Help me understand ‘niche’ much better

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Hey guys,

I understand why placing within a specific niche is useful; its simpler to draw traffic, gain authority, dominate a space and so on

.. if you have the ability to identify enough low competitors keywords that you believe you can rank for, just how much does it actually matter?


I want to create a website selling DVDs. I'' ve managed to recognize several keywords with low difficulty and plan to write short articles around them (i.e. '' finest 80s sci-fi films'', ' finest black and white funnies'', etc).

I would wind up with a site full of articles which ought to draw and rank in traffic, which I would hope to reroute to DVD sellers. Nevertheless in this circumstances, my '' specific niche ' would be quite broad – essentially I'' m just selling DVDs.

I'' m not truly drilling down that particularly, would this still be a feasible method for developing a affiliate marketing site or is there something I'' m missing?

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