For how long Does it Take to Sell a Site? A Few Motion Invest Statistics ...Niche Affiliate Marketing Profits 

For how long Does it Take to Sell a Site? A Few Motion Invest Statistics …

Motion Invest released practically precisely 2 years ago! The business that was launched is not business that Motion Invest is today

. In today’s post, I want to share what has altered for Motion Invest and how business currently runs. I’ve likewise been asked questions, like”How numerous of the sites listed actually get offered?” I’ll answer that concern and a number of others today. I likewise want to open up the ledger a little bit and share a few of the numbers behind the numbers. I think these stats will be fascinating for anybody thinking about buying or offering websites and what the patterns look like in time.

The Evolution of Motion Invest

In the short history of Motion Invest, we’ve “pivoted” a couple of times.

We at first believed that having a “subscription” type website where prospective purchasers had to pay $29 a month to view all listings was the method to go. Nevertheless, in the early stages of a service where you don’t have a lots of listings, people aren’t extremely willing to sign up for a regular monthly membership.

We rapidly eliminated this paywall and it’s now complimentary to see all the listings, consisting of the domain names, with a totally free email signup.

In addition, we were exclusively focused on buying sites off-market ourselves and after that selling the sites we had actually bought on the Motion Invest marketplace.

This worked to a degree. And we still buy sites straight from time to time.

Nevertheless, about a year ago we decided that following the traditional broker design where sellers note their sites (after we veterinarian them) and pay a small brokerage fee in fact had less friction.

As an outcome, we now have a lively marketplace of buyers and offering making acquisitions for vetted material sites.

We have a group that vets each site to verify traffic and profits prior to it goes live on the marketplace.

The other intriguing that has taken place?

We were at first focused (and still are) on the smaller end of the marketplace. Our preliminary strategy was to purchase and sell content sites valued at under $50,000.

More and more sellers have come to us wanted to sell their websites valued at over $100k. As a result, we’ve now acted of deals over 6 figures.

Our biggest site sold to date was $400k.

We are still an extremely small broker with these numbers, we get it. But we feel like we are serving the smaller end of the marketplace that has frequently been disregarded by larger brokers.

We eagerly anticipate continuing to focus on smaller content sites (whatever the true meaning of “little” material sites is).

Success Rate of Sites Listed on Motion Invest

What portion of websites noted on Motion Invest actually get sold?

We occur to keep in-depth information on almost whatever.

Out of 308 listings that have gone live on Motion Invest, only 11 have actually not sold.

Simply put, listed sites have a 96.43% success rate!

Your website has over a 96% chance of being sold effectively when noted on Motion Invest.

The factor for such a high success rate? We have a strong vetting process where we decline lots of sites that are not an excellent fit or do not fulfill our quality guidelines.

As a purchaser, you can understand that the sites that are in fact noted are those websites that met all our internal requirements. We decline more websites than we list.

A Few Interesting Statistics

The length of time does it draw from when you submit your site for review on Motion Invest to when it really gets listed for sale? Certainly, that can differ a lot depending on whether you sent everything we need in advance, etc.

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  • 5 to 7 days to get a site listed usually

We’ve improved our turn-around time quite a bit. When we initially launched, it would take us closer to 12 to 14 days to get all the required vetting and paperwork in place prior to we noted a site.

Now you can anticipate that the vetting and listing procedure will take around 5 to 7 days typically.

For how long does it require to actually offer your site once it’s noted?

  • 11.1 days to sell a website typically

Over the previous 2 years, it takes 11.1 days usually for a website to sell on Motion Invest. We have great deals of sites that offer in 1 or 2 days. Some of the larger websites can take a little bit longer.

What is the typical multiple of websites sold?

  • 35.5 x monthly numerous

So, on average websites have actually sold for 35.5 times their regular monthly earnings.

The highest regular monthly numerous a website was cost on Motion Invest was 90x! That was for a very small website only making $20 a month, so it’s an outlier for sure. (Although there have actually been numerous sites sell for more than 50x; all on the smaller side).

The most affordable multiple a site was cost is 17x.

Once again this is an outlier on a smaller sized website.

How does it work?

The procedure for getting your website noted on Motion Invest is fairly simple. Merely go to the Sell Your Site page here and follow the directions.

This will enable you to get a complimentary evaluation of your website and formally list your website on Motion Invest, must you picked to move on.

You will be asked what type of site you have and how it is monetized. Then you’ll be asked to provide screenshots or other earnings evidence of how much cash you are making through Amazon Associates, display advertisements, or whatever.

Getting the income screenshots is honestly the hardest part of getting your site submitted.

Once submitted, you will immediately get a cost we would pay to buy your website directly AND just how much you could anticipate to sell your website for if you listed it on the Motion Invest Marketplace.

Here’s an example of what you will see when you submit your site for sale:

As you can see from this example above, Motion Invest is providing to purchase the site directly for $3,600. We close rapidly( typically sending money within 48 hours )if you choose to offer the site straight to Motion

Invest. Or we offer you the estimated prices of $4,335 if you were to sell on the Motion Invest Marketplace. This generally needs just about an hour of your own time to get it ready for sale, and we do the rest. There are no listing fees, however we do charge a brokerage cost if it sells (charge varies depending upon the size of the website).

We then compare to what you can expect to sell the site for on Flippa or Empire Flippers.

Flippa needs much more of your own time to get the listing all set (because you are self-listing whatever there). There is likewise a $49 listing charge and other success costs on Flippa.

This specific site example is too small to offer on Empire Flippers.

If you decide to list your website, the details you sent will then be vetted by our internal group at Motion Invest with follow up concerns as required. If your website passes our vetting process, it will go reside in 5 to 7 days generally.

Movement Invest is Moving Forward

Overall, we are continuing to move on at Motion Invest making it faster and much easier to offer your “smaller sized” niche websites.

We are dipping our toes into offering some six-figure websites, but anticipate that we will stay at the lower end of the market for the foreseeable future. This is really why we began business and seem like there are lots of “smaller” website sellers that value the focus here.

Business has developed a lot in the last 2 years, and we look forward to seeing what the next 2 years bring.

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