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Emerging App Marketing Tools and Trends

To see your app emerge as a successful product in the Google play store or Apple app store is certainly not an easy job. Getting enough visibility is essential to witness the success and therefore every developer needs to plan an effective app marketing strategy that can only be carried out through potent tools. So what are those marketing tools that helps drive visibility followed by increased number of downloads?

Market research- To deploy an extremely accurate marketing strategy, it is essential to know how and what is the existing market offering the mass. It involves exploration of apps with similar idea like yours, exploration of your competitors' ranking in the charts, revenue projection to find out what your app is potential of earning beforehand and preparing your app for ASO. Having handful of insights and knowledge even before you start developing your product will give a solid backing to your post-launch app marketing strategy.

App Localization- Today, App Localization has emerged as one of the most effective tools to drive maximum number of downloads from across the globe. As a developer if your aim is to target people from not one but many countries, then you can effortlessly do so by localizing your app in different languages. It includes localization of keywords, title, screenshots, description and localization of language strings. By enabling these, your app will begin encountering visibility by showing up in search results of all the countries that you aimed to target.

App Monetization- Gone are the days when developers had to restrain themselves from exploring the pricing aspect. While the market has witnessed downfall of the paid apps, it has welcomed many more pricing methods like Free apps with ads, Freemium pricing model and In-app purchases. By deploying these experimentative monetization strategies, developers can now build even more engrossing and well-performing products which will allow them to generate better revenues. Either developers can work on increasing app engagement that will directly drive in-app purchases, or they can deploy effective monetization strategy by recommending the right advertisements to potential users at the right time.

Video creation- Videos today are another emerging marketing tool for developers. By simply creating an effective teaser video dedicated to your app becomes a major platform to reach out to your target audience. Video aids in increasing downloads and conversion, easily communicates the applications highlighted functionalities and top features. If you aren't aware, YouTube alone has more than 4 billion views per day, and it's the second-largest search engine, right after Google; which means Video is where your customers spend their time.

Analysing the analytics- Gathering insights on your current app analytics leads to optimization. Developers should constantly keep a track on the performance. By doing so, the developers will get the answers to How many people are using their product, how to optimize the user experience, what OS needs more preference, and on what kind of users should we focus on. Analytics gives a way to the ultimate goal of developers, that is to produce a well-performing app in front of potential users.

App websites and Landing pages- If you thought that your product made a substantial web presence with its page on the app store then you are certainly wrong. It has to have a website. This website is a complete presentation of your product and it acts as a visiting card. Potential users are always in search of exploring the know-hows of the product that they are contemplating to download. While the app store conveys minimal information that is confined to the description, screen shots and reviews; a website serves as an effective platform to convey the in and out on an app. A clear icon with a pitch, multiple batches that leads the potential users directly to the download link, showing off key features in attractive visuals, displaying compatible phones, a promotional video that can be shared by the visitors across all social media platforms, an FAQ section and last but not the least, a blog to instigate discussions; is all that a landing page can provide.

App Store Optimization- Optimizing the features is as much important to grab a better ranking in the leading stores. The more features will be pleasing the app store search algorithms, the better will be the visibility in the search. Isn't this tool good enough to drive downloads? Yes it is, but it demands a little work from your end and by putting efforts in the right direction every developer can come up with improved title, optimized keywords, eye catching icon, a unique description and optimization of screen shots. Now again, these optimizations are driven by the insights gathered from the market research done at an early stage of the development of the product.

Press Releases- Releasing suitable press releases at regular intervals is one good way to let people notice the product and make them believe that your app is progressing rapidly and constantly in the right direction. The fact is Media presence and media buying also have to play a crucial role in the entire marketing process. Producing effective press releases and distributing at right places can help encounter limelight.

Social media for pre-launch and post-launch buzz- Social media is today one of the most thriving, already explored and well tested tool for marketing. It serves not one but multiple platforms for potential developers to create buzz. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the list seems never ending. We already have enough examples that have driven success for their apps through social media marketing. You made a teaser video; post it across all the major media platforms and witness it going viral in no time. You instigated a reward based contest for people trying their best to win and thereby your app grabs the much due attention it needed. In fact social media marketing is closely related to the word of mouth marketing, wherein now people have got enough platforms to spread the word and you as a developer just need to sit and relish the ongoing buzz.

App reviews- Do not underestimate the judgments made by your users. Count them as your best guiding source and you will end up improvising the features to the greatest stature. Afterall, the aim at both the ends is to encounter a flawless app. Isn't it? They have used the product, they have experienced its functionalities in and out and are prone to give an unbiased opinion. As a developer you have greater scope of turning those lacking aspects into opportunities to attract more users. Infact every developer should provide enough space to the users to communicate. The positive reviews will welcome more users and the bad ones will help in giving the finishing touches. Either ways, it's a win win situation.

Now, deploying each and every tool simultaneously seems next to impossible. Moreover, an amalgamation of couple of tools might work for an app. But how will you determine that? Let an App Marketing Agency suggest you the best combination of tools that will make the best app marketing strategy for your app. Contact AppN2o consultants today or drop in a line at for your app marketing queries.

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