Just How Much Revenue Does a Website with 1 Million Visitors a Month Make?

Ever question just how much cash a site with 1 million visitors monthly makes?

The topic of 1 million visitors per month profits is on many business owners ‘minds. Does

your site already get 1 million regular monthly visitors and you want to know if your profits is on target? Or are you trying to exercise the best niche or company design to enter? These are all excellent concerns when starting

an online service. In this post, I’ll inform you precisely how to work out what 1 million visitors monthly profits looks like.

Let’s dive in.

Usage This Simple Formula to Calculate Website Revenue

It’s challenging to know how much traffic you need to turn a revenue if you’re beginning an online organization. Or, possibly you’re confident you can reach a certain traffic level and would like to know just how much cash it’ll create.

I had the exact same concerns and concerns a couple of months earlier, so I searched high and low for a formula to work it out for me.

The formulas I share in this post are how those calculators operate in the background.

Let’s take a look at among those solutions for determining e-commerce earnings, then I’ll break it down:

Traffic * (Avg. product price * item landing page % * sale conversion rate %) = Revenue

Now, let’s break down each part of the equation so you can comprehend what it means and why we need to include each part.


The traffic is the obvious part and we currently understand this number: 1 million visitors. We require to know what that traffic is worth.

Average product rate

If you are offering products, you’ll require to understand your typical item rate. If you sell some products at $20 and others at $300, out of all the products offered over a month, you’ll wind up with an average.

Item landing page ratio

Then, you require to understand the variety of people who land on a product page.

If half of your traffic arrive on the web page, About page, or any other page that isn’t an item page and they leave instantly, then only 50% of your traffic might purchase something.

Understanding your item landing page ratio will help you enhance your traffic in the future.

Sales conversion rate

There’s your sales conversion rate. This is the number of individuals who arrive on a product page vs. the variety of them who buy.

If 500,000 people land on a product page and 250,000 people buy, your conversion rate is 50%, which, by the way, is extremely high.

Let’s put in some figures to see the formula in action.

1,000,000 * (60 * 40% * 10%) = 2,400,000

If your typical item cost is $60 and 40% of your traffic lands on an item page, and you convert 10% of those people into a purchase, your month-to-month profits will be $2.4 million.

As this example is for an e-commerce site, you’ll need to account for the cost of products, item storage and circulation, deal costs, advertisement invest, etc How Much Revenue Does a Website with 1 Million Visitors a Month Make?

There’s a huge difference between the precision of the formula and real-world outcomes.

Meaning, the formula is specific and precise, but the actual outcomes you get rely greatly on numerous variables.

We can factor in a few of these variables to calculate a price quote of revenue from 1 million visitors. Nevertheless, we can’t anticipate the specific quantity.

Here are some crucial factors to consider:

Business Model

As you saw in the example above, an e-commerce site can generate a great deal of earnings from 1 million visitors, but there are a lot more overheads.

A service-based service can likewise create a large amount of income if you have a great sales team or productized service. This service model will require more time to meet the service, so you’ll require to account for personnel incomes or VA costs.

A content site generated income from with Google advertisements or affiliate marketing will generate much less revenue than other company models. The overheads will be significantly less, as your only costs would be to maintain the site and employ authors.

Quality of traffic

Having 1 million visitors sounds fantastic, but if your business is based in the U.S. and 80% of your traffic is coming from India, it will not transform well, no matter what the business model is.

Your marketing strategy

Sending 1 million visitors from social media will require a well-thought-out marketing method due to the fact that you have to depend on impulse buys or get them in the ideal mood to click over to your site.

If, however, most of your traffic is coming from natural look for questions like “best product for mamas”, then you’ll transform more due to the fact that they’re nearly ready to purchase.

The numbers in your company

When you account for aspects like typical item rate and conversion rate, you can see substantial differences in profits, even with a 1 percent increase.

That’s why it’s important to understand your numbers, because then you can change things like calls to action, page style, your marketing method, and even your company model.

Now, let’s look at an affiliate website example to see just how much cash a million visitors could produce.

How to Calculate Affiliate Site Revenue

To exercise the profits with an affiliate website, you’ll require to account for extra variables than you would for an e-commerce site.

Let’s look at the formula first and then simplify:

Traffic * (Ave. product price * ave. commission rate % * CTR % * sales conversion rate %) = Revenue

With an affiliate website, you’ll need to know the average item cost and conversion rate like previously, but there are also a number of other aspects involved.

Average commission rate

Let’s say your affiliate specific niche is headphones and other audio equipment and you utilize Amazon Associates. Your commission rate would be 3%.

just how much revenue does a website with 1 million visitors a month make

That indicates, on an item sale of$

100, you’ll make$3. CTR represents Click-Through Rate, which suggests the number of individuals who click through to the affiliate item sales page vs. the number of people who visit your site.

For example, if 250,000 individuals click through to Amazon, your CTR would be 25% out of 1 million visitors to your website.

Side note: You could likewise account for the item review page ratio to get a more precise CTR to the affiliate website. This would be more vital if half of your content was simply informative and only a part of your traffic landed on an item evaluation page.

Affiliate Example

Now, let’s look at a theoretical example of an affiliate site promoting headphones.

We can be actually conservative and state the average item rate is $50, despite the fact that some earphones sell in the $300-$500 range.

We know the commission rate is 3 percent and we can keep the CTR and sales conversion rate at a low 10% and 5%, respectively.

Here’s what the equation would appear like:

1,000,000 * (50 * 3% * 10% * 5%) = $7,500

So, if these were your exact numbers, your regular monthly revenue for 1 million month-to-month visitors would be $7,500.

  1. If you wished to increase your revenue, here’s what you might do: Add more affiliate reviews with more pricey items– this could increase your typical item

  2. cost. Register for a better affiliate program with greater commissions– this will improve the commissions you make.

  3. Write more engaging copy to increase your click-through rate– this might likewise improve the sales conversion rate because your copy helps the reader make a buying choice.

  4. Update the items you promote, ensuring there are no damaged links and the products remain in stock– this will ensure you get the best sales conversion rate.

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How to Increase Your Amazon affiliate revenues

If you track everything in Google Analytics well and do the work to enhance them, your earnings might look more like this:

1,000,000 * (75 * 5% * 10% * 6%) = $22,500

Don’t forget that some affiliate programs like Amazon pay commission on all items offered within 24 hours of somebody clicking your affiliate link, not simply the products you promote.

This means that your revenue could be much higher with 1 million quality visitors and excellent copywriting on your site.

How to Calculate E-commerce Site Revenue

Let’s take a look at another e-commerce example, this time, with some items in mind.

In this example, let’s imagine you wish to sell smartwatches, ranging around $150 each.

Let’s also picture you’ve been running business for 2 years and have actually enhanced your online marketing technique and conversion rate.

Here’s what your formula might appear like:

1,000,000 traffic * (150 avg. product price * 80% landing page ratio * 3% conversion rate) = 3,600,000

So, in this scenario, 1,000,000 visitors will create $3,600,000. Just remember that this is highly theoretical and I’m grabbing these figures out of thin air.

You will want to take other things into factor to consider, like refunds, increasing your average order value, or where your traffic is originating from.

How to Calculate Revenue for a Website Displaying Ads

Do you want to start a content site monetized with screen ads and wish to know how much income you can make with 1 million month-to-month visitors?

As I’ve already discussed, these formulas are simply a guide. You can use them to get a rough idea of just how much money you can make with a site.

Here’s the formula for an advertisement revenue-generated website:

Monthly traffic/ 1000 * RPM = Revenue

In this example, all you require is the RPM. This means Revenue Per Mille, which implies 1 thousand impressions.

A reasonable RPM would be around $15 per 1000 impressions, however this also depends upon the niche your website remains in.

Some niches like insurance coverage and property will have a higher RPM, closer to $100 or more.

The trouble with determining earnings per visitor is that 1 visitor may see more than 1 advertisement impression. However, 20% of your traffic might use ad blockers, which will skew the overall results.

For the sake of this example, let’s imagine that each special visitor usually accounts for 1 advertisement impression.

Here’s what your numbers would look like:

1,000,000/ 1000 * 15 = $15,000

So, an RPM of $15 would create $15,000 each month with that much traffic. If your site was in the insurance coverage niche and you had an RPM of $100, your revenue would be closer to $100,000 monthly.

Specific Niche Site Income Case Study

To give you an idea of how much a site can make from ad earnings and affiliate marking integrated, let’s take a look at a real-life case research study from Niche Site Project 4.

In the report, we can see that his advertisement revenue for the month of April 2021 was $2,911.78:

just how much revenue does a website with 1 million visitors a month make 1

He also made$2,298.50 in affiliate profits promoting items on Amazon:

just how much revenue does a website with 1 million visitors a month make 2

And his overall traffic for the month of these revenues was 172,123 pageviews: This brings an overall profits of $5,210.28 from 132,614 visitors. That suggests this site made 0.0392891 cents per visitor in April 2021.

Now, utilizing these numbers, we can work out just how much profits Spencer’s niche site would have made with 1 million visitors.

0.0392891 * 1,000,000 = $39,289.10

It’s most likely these numbers would change when the traffic reaches these type of numbers, however it doesn’t stop us from thinking.

Let’s go one step even more and determine the number of posts this site would require to create 1 million visitors monthly.

In Spencer’s earnings report, he points out the site had a little over 600 short articles. That provides us an average of 221 visitors per article, which relates to 4,524 short articles required to reach 1,000,000 visitors.

This Website Receives 1.3 Million Visitors and $80,000+ Per Month

Here’s one last example of an actual site getting over 1 million visitors per month.

We can compare it to Spencer’s example to see if the numbers are close.

Jon Dykstra of FatStacksBlog.com is a popular blog writer who I mentioned in a previous post.

He shares income reports of his digital publishing portfolio, where his main website receives over 1 million visitors monthly. In his August 2021 upgrade, his revenue hit $80,530. Here are his general stats for that site: Revenue=$ 80,530 Visitors=1,382,142 Income per visitor

  • =0.0582646 cents No. of Articles=
  • 6,780 Typical gos to per short article=204 On average, Jon is getting somewhat less
  • traffic per post than Spencer
  • ‘s site, but making more per visitor. That indicates

    Spencer’s old specific niche site has the potential to get near these numbers by adding an extra 5,654 posts. Once again, it’s not an exact science as these sites are counting on natural traffic from Google, so real results might differ. However, these two examples

    are fairly close in numbers. Conclusion There you have it. I hope this has actually helped you discover just how much earnings a website with 1 million visitors per month can make. As I discussed throughout the article, calculating your profits based on these variables can give you

    an approximation, but in real-world results, nothing beats the actual numbers in your business. With that stated, find out how to start a blog now and work your way as much as 1 million monthly visitors.