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[Guide] Reach Younger Audience with Manga and Anime

October 8, 2021 – 4 minutes checked out

TrafficStars has actually stepped up into the Manga and Anime classification!

After merging with among the leading mainstream Push and native Ad Networks, RUNative, we have significantly increased our Manga and Anime traffic.

In this short article we will supply you with a much better overview of this growing category and how to get the very best out of it with TrafficStars.

Why Should You Test the Manga and Anime Category?

It is a specific niche top quality traffic that offers you a wider reach to a more youthful audience with a higher conversion rate. With more than 300M everyday impressions on different ad formats, such as Native, In-Page Push, 300 × 250, 728 × 90, you have the unique possibility to grab high-converting traffic and produce a substantial profit.

You might think that Manga and Anime users are mostly from Asian nations, however in truth you can reach a worldwide audience from the majority of Tier 1 countries. With more than 95% of Organic traffic you ensure that your audience is truly thinking about such a genre and if you play your cards well and promote the right offer, you can get fantastic outcomes.

The very best transforming verticals are Games, Dating, Comics, Casino, Gambing.

guide reach younger audience with manga and anime

Who is Your Audience? Age Distribution: 70 % of the audience is age 18-35. 54 % of the audience is English speaking. Top GEOs: US, FR, GB, DE, CA, PH, MY. Audience interests are: Animation And Comics Games Grownup The circulation between devices is the following:

  • Getting started with TrafficStars: Go to your TrafficStars account->
  • Create Campaign-> In Settings tab select Mainstream Categories: Mainstream General & Manga/ Anime Start with RON Campaign Start with an average bid(ask your Account Manager )Optimize every day Whitelist/ Blacklist on ad
  • spot level Set up Prime campaigns for finest converting spots on a higher bid
  • A/B test different creatives
  • Use frequency capping– for RON projects we advise 4-5 creatives with frequency capping 1 or 2, and a minimum of 3-4 creatives with frequency topping 2 or 3 for Prime
  • Consistently upload brand-new creatives to avoid banner blindness
  • Start optimising on OS, web browser, language etc level
  • Constantly keep your RON campaign active (it’s your standard tool to gather information)
  • Creatives:

    • Use appealing, strong images
    • Usage clear, uncluttered images
    • Usage images and content relevant to the deal:
    • For dating deals– utilize photos of real individuals
    • For gaming, gambling establishment, comics deals– usage anime images

    Intrigued? Go to the TrafficStars account and launch brand-new projects!

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