How Kristin Addis Makes $50k a Month Running Among the World’s Top Woman’s Travel Blogs

 How Kristin Addis Makes$ 50k a Month Running One of the World's Top Woman's Travel Blogs What happens when you recognize you’re not cut out for a 9-to-5 desk job? If you’re Kristin Addis, you load a bag, buy a 1-way ticket to Asia, and set out on the best adventure of your life. Not simply any experience– a solo one. Considering that 2012, Kristin has actually been growing her blog site, Be My Travel Muse, and today it’s one of the leading ladies’s travel blogs in the world. She’s been included all over from Vogue and Marie Claire to Inc. and Business Insider and more.

She’s likewise been to more than 60 countries worldwide. On a slow month, her blog site brings in around $15k,

but on a good month, she makes approximately$ 50k. To discover how she began, where her income originates from

, and the tools she utilizes,

keep reading. How It All Began I’ve been running Be My Travel Muse for almost a years now and have actually been to over 60 nations solo. I hadn’t truly traveled alone prior to starting my blog, but I was burnt out from a 4-year career in mergers and acquisitions and felt like there needed to be something else out there for me.

I was born and raised in southern California and had actually studied abroad in Taiwan, and I missed how it felt to live in another culture. So, I stopped my task, ended my lease, ended my relationship at the time, and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

I had no backup strategy. And while I existed I began composing the blog, and the rest is history!

Why Kristin Addis Created Her Site

I’ve constantly enjoyed being creative: painting, writing, and expressing myself. Photography and blogging were the perfect way for me to experiment with a new career path that was more in line with my desires and interests.

Plus, I’m not very good at having nothing to do. Despite the fact that traveling is clearly “something to do,” I required a project to focus my energy on too.

Be My Travel Muse

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1118″ > How Much’ Be My Travel Muse ‘Makes My earnings can actually vary from month to month. My highest earning months have been closer to$ 50k, however some lean months are more like $15k.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is topline income, and a business like this has employees, high expenses (when you factor in taking a trip, equipment, and the tech needed to run a big website), and it can be quickly impacted by what’s going on in the world, like a pandemic.

So while that’s the topline, there are months when I’m reinvesting all of it back into business. My primary earnings streams are advertisement profits from Mediavine, trips that I brand and run myself, partnerships with brands and destinations, and in the past I was freelancing also.

The percentages of my earnings that these make up differ extremely from month to month and year to year.

These are stats from Mediavine:


Organized trips

And these are some of the trips I arrange:Organized trips Kristin’s Winning Strategies My main technique is to be genuine and share what I think will bring value to people. I think that’s becoming more and more important and is filling in best, photoshopped images.

Something I do is that I deal with each platform as though it’s completely different and unique to itself, with its own audience. I believe, reasonably, this is frequently the case, so rather than just seeing Instagram as a method to drive blog site traffic, I concentrate on what is driving the most traffic to the blog site and laser in on that, letting Instagram be its own entity within my company.

The exact same goes for YouTube. Here’s one of my most popular videos:

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” height =” 405″ src=”” frameborder =” 0″ permit =” accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen > The Importance of SEO for Kristin Addis SEO is very crucial for my organization, and basically every top travel blog site I understand of. It accounts for almost 80% of my traffic. My objective is to supply the very best possible response to any concern that someone might have concerning our chosen

topic, supported by excellent images. My greatest pet peeve is when I’m reading other blogs and the post states to” do your research.” Isn’t that why I’m on their website? At Be My

Travel Muse, we like to address the concern fully and concisely and get to the point quickly. Link Building Link building is very important, however we do not do it in the manner in which lots of bloggers do. We don’t do link exchanges and

have not taken part in a round-up post in 5 or two years. Instead, I focus on writing for bigger publications, being a source for reporters( HARO), and making the site the best it can be so that when a journalist requires a source, they discover us. We focus on the quality of links instead of amount. And this technique is working well. Just in the previous month alone, I’ve been a source for both Oprah Magazine and Glamour UK.

OneLittleWeb NP Banner I mostly establish these contacts through interpersonal networking

OneLittleWeb NP Banner

whenever possible, but for one of the most part, they originate from people discovering me and connecting directly, usually from Google or another short article where I have actually been a source. That said, in the beginning, when major media wasn’t interested in my story yet, it was

more about guest blogging for any website stronger than mine that I appreciated and was in my specific niche. I pitched and networked with other travel bloggers and composed guest posts for them as much as I could, and this helped a lot with my early growth. The Path to Her Current Revenue It took about 6 years to get to this point, but that’s to be at the point that we’re in the mid-six-figures in topline. It was supplying a liveable wage to me from about year 2. That said, I lived inexpensively

. I traveled in Southeast Asia for 2 years, just remained in shared dorms, hitchhiked when the money got really tight, and never quit. I advise that anybody starting out must freelance. It’s what I performed in the starting to make ends satisfy. Current Traffic has actually been fluctuating recently due to present occasions, but I get anywhere in between 450k-500k pageviews monthly.< img

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Kristin Addis’ Three Favorite Tools The main tools I use in my organization are: Google and YouTube Analytics: I’m a big analytics geek. I’m always diving as much as I can into both

Travel Muse Traffic

Google and YouTube analytics. Where exactly are

individuals dropping off? If I’ve lost some footing

  • on a post, why is that? Who replaced me and what can I do to get that # 1 area back?. Ahrefs: I also utilize Ahrefs, however for anybody whose budget plan does not enable a tool that pricey, I really liked SwissMadeMarketing’s SEO Cockpit prior to I changed.
    • . Final Cut Pro: Finally, I like Final Cut Pro
    • for modifying. It takes things up a notch and is so much more
    • robust than iMovie. Her Greatest Challenge My main challenges have primarily
  • been things that are beyond my control. You can be doing everything right, however then things can change and you’re forced to innovate, and quickly. When I began, Twitter was all the rage, then came Facebook pages. Facebook algorithm changes have actually effectively killed that though, and perhaps Instagram is following.

Then what’s next? Anyone who

isn’t ready to kill their darlings and proceed is going to be left in the dust.

Which develops amazing chances but likewise forces you to constantly change your organization

plans. Kristin’s Biggest Accomplishment I’m most proud of helping people alter their lives. It’s absolutely the most fulfilling part of the entire thing. When somebody reaches out to me and tells me that they prepared a solo

trip, that it was empowering, and that it changed the course of their lives– due to the fact that it absolutely has the power to do that– I understand that whatever is worth it. In some cases the people reading my site have no assistance in their instant circles, and solo taking a trip can be

the most life-altering occasion for an individual, and I enjoy that individuals, especially women, typically find the encouragement they need from my site and social channels. What Kristin Addis Wishes She Knew Back Then I honestly don’t even go there. I can’t go back and renovate anything. Whatever that I did led me to where I am and it was constantly right on time and I trust in

the process, so I do not look back and apply any wish-i ‘d- what-ifs or knowns. Her Main Mistake I want that I had understood how essential Instagram was going to be from the beginning. It didn’t occur to me that I required to be putting way much better images up there from day one. I would simply snap them with my phone and put the worst filters on them. And yet, I was taking truly great photos for the blog with my cam! I do not understand why I didn’t think of modifying those and after that uploading those variations of the images. However you live and you find out.< img src="" alt width= "2000 "height

= “730 “> Kristin’s Advice for Other Entrepreneurs My suggestions would be to distinguish as much as

you can. It has actually never been more vital to have a defined niche. I feel like that is fairly simple to discover, because it’s your passion. It’s you. Put yourself into what you do. And know that no one is truly an overnight success. I think the most crucial ingredients for success are a desire to keep learning, and grit.< img width=" 728" height=" 90" src="

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