[Case Study] Music App Download-- Pop Campaign (202% ROI)Niche Affiliate Marketing Profits 

[Case Study] Music App Download– Pop Campaign (202% ROI)

Affiliate marketing is all about knowing, and the best knowing is done when you learn from others.

Take a look at this practical novice case research study, submitted by another novice. We hope you like it!

Ad Network: EZmob

Advertisement format: Popunder

Deal: Music APP Download (View Mobidea Offers)

Vertical: Entertainment

Geo: US, CA

Gadget: Mobile Phone


Spent: $2218

Income: $4490

ROI: 202%

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Who is EZmob?

EZmob DSP is a user friendly self-serve media buying platform for online marketers, media buyers, and affiliates. EZmob DSP likewise makes it possible for direct publishers to integrate advertisement formats (push, pop, and screen) to monetize their websites and apps.

What is this Guide About?

Affiliate marketing is brand-new to a great deal of our clients and testing deals can be lucrative, however when you’re on a tight spending plan and need to see conversions take place now rather of later on, you need to set your project to prosper before even hitting the ‘run’ button.

We value that much of our clients find out through online courses, YouTube videos, and through other ways and case research studies that show the inner operations of advertisement networks and media buying.

Feel free to take a look at the EZmob blog site or helpdesk to gain essential guidance on maximizing your spending plan with EZmob DSP.

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There is a short checklist you need to go through prior to even establishing your offer on any DSP or mobile advertisement network:

  • Set up your conversion tracking: Conversion tracking is the essential to opening your eyes when it pertains to what deal with your campaign. Read more here.
  • Read the offer’s KPI: It is becoming additional difficult to meet the advertiser’s KPIs. Chat with your affiliate manager and comprehend how intricate the KPIs are and what you need to do to fulfill them. Inspect if pop or push traffic is within this deal’s standards.
  • Understand the metrics: Understand how many clicks or impressions you require to buy and the number of it should require to accomplish one conversion. Enable yourself some wiggle room, however, overall, understanding that you must see a conversion within, for example, $2-3 starting, however that it needs to reach $1-1.5 by the time you’ve spent half your budget plan, is crucial to understanding just how much room you have for experimentation.
  • Target well: Understand the precise targeting needed for your deal to transform. Some crucial targeting functions might include particular browsers, carriers, running systems versions, etc. Ensure you target your campaigns within those limits. Suggestion: if you’re promoting an app that takes a great deal of space (over 200MB for example), it may not be sensible to target non-WiFi-connected users who may not want to invest their data plan on downloading your app.
  • Test: Before you release, talk with our supervisor, ask for a test conversion to be sent and ensure tracking is prepared for conversions.

In this guide, we will use popunder ads, mainly because they are low-cost, reliable, and simple to scale. Popunder bids start at 20c for 1000 impressions, indicating users will actually arrive at your landing page 1000 times for only 20c.

Obviously, there is a downside with pops such as the extra volume and high speed of the traffic once the campaigns start running, however that is quickly fixed by limiting your daily project budget plan increasing your bid to reach higher-value publishers and setting up a tighter frequency cap to engage more distinct users daily.

In addition to popunder advertisements, you may find push alert advertisements as effective and really engaging in a lot of projects that pop advertisements will work for.

How to Choose an Offer and the GEO?

Often it seems there are countless affiliate provides to pick from, some handed over from network to network, some generated straight by the app developers and while the metrics are similar, picking a deal that’s closer to the source is crucial to your ROI.

While shopping for an exceptional offer to test, you would need to generate great creatives, landing pages, and material to go a lot with your marketing, so choose something that you can deliver well upon.

The Offer

In this case, we’re promoting a music home entertainment app available online and through each of the app stores.

  • Conversion KPIs: Converts on Purchase– US Product Page
  • Other technical requirements: Use && sub3= for language and usage && sub4= for currency
  • Countries: United States, CA

Considering that this offer pays on sale, targeting is very wide. After discussing with the affiliate supervisor I had the ability to ascertain which targeting ought to be easier to convert for.

The Campaign Setup

If you can develop and deploy your own pre-landers, we strongly recommend you to. If not, begin with what’s provided by the affiliate network and go over carrying out features that might work for your project from your affiliate manager.

Having a fantastic landing page is type in a popunder project for apparent factors. Make certain you have a few variations of your landing page which your hosting can handle having numerous thousand users per hour going into your pages.

The Prelander

Prior to starting a project seek advice from our DSP manager and make sure to apply EZmob’s best carrying out channels for your deal.

Start with a low quote to comprehend how competitive you need to be for the traffic you’re targeting.

The minimum bid for pop traffic is only $0.20, start with that and increase it as you go. Learn more about win rates here.

targeting ezmob campaign


Optimization Provide your campaign some space to’breathe’before you start removing placements. The most important thing in your optimization strategy is keeping quality positionings providing traffic and avoiding less-effective publisher positionings, however you need to still offer a combating possibility for placements that may perform well for you under a lower quote or tighter targeting which you might apply on a duplicate campaign. Read more about optimization in EZmob’s HelpDesk.

Once you have your list of converting positionings, replicate your project and whitelist just those positionings under a greater quote; that ought to assist you get more conversions. You can blacklist those placements on your original project to avoid competing with yourself, although, either way, the greater quote will win the impression. By the time you comprehend which placements convert well for your whitelisted project check which bid gets you the very best win rate and still produces ROI globally.

If you keep this practice for a couple of more days you must have a few reputable subIDs you can count on for converting for more than simply one deal.

Keep your newly acquired list handy for future deals under similar verticals you may choose to run in the future.

A few other optimization suggestions may consist of:

  • Campaign scheduling — inspect whether your campaign is most likely to transform better in particular hours of the day and use that scheduling on the project level.
  • Section reports by internet browsers, operating system versions, providers, and so on, and use adjusted quotes to control your quotes across your whitelist or worldwide campaigns.

Learn more about marketer reports here.

The Bottom Line Dealing with a strong affiliate network and an offer that works is key to making any project work. Allowing your campaign to get enough data that is spread out around various targeting groupings permits you more room for optimization.

Replicate your campaigns and whitelist positionings or subIDs that convert well for you, bid higher on that project, control and scale it with everyday budget plan and capping.

Check several deals and sector your campaigns according to extensively various targeting features such as operating systems and countries as positionings might work in a different way.

Consult your DSP supervisors and get expert recommendations through on-site chat, email (support@ezmob.com), or EZmob’s knowledge base.

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