Automatic script blocking
  • Cookie policy generator
  • Auto cookie scan

Cons of Using GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin:

  • Not a complete GDPR solution
  • Quite expensive when compared to others

Check Out GDPR Cookie Consent

14. GDPR Compliance Suite

Screenshot of GDPR compliance suite web page.

GDPR Compliance Suite is a complete GDPR solution from Fantastic Plugins. You can handle everything from privacy policies to terms and conditions and cookie consent.

One of the upsides is that this plugin comes with data breach notifications and other advanced features. It also allows you to set up geo-location with WooCommerce to show when users from the EU visit your website.

The tool is a premium-only plugin and is available through the Envato marketplace. It’s a bit cheaper than similar options but is limited to only WordPress websites.

Pros of Using GDPR Compliance Suite:

  • Complete GDPR solution
  • Cheaper than similar solutions
  • Handles all legal documents
  • Data breach notification

Cons of Using GDPR Compliance Suite:

  • Only for WordPress websites
  • No free version

Check Out GDPR Compliance Suite

15. WeePie Cookie-Complete GDPR Cookie Consent Solution For WordPress

Screenshot of WeePie Plugins GDPR plugin web page.

WeePie Cookie-Complete is a GDPR and CCPA compliance solution that also helps with other regulations.

This plugin is not a complete GDPR solution and instead takes care of the cookie consent regulations. It allows you to customize your banners and offers script blocking and content blocking features before user consent.

The plugin is compatible with the WordPress Multi-Language plugin and is available through the Envato marketplace.

Pros of Using WeePie Cookie-Complete Plugin:

  • Complete cookie solution for GDPR
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Completely customizable styling
  • Takes care of script and content blocking

Cons of Using WeePie Cookie-Complete Plugin:

  • Lacking as a complete GDPR solution
  • No free version

Check Out WeePie Cookie Complete

16. Termageddon

Screenshot of Termageddon homepage.

Termageddon is very similar to Iubenda in what they offer, except for a cookie policy. Instead, Termageddon focuses on privacy policies and terms and conditions pages for website owners.

One of the best things about the solution is that all of the policies are auto-updating, which means if you change anything on your website, such as switching analytics software, your policies will remain up to date. 

Other documents you can find through Termageddon include end-user license agreements and disclaimers. Pricing with Termageddon is per license, with monthly or annual payment options.

Pros of Using Termageddon:

  • Auto-updating software
  • Cheaper than similar options
  • Easy to install solution
  • For both WordPress and other platforms

Cons of Using Termageddon:

  • Not a complete GDPR solution
  • Does not take care of cookie policies

Check Out Termageddon

17. WP Auto Terms

Screenshot of WP Auto Terms homepage.

WP Auto Terms is a plugin that gives you solutions for privacy policies, terms and conditions, and cookies notices. This plugin helps you to fulfill most of the requirements for GDPR.

While the plugin is feature-rich, it does lack some of the more advanced features that other solutions have. Some of these missing features include necessary tools like data breach notifications.

The plugin comes as a free basic version with the option to upgrade for more advanced features such as GDPR and CCPA wording in policies. However, from what you get, this plugin is a bit more expensive than similar solutions.

Pros of Using WP Auto Terms:

  • Easy to install the plugin
  • Handles all legal documents
  • It covers both the CCPA and the GDPR
  • Free basic version

Cons of Using WP Auto Terms:

  • Premium version a bit expensive
  • Lacking advanced features

Check Out WP Auto Terms

18. Surbma GDPR Cookie Consent & Notice Bar

Screenshot of Surbma GDPR Cookie compliance website page.

Surbma GDPR Cookie Consent & Notice Bar helps take care of cookie consent issues surrounding the GDPR and CCPA. However, the plugin is not a total solution like other tools such as Complianz and Iubenda. 

Users of the plugin will benefit from having a customizable cookie consent notification for site visitors. The GDPR plugin is free for the basic version with a premium option for better customizability and integrations.

Overall, this is one of the best WordPress GDPR plugins if you run a basic website and don’t need a more sophisticated compliance solution.

Pros of Using Surbma GDPR Cookie Consent & Notice Bar:

  • Works with Polylang and WPML language plugins
  • Fully customizable banner notifications
  • Free basic version to get started
  • Google and Facebook tracking code management

Cons of Using Surbma GDPR Cookie Consent & Notice Bar:

  • Not a complete GDPR solution
  • Infrequently updated

Check Out Surbma GDPR Cookie Consent

Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Forms

Cookie solutions are only one part of ensuring full GDPR compliance. Because the GDPR deals with data collection, it’s crucial to track every point you collect customers’ data.

In other words, you need to make site visitors, and customers aware of what you will do with their data after it’s collected. Usually, one of the primary data collection points on a website will be your contact forms.

Having a GDPR compliant contact form will go a long way towards helping you to maintain GDPR and CCPA compliance.

For this reason, we recommend that you use one of the best WordPress GDPR plugins for forms.

1. WPForms

Screenshot of WPForms website homepage.

WPForms is one of the most popular form builders with over 5 million installations from the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin allows for easy contact form creation and has numerous integrations with other marketing tools like Mail Chimp.

What makes this form great for GDPR compliance is its built-in features that are simple to implement. Users simply need to click a check box to enable GDPR compliance features.

Other considerations are the easy drag and drop interface that makes building fully customized forms a breeze. The builder comes as both a free plugin and a premium version with advanced integrations.

Pros of Using WPForms:

  • Easy to implement GDPR compliance
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Advanced integrations
  • Robust free version

Cons of Using WPForms:

  • Premium version can be costly
  • It does not guarantee GDPR compliance on all levels

Check Out WPForms

2. OptinMonster

Screenshot of OptinMonster website homepage.

OptinMonster is a conversion-focused suite of lead generation tools. They offer everything from traditional contact forms to more gimmicky tools like gamification popups.

Besides the robust number of forms, OptinMonster has also gone out of its way to ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance. For example, each form comes with checkboxes for GDPR compliance.

As a bonus, the company offers GDPR concierge services. If you are ever under audit for GDPR compliance issues, OptinMonster’s GDPR team will get you the data you need for the audit team.

Pros of Using OptinMonster:

  • Extensive GDPR compliance measures
  • GDPR concierge services
  • Conversion focused forms
  • Cheaper than similar solutions

Cons of Using OptinMonster:

  • No free version
  • More features than you need for some users

Check Out OptinMonster

3. HubSpot Forms

Screenshot of HubSpot website homepage.

HubSpot is one of the worlds leading marketing and sales solutions providers. They provide everything from email marketing solutions to robust CRM and lead generation. 

Their forms are integrated into their complete sales and marketing suite to help business owners collect leads. These leads can go straight into mailing lists or become CRM contacts for sales teams.

Niche website creators and affiliate marketers may find their forms and email marketing solutions useful. In addition, the company has a complete list of options to ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

Pros of Using HubSpot Forms:

  • A complete suite of marketing solutions
  • Both GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Free version for getting started
  • Easy to use WordPress plugin

Cons of Using HubSpot Forms:

  • Expensive to upgrade to premium
  • Overkill for basic websites

Check Out HubSpot

Best WordPress GDPR Plugins For Analytics

Analytics software is one of the primary points of user data collection for website owners. Therefore, you must understand what user data your software is collecting and inform users of this. 

It’s also essential to understand whether your analytics are cookie-based and enable users to opt out of data collection.

Google Analytics is probably the most common analytics solution out there. Many of the above-mentioned cookies plugins will help you comply if you choose Google as your analytics provider.

However, there are alternative analytics solutions that are out-of-the-box GDPR and CCPA compliant. Many of these have features just as robust and may be easier for new users.

1. Monster Insights

Screenshot of Monster Insights website hompeage.

Monster Insights is one of the leading analytics solutions for WordPress websites behind Google Analytics. The tool offers reporting with a user-friendly set up, making it easier for beginners.

Out of the box, the plugin is GDPR compliant and meets the requirements for other privacy laws such as the CCPA. In addition, there are over 100 data points collected, creating robust reporting for more informed decision-making.

The tool is a premium solution but comes in at a lower price than some popular alternatives. In addition, the users can benefit from their easy-to-use plugin, making installation a breeze.

Pros of Using Monster Insights:

  • Easy install WordPress plugin
  • Over 100 data points collected
  • Out of the box GDPR compliant
  • Intuitive reporting and interface

Cons of Using Monster Insights:

  • No free version
  • It does not work outside of WordPress

Check Out Monster Insights

2. Matomo

Screenshot of Matomo website homepage.

Matomo is a powerful analytics suite focused on ethical data collection. Their tool works on all websites but can work for WordPress using their simple-to-install plugin.

The analytics suite collects numerous data points making it easier to see what visitors are doing. One of the main benefits is that it doesn’t use data sampling, so the information you get is 100% accurate.

The company offers a free plugin that is easy to install and set up. Non-technical users can benefit from straightforward reporting making it a more manageable solution out of the box than Google Analytics.

Pros of Using Matomo:

  • Easy to install WordPress plugin
  • GDPR compliant out of the box
  • No data sampling
  • Free to use for all users

Cons of Using Matomo:

  • Some charts and graphs are not intuitive
  • May collect too much information for basic website owners

Check Out Matomo

What Is The GDPR Regulation and Why Do You Need Plugins For It?

[embedded content]

GDPR is a European Union regulation that covers the collecting of websites data and how that data can be used and stored. The full regulation is known as the General Data Protection Regulation and came into effect in 2018, covering all European Union member countries.

While the European Union enacted the regulation, it is applied to all websites worldwide that service EU citizens. So, if you are a website owner in the United States with large amounts of traffic from EU countries, you can be held liable for lacking total GDPR compliance.

Under the GDPR, you need to fully disclose all data collected from website visitors and how that data is used. Website owners must also get explicit consent from visitors to collect and store their data.

Other requirements are timely notifications in the event of a website data breach and the anonymization of any personally identifiable information.

Penalties for the failure to comply with the GDPR can be extensive. Fines can be up to 10 million euros or up to 2% of global turnover. For this reason, it’s essential to fully understand the law if you service EU visitors on your website.

Do All Websites Need To Be GDPR Compliant?

All websites around the world that service EU site visitors must comply with the GDPR. With that said, the likelihood of smaller businesses in non-EU countries being the target of prosecution is slim.

But, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The penalties for GDPR violations can be extensive. Of more importance is the fact that countries and districts around the world are enacting consumer privacy laws.

By ensuring GDPR compliance now, you may be saving yourself time and trouble later down the road, should the area you reside in enact a similar regulation.

Is CCPA The Same As GDPR?

The CCPA is not the same as the GDPR. CCPA stands for the California Consumer Privacy Act, whereas the GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation.

While the GDPR covers all European Union citizens and websites worldwide that serve them, the CCPA is for California residents and the websites that serve them.

Like the GDPR, if your website has visitors from the state of California, your business and website must comply with the regulation. Failure to comply with all aspects of the regulation can result in fines and penalties.

What is the best GDPR Plugin For WordPress?

Honestly, there’s no one size fits all solution for GDPR. If you have visitors from the European Union, I highly encourage you to speak with a legal advisor knowledgeable of the GDPR requirements. They can recommend a bespoke solution that will ensure proper compliance.

For smaller businesses trying to bring themselves into compliance, we recommend using one of the best WordPress GDPR plugins for cookie consent — Complianz. Their GDPR solution is robust and intuitive, making it easier for newer niche sites and affiliate site owners to set up.

To help with your contact and lead generation forms, we recommend either OptinMonster or HubSpot. OptinMonster is a better solution for conversion-focused forms, but HubSpot offers a robust suite of marketing tools.

Finally, for analytics, we recommend Matomo. Not only is it easier to use than Google Analytics, but it also has out-of-the-box GDPR and CCPA compliance. While Google Analytics is a more in-depth tool, it can be tricky for new website owners to use, resulting in poor results.

best wordpress gdpr plugins to keep you out of legal trouble