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How Liz Wilcox Makes $20k/Month Teaching Her Email Marketing Secrets

When Liz Wilcox found email marketing, she was blown away by how powerful of a tool it was. She got to work experimenting, growing her list, and producing products. And it paid off.

Today she is one of the gurus you ought to have on your radar if you want to take your email marketing to the next level. She has had a lot of success personally, and she will show you her ways.

In this insightful interview, Liz tells us:

  • How she developed and offered her very first site for $25k
  • When she found e-mail marketing
  • What she did to attain a 100% conversion rate on her digital course sale
  • Her unique method, the Email Staircase
  • How she grows her personal brand name
  • Her income diversity strategies
  • A few of her finest e-mail marketing tips
  • How she remains inspired
  • Her recommendations for other business owners

Meet Liz Wilcox

I presently run a website, Liz Wilcox, all about how digital items, e-commerce, and service-based services can utilize email marketing to increase their profits. I’ve been operating in the online space since 2016.

Liz Wilcox
How Liz Wilcox Makes $20k/Month Teaching Her Email Marketing Secrets

I matured quite bad, and I worked 2 jobs in my senior year of high school. This kind of hustle continued well into my 20s until I felt in one’s bones I was implied for more, and I lastly went to college. I got a master’s degree in management and worked gig tasks to support myself along the way.

When I graduated, I still wasn’t all set for a “genuine job,” so I spent some time off and stumbled upon blogging.

It seemed perfect! I could work from house, it had endless making potential, and I could be my own boss, something I had actually been providing for years anyway.

I started a recreational vehicle travel blog and, within 3 years, had actually created over a lots digital items and a constant adequate income to really offer the entire site to a few of my early subscribers.

The website was The Virtual Campground, and I offered it for $15k plus half of the sales made through completion of the year. I made about $25k on the sale in overall. I was blogging and taking a trip about how to RV, but not my journeys so much.

Why Liz Wilcox Started Her Business

I really started it because I could not believe the number of my blogging friends weren’t seeing success like me.

I discussed that I grew up pretty poor. I discovered I could make money online by creating content and sending e-mails? It felt like this concealed world had actually been opened to me!

My entire life, I thought I had to work two tasks or get a doctorate or something to make adequate money to get my household out of hardship.

However no!

I could simply be myself online, share my ideas and info, and get real cash into my checking account!

It was the wildest sensation.

So, naturally, I developed my traffic. I grew my email list. And I sold, offered, offered.

And after that, one day, I had the concept of all concepts for my travel website. I had lastly figured out what digital course to produce. I asked my audience if they were interested, and I had 141 people suggest they were.

So I got to work. I produced the course. Did all the pre-launch stuff they tell you to do.

I had a normal Monday thru Friday open/close cart launch. And by the end of it?

I made 141 sales!

As soon as word navigated about it, people were asking me how I did it. I told them: e-mail marketing!

“Yeah, but you shouldn’t expect results like that.”

When I realized people were getting 1-3% conversion rates compared to my 100%, I knew I had something unique.

I offered the blog site and went all in to teach people my Email Staircase method.

LIZ’s Special Email Strategy

I created the Email Staircase when somebody asked me, “How do you do it?”

I responded, “Well, I just take a look at email addresses as genuine individuals I want to become pals with.

Initially, you have a brand-new lead/follower. Then if you can turn them into pals, you will have a customer since they will just tell you what they want from you. GIPHY” width=”480″ height=”319″>

Liz Wilcox’s Monthly Earnings When I initially started my website, I had two sides to the business. The very first was copywriting services, where you might hire me to compose your emails and

sales copy. The second was digital items. I retired my services in December of 2021 to go all in on selling my own digital products. So most of my income originates from digital products, with a small percentage coming in from speaking engagements, although I’m presently working to make that side of the “home” grow.

At the minute, I’m bringing in around $20k monthly.

Email Marketing Membership

This is my main offer and the main motorist of revenue.

It’s a $9/month (yes 9!) template membership where I send a weekly newsletter design template for individuals to take and make their own inside their organization. It assists individuals follow my structure, The Email Staircase, so they can lastly develop an e-mail list that clicks, replies, and buys.

I presently have more than 1500 members, with about half on the annual strategy.

That brings in about $7200 in repeating earnings, and in the last 3 “flash sales” of the Yearly option, I’ve handled to bring $82,188. This cash is conserved and expanded throughout the year.

The screenshot below also reveals the upsell to a 1:1 call when you buy the Yearly alternative and includes $6,375 to that “flash sale” profits.

Liz Wilcox

Live Training I do live training every other month and after that put them on my website for evergreen sales. These are low-priced (among my core worths is affordability) and bring in a small month-to-month profits.

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Liz Wilcox
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In the last 30 days, the screenshots above overall an extra$609 in income for the month. It’s not much, but this was a month when I didn’t have a live training or actively promote any. So 44 sales from random individuals off my site feel respectable– and help cover subscription costs from the membership, right?

Digital Products

I have a variety of items that mostly live inside Google Drive that individuals can buy from my website or are offered by means of a tripwire.

Liz Wilcox
Liz Wilcox

Again, I have not promoted these, and sales are coming directly from the website, with the exception of the”

simply presell it upsell bump.”In overall, that’s an extra $1539 in revenue for the month. Which, if you ask me, is nothing to sneeze at.

Consulting Calls

I provide a 60-minute 1:1 session for anyone interested in getting my eyeballs on their e-mails and/or any sales copy.

In the last 30 days, I’ve sold two at my subscription rate for an additional $300 in revenue. However, in months when I actively share this offer, I can anticipate to make an additional $2k-5k.

In general, my average regular monthly profits is around $12,000, with a couple of spikes per year when I introduce my Annual subscription offer.

Liz Wilcox’s Strategies for Business Growth

My biggest marketing method is using other individuals’s platforms.

Guesting on podcasts, doing personal trainings for private groups, and even features like this one … they all help my business grow.

No matter the channel, my priority is constantly to lead individuals to my email list. And when I am featured on other brand name’s platforms, I can reveal my competence to a group of already engaged and certified leads. Plus, I get the included reward of shared trust with the host.

In 2021, I was included on over 50 podcasts, ran my signature workshop for almost 20 personal groups, and spoke at 3 in-person events.

When speaking, I had a crafted message that led people to act … with the aid of my opt-in. So whenever my interview or presentation ended, I pointed people to the “hot pink button” on my website to get people on my e-mail list.

This led to over 2,000 new, very warm leads throughout a year. These leads were likewise quick to purchase; presently, my list is nearly 40% customers.

The best part of all this is that the majority of my speaking and training in 2021 is evergreen. New people see it all the time, and lead collection is continuous.

Accomplishing Current Revenue Levels

This is my 3rd online company, so I want to preface by saying that I’ve had a couple of years of experience prior to starting this organization. Formerly I had my recreational vehicle site and created Fulltime Freedom Week, a digital top event for RVers.

In all, it’s taken two years to reach this current revenue level.

Traffic and Subscriptions

Throughout the board, I’m averaging about 300 orders a month for numerous products.


And for my Email Marketing Membership, I see about 110 brand-new members sign up with monthly.

Liz Wilcox’s Top 3 Email Marketing Tips I ‘d enjoy to share some pointers. Email marketing is my life!

# 1 – Write a solid welcome series

It sounds harder than it is, I promise! Let’s walk you through it.

Lead with a bit of character, vision, and values. Due to the fact that in order to stick out in the inbox, customers require to understand what you’re like, where they are choosing you by their side, and what you stand for.

Here’s an example of me showing off a little bit of personality and vision in the same sentence.

QNJI6VzzWRf46sKf2HJjje rxGl1jMt 6j9Uy pOOe9IxwPuaKwH5ij8 oU92FGznYrYSpINh2icJTHQGS5T4zA8qCGf3hMgttHQmwRJY m95stadLPAXYLRRiMvbX1iGVIih2 zZs05Q dT k

Here are the 4 welcome emails you can compose:

  1. Freebie + fast intro of yourself
  2. Your best material
  3. Set expectations (this is the most crucial!!)
  4. Your huge why

To see how this looks and to get a copy to take and make your own, grab the entire sequence here.

# 2 – Give individual updates rather of attempting to compose stories

A lot of online marketers out there will inform you to tell stories. And they’re. Stories link and move individuals.

At the end of the day, you most likely did not get into organization to be a writer. And so let me relieve you of that stress and advise you:

It’s a newsletter, not a novel. If you don’t have time to write it, possibilities are your individuals don’t have time to read it.

Here’s what to do rather of informing stories:

At the start of your e-mail newsletter, share a 2-3 sentence individual upgrade. The upgrade is simply something easy (and relatable) that has actually taken place to you because the last time you emailed.

Here’s an example of among mine:

XMYsZT z09W67CEtaAfIXmGk sDMbwWD5A6x5g7Q8tcZpNy7lvTRR1L7YDLkDkPEdd0kO3wUsbB1WO1JuUOPTyZrpjrDdVaw5mnDeZ XMHpGRGPFzxMt9z1tXo wprkwmjl8FcoqkKJTXfD6fAo

Simple, right? # 3 -Be Familiar but not foreseeable

The inbox is a lot like the mailbox. We get excited about letters from people we like!

But if you consistently sent me the very same letter, I ‘d most likely gradually stop opening all of them.

Vary your newsletter material in a manner that makes people believe, “Ooo, I know Liz! However I don’t understand what’s within. Let me open that up.”

For example, one week you can keep things sweet and short – point people to some outgoing material.

The next week? Give them a couple of ideas on how to get better at XYZ.

A week after that? Welcome them to your social networks and share a picture.

The point is to always be on brand name but to keep them thrilled about what the brand is doing.

To see this in action, get 3 examples of the various kinds of newsletters here.

I have a few tools I utilize all the time. My favorites are:

1. Ecamm Live – This is live streaming software application that I use to make every training I carry out look remarkable. I can include sound results, have a top quality frame, include + eliminate slides without screen sharing, and other things to wow the audience and keep them engaged.

It’s my ace in the hole, and I understand it adds to my high conversion rates.

2. GIPHY— Yep, the website where you go to find GIFs. Did you understand you can make your own? With giphy, I can easily make top quality GIFs. I utilize these for brand name recognition in all my marketing. You can even search on Instagram for “Liz Wilcox,” and my face and items will appear!

Another ace in the hole to building trust quickly and easily (no copywriting included!)

3. Notion – This is a job management tool that I love. I have attempted numerous in the past, however this one just works for me.

Her Biggest Challenge

My main obstacle has actually been developing systems and a group, hands down. I’m a visionary with a lot of ideas. It’s tough for me to decrease and strengthen a process, document it, and employ people to get these procedures so I can focus on other things.

It’s my primary focus now that profits is steady and primarily foreseeable.

Her Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest achievement is certainly not giving up. I get up every single day understanding that I’m developing a company.

Understanding that it isn’t about simply earning money, but about building something that is going to break my household out of the hardship cycle. And slowly, day by day, laying the bricks required to build a wall of success.

I’ve been at this for 6 years now, and while there have been ups and downs, I never once seriously considered getting off the roller rollercoaster.

And after 6 years, I know that’s not a great deal of time invested when it pertains to entrepreneurship. However I likewise understand that in those 6 years, a lot more individuals have actually come into the video game than have stayed.

I plan on staying.

And for me, that’s the most significant win of them all.

What She Wishes She Knew Before

You have more resources than you believe!

When it feels like everyone has more …

… time

… cash

… connections

… support

Possibly they do.

I want I would have recognized that my well was deeper than I was seeing. That when I seemed like I didn’t have enough

… cash, that I could utilize my skills to discover some … time, that I might find smaller sized, much easier projects … connections, that I might head out and make them … assistance, that I could look within and draw from my larger vision of life.

That would have saved me a great deal of aggravation in the beginning, for sure.

Liz’s Main Mistake

I ‘d say my primary mistake was giving individuals equal ownership of my concepts.

It took me up until my 3rd service to understand and decide that I didn’t require to hand out leadership of my concepts for them to come to life. I was qualified and capable enough to run with my concept and make things take place on my own.

Her Advice for Other Entrepreneurs

Spend less of your time consuming material and learning methods and more time doing something about it. It’s like a baby discovering to walk. They simply go all out!

Consider yourself like a horse with blinders on.

Seriously. Choose one podcast. One publication (may I recommend this one?). One e-mail newsletter.

Listen to that a person thing. And execute what you discover.

It might sound amusing, however lack of knowledge is happiness. And as long as you can see a larger photo, you don’t need all the information. Just start moving. The information will fill themselves in.

When I initially launched my first digital course, I had no concept about the “normal data”…

That waitlists normally do not transform well.And that average conversion rates were 1-3%.

And due to the fact that I didn’t know that, I strove to get individuals on my waitlist to purchase.

141 on the waitlist.

141 sales.

No ads. There’s no social media. And there’s no strategy I gained from a $5k mastermind or group training.

It simply took 3 years of acting and actually getting to know my potential consumers.

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