Deadbeat Simple Affiliate Marketing Plan For Beginners

need a plan to profit online… of course you do… the secret is that the world doesnt care what YOU want… it cares what they want. so in your marketing…

1st. find out what people want using my trigger word method over at

2nd. figure out how to profit with cpa affiliate offers, adsense, pay per call, pay per lead, pay per download, ect

3rd. set up a site focused on helping the user get what they want WHILE leading them to all the stuff you found in step two

4th. test, track, learn and grow with your market

if this is confusing, or you have info overload… then you need to go back to step one and make sure you are in the right niche.

finding the right market is EVERYTHING

and if you like this stuff… go get simple sites big profits at 🙂

its drop dead simple 🙂 just follow the plan!

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