Contest Winners + CPA Affiliate Marketing Secrets 2.0


If you won the free tee shirt here is how to claim it;

You must PM me via Youtube mail.
You must put "Kinghuman Is A Jackhole" in the subject line so I know what you are writing about.
You must give me your FULL shipping address (USA Only Please).
You must pledge to do something positive for humanity and / or the environment. It must be something above & beyond what you already do (like recycling). You must include the email address you used to signup for the Kinghuman newsletter. This is so I can confirm your identity (there may be some scammers that try to claim a shirt when they weren't the real winners).

Also, if you want to try to win a follow up prize make a video showing what you won (when you get it) and post it as a reply video to my most current video.



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