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[Case Study] Easy 106% ROI on BidVertiser Pops in 2 Days

November 30, 2021 – 6 min checked out

If you’re having difficulty turning campaigns successful rapidly, have a look at how this marketer turned a losing project to 100% ROI in just a number of days!

What tricks did the advertiser usage to show up quickly at such outcomes? Let’s discover.

Traffic Source: BidVertiser

Ad Type: Pops

Period: September 16-18, 2021

Vertical: Sweepstakes

Nation: Ireland

Offers: Private (Check Mobidea offers)

Payout: $0.30 to $2.00

Income: $141.19

Expenses: $68.41

Revenue: $72.78

ROI: 106.39%

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Initial Testing Phase

Popunder stays among the most popular traffic types today with its sheer volume and low costs. This makes it simpler to examine whether a deal will be successful or not with a specific ad network such as BidVertiser through a fast preliminary test.

To find an excellent deal quickly, the marketer chose to split the test between 10 offers, with payouts varying from $0.30 to $2.00 per conversion.

Budget plan: $50 per day

Bid: $0.0011 per view

Targeting: Run of Network

Device Type: Mobile

Creatives: 5 landing pages

The marketer quote as recommended by BidVertiser for Ireland mobile pops.

real time bid analyzer on bidvertiser

Although the targeting was set pretty wide, just the leading 30%of sites based on Quality Score were selected. The budget set was$50 so that the marketer could instantly see which offer has potential.

campaign results

The project was examined two times throughout the 24-hour period to rapidly change traffic( poor-performing offers were paused and landing pages afterthe very first 12 hours). After this quick 24-hour test, the top offers and landing pages were chosen. Results Earnings:$ 48.76 Expense:$43.81 Revenue:$ 4.95 ROI: 11.30 %Although the ROI was small as a whole, private deals revealed guarantee, which is exactly what the marketer was going for. 2 Focused Campaigns After the preliminary test, the marketer had the ability to limit to 3 offers that

had positive ROI. 2 of them carried out well on Wi-Fi, while the other one

case study easy 106 roi on bidvertiser pops in 2 days 1

performed much better on carrier traffic. Here’s one deal that worked much better on Wi-Fi traffic: Even if the project was not yet properly optimized, these offers carried out well. The advertiser anticipates these to work nicely with focused traffic and enhanced landing pages.

Two new projects were created: one for Wi-Fi traffic and another one for mobile provider traffic

. Considering that 2 deals worked well on Wi-Fi, they were split-tested again. 2 of the best-performing landing pages were utilized for both campaigns. Here’s an approximation of what the prelanders looked like: Furthermore, for each

campaign, poor-performing traffic sources from the initial test were blacklisted instantly. The blacklisted subIDs were those that invested the greatest possible payment($2.00)but did not transform. Furthermore, one web browser was removed from targeting for both campaigns due to the fact that it did not provide any conversion even after more than 7,500 views.< img loading="lazy"class="aligncenter wp-image-25468 size-full"src=

case study easy 106 roi on bidvertiser pops in 2 days 1

“” alt width=”872″ height=”449″srcset =” 872w, 250w, 700w, 768w, 120w”sizes=”(max-width: 872px)100vw, 872px “>

As for the quote, the marketer set it to 1.5 times the suggested to increase the win rate. When the individual projects were approved, the very first project was stopped briefly to prevent a bidding war in between each other. Outcomes

After the first day, the 2 projects were assessed, and the outcomes were as follows:

Wi-Fi Campaign

Both offers had a favorable ROI, but one showed promise early on, so more traffic was routed to it than to the other.

case study easy 106 roi on bidvertiser pops in 2 days 2

Revenue:$55.05 Cost:$17.73 Profit:$37.32 ROI: 210.44%Mobile Carrier Campaign The mobile provider deal carried out much better in terms of ROI, though the traffic was quite slow. The very first day was an excellent success.

case study easy 106 roi on bidvertiser pops in 2 days 3

Revenue:$37.38 Expense:$6.87 Profit:$30.51 ROI:

444.26%Two-Day Test Conclusion These are the general outcomes of the two-day

test: Total Revenue:

$141.19 Overall Cost:$68.41 Advertisement Total Profit: $ 72.78 Total ROI: 106.39%Based on this two-day test on BidVertiser’s pop traffic, the marketer was able to discover a number of deals that revealed a great deal of pledge.

The marketer promoted these offers for 3 weeks, only altering the landing pages from time to time to keep the conversion rate and ROI.

In addition, the advertiser produced different campaigns for the top-performing mobile carriers in the Mobile Carrier project.

Tips on Scaling on BidVertiser

To scale projects like this, you can do the following:

  • Check your win rate in BidVertiser. The marketer, in this case, learnt that the campaigns’ win rate is quite low. To increase the win rate and get more traffic, you likewise need to increase your quote.

case study easy 106 roi on bidvertiser pops in 2 days 4

  • Using BidVertiser’s Reporting Tab, you can also examine the win rate of

each source and adjust the bids of specific subIDs according to their performance. In this manner, if you do not want to whitelist sources yet due to the fact that you want other sites and publishers to keep sending out traffic, you can just increase the quote for your favored targets.

This will likewise allow you to lower bids on sources that converted however were not successful in the current quote.

case study easy 106 roi on bidvertiser pops in 2 days 5

  • The websites picked for the projects above come from the top 30%of all sites. You can include traffic from lower-quality websites if you want to get more traffic. Take care when doing this. Lower quality sites indicate less expensive prices, but there is a danger of lower conversion rates, too.
  • Attempt running the deal under Direct Ads. This is also a PPV traffic type but with the added benefit of revealing ads to customers thinking about subjects similar to your offer.

That can be made with the aid of contextual targeting. Under Contextual Targeting, you can pick in between Category, Keywords, or even Brands.

case study easy 106 roi on bidvertiser pops in 2 days 6

If you’re fighting with producing effective projects, take a look at how this advertiser turned their campaign around in simply 2 days using the right technique.

Try it yourself– it only takes 2 minutes to establish an account on BidVertiser today!

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