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How Ash Read Built His Homeware Site and Earns Over $10k Per Month

When Ash Read moved,

he required to provide his brand-new home. Considering that he didn’t want to buy his homeware from significant merchants, he had to dig around and do his own research study to find smaller, modern brand names that fit his design. The assumption that other individuals had this very same issue led him to create Living Cozy. Ash has used numerous wise strategies to develop his site as an authority in the space. And in simply two brief years, he’s built up his regular monthly traffic

and earnings to 150,000 page views and over

$10,000, respectively. Wish to know how he did it? Keep reading to discover his intriguing method to specific niche site development, the secret to his success, and what he wish he knew when he began his organization.

Ash’s Beginnings in Content Marketing

I grew up and still reside in the east of England.

I started blogging and composing online around 14 years ago, around 2008. Since then I’ve built a profession in content marketing, working with numerous software and fintech brands to help build audiences and drive traffic from organic search.

The Origins of Living Cozy

I ‘d just recently moved houses and was looking for brand-new furnishings and home products. However I discovered it difficult to discover brands and sites that weren’t big-box merchants.

I ‘d done some work with a few direct-to-consumer (DTC) house brands in the U.S. so I understood there were a lot of brand-new, modern brand names out there. However they were tough to discover.

I started Living Cozy as a way to assist customers discover modern furnishings brand names. Many DTC brand names reach customers through social media and advertisements. There’s not excessive concentrate on longer-form material and search, so I felt there was a chance to assist these brands reach consumers in search results page.

To find brand names, I tend to search Instagram; it’s not an extremely glamorous process.

When they launch, brand names likewise presently come to me and reach out. At the moment there are around 300 brands featured on the site.

Living Cozy

I started taking Living Cozy seriously in the summer of 2020, so it ‘s showing up on two years of ages. It took around 6 months until I had a month where I made over$100.

The website presently makes over$10,000 per month in income. Ash’s Unique Marketing Strategy My leading marketing method isn’t so much a marketing strategy, however more of a content technique.

Whatever we publish features numerous subject matter professionals, and this has actually been necessary to helping us build market credibility, quality content and trust. Customers know they’re getting professionals’ opinions and thoughts whenever they arrive at one of our articles.

I discover industry experts from HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and have actually likewise constructed great relationships with a variety of experts now who routinely add to our content. I likewise get outreach from PR groups now. The majority of are bad, however occasionally an actually excellent contact will land in my inbox.

To be sincere, though, I don’t believe there’s anything especially special that we do.

The best way to develop an excellent site is to constantly create good content. I ‘d most likely say the thing we do that others don’t is to focus greatly on the briefs we produce for authors. It’s not unusual to spend 3+ hours talking to specialists and collecting quotes when creating a single brief.

The Importance of SEO

SEO is hugely essential to business. It’s our number 1 growth channel and likely will be for many years to come.

We are working to build up a more owned audience by means of our e-mail list and to drive more of our traffic from sources other than search though. This feels like a great method to future-proof business and end up being less reliant on mainly one channel.

His Overall SEO Strategy

We try to find high buyer-intent keywords that many of the larger publishers in our space either ignore or don’t focus too heavily on. For instance, keywords where the top-level posts are dated.

Premium Link Service Ads 1

As a growing organization, we don’t have thousands of posts to monitor like other more established brand names. So our strategic advantage is targetting a smaller variety of valuable keywords with content that stays upgraded and is constantly fresh.

Link Building

Link building is very important. We have a directory site of home and furnishings brands on the site. In the early days, I ‘d filter through all the brand name sites trying to find the ones that had a press page where they linked to publishers.

I ‘d then pitch interview/content ideas to those brands and when we ‘d strike publish, I ‘d ask for a link on the press page. It actually helped us to construct trustworthiness in the early days and I’m sure it assisted with SEO too, as Google would see a lot of links from highly-relevant sites.

At the minute we’re running brand-new digital PR campaigns each month to produce relevant stories and produce backlinks from other publishers in the area.

Traffic Stats

At the moment, Ash’s website averages around 150,000 pageviews per month.

Living Cozy traffic

His Top Three Tools My main tools are: Clearscope: Every article we publish is reviewed in Clearscope prior to we struck publish. It truly assists us to make the most of every short article we put out and ensure we’re hitting all the ideal keywords and expressions throughout the short article.

  • Search Console: I examine Search Console each week (usually numerous times) to see how our rankings have actually changed and to look for chances to additional enhance and revitalize our content.
  • Ahrefs: I use Ahrefs to keep tabs on our rankings and track a few specific high-value keywords. It’s likewise my go-to for keyword research. We keep tabs on a couple of rival sites utilizing Ahrefs and we’re always searching for long-hanging fruit and SERPs where there’s an opportunity to outrank a few of the big gamers in the space.
  • Ash’s Biggest Challenge

    Ramping up content production has actually been my biggest challenge up until now, and it has actually can be found in phases for Living Cozy.

    The primary step was to transition from me writing whatever to me writing briefs for multiple authors to increase our publishing cadence. Now, the difficulty is to replace me as the brief author and enable the site to scale beyond the time I can devote to it.

    We deal with a number of freelance writers to produce content, however increase from a number of posts weekly to 5 to 10 hasn’t been so easy. It’s hard to scale material quantity without losing any concentrate on quality.

    His Greatest Accomplishment

    My biggest accomplishment up until now has been making my very first bit of earnings online. It was ₤ 9.37 and it came from an affiliate sale for a bed linen brand around 6 weeks after launch.

    This offered me the belief that there was an opportunity here which I might build a revenue-generating organization. I probably didn’t make another sale for like 2 or 3 months after that. But it gave me the push to keep going.

    What He Wishes He Knew When He Started

    I wish I had actually understood that it was going to work, honestly. It’s difficult to dedicate hours and hours before and after your day job to a task you don’t understand will take off.

    Understanding what I know now, I ‘d have gone all-in earlier and tried to think huge. Initially, I didn’t have objectives, really. If I began again I would have put more trust in myself and bet bigger at an earlier phase.

    His Biggest Mistake

    My greatest error has been focusing away from my skillset.

    I’ve constantly operated in material– as a writer, strategist, manager, etc. Prior to Living Cozy, all of my entrepreneurial efforts were focused on building tech/SaaS products– things I could not really develop myself.

    It meant I was investing my time concentrating on the things I’m not excellent at (product management, pricing method, sales, and so on).

    I want I ‘d focused on my individual sweet spot much previously in my entrepreneurial journey.

    Recommendations for Other Entrepreneurs

    My advice is to do what you do best.

    It’s simple to attempt and do it all with your own organization, however you simply end up wasting time on the things you aren’t good at. I’m bad with numbers, so I have an accountant. I do not actually like link building, so I work with specialists.

    As soon as you have the earnings and a couple of months’ of runway put aside in the bank, attempt to fire yourself from the jobs you do not stand out at.

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