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Get QUALITY Leads To Any #Homebasedbusiness #affiliatemarketing or #passiveincome | #soloadstraining


Get QUALITY Leads To Any #Homebasedbusiness #affiliatemarketing or #passiveincome | #soloadstraining

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How To Get Started With Solo Ad Traffic

John Valley and Donald Mclendon JR have created a product called Leadflow 247. With lead flow 247 you are able to get leads that are drip fed to you every hour of every single day without having to lift a finger. You can email these leads directly from your leadflow247 backoffice without any limitations or you could use your 3rd party autoresponder.

The backoffice of the leadflow247 allows you to download all of your leads via csv file and import them to any email provider of your choice giving you the freedom to choose how you communicate with your leads. You can use these leads to promote any offer you would like. This would be a good lead source for sticky likes. A good lead source for global credits network, and a good lead source for cashfx amoung others.

Imagine being able to get sales for your cashfx, sticky likes, or any business and duplicate this with your team. This can be the solution to help grow your entire organization. For a limited time you have the ability to join for a fraction of the cost and get all of the benefits.

What are some of the benefits to LeadFlow247? With lead flow 247 you get at a minimum 720 leads per month. That is 8460 leads per year, and its likely that you will get much more than this. You also get access to build an unlimited amount of lead capture pages and sales pages in your backoffice which would cost you much more if you paid for these services separately. You get the ability to earn upfront and residual commissions.

What is the difference between myleadgensecret and leadflow 247? Although myleadgensecret offers a similar service, they only allow you to email your leads once per day. Not only that, it only has one way to earn where leadflow247 has several. Leadflow247 also pays 50% residual commission as well as upfront commission.

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