How Often Should I Post On My Blog? What's The Best Blog Posting Frequency?Niche Affiliate Marketing Profits 

How Often Should I Post On My Blog? What’s The Best Blog Posting Frequency?

How typically should I publish on my blog? It

‘s a concern all bloggers have asked at some point and a great one to consider. And while there’s no single right answer, there are some good standards that we can follow. We asked the concern to the Niche Pursuits community and got a lot of good answers. I’ll share the reactions listed below before offering you
how often should i post on my blog

the final definitive answer to the question! How Often Should I Blog? Here’s the question we asked the Niche Pursuits Facebook Group. How typically should you ideally post on your blog? Does it depend on the

niche and/or the stage your website is

at? Specific niche Pursuit’s objective is to publish between 3 brand-new posts weekly and Own The Yard is getting ready to release 20 posts monthly

. What is the publishing rate on your specific niche sites? As

you ‘d anticipate, we received a series of actions to each of the questions. Here’s a lot of them! Dan said: I basically do as much as possible,

provided budget/research and time restrictions for each of my websites. Dan’s publishing frequency viewpoint is to get as much content as possible live within a specific time and monetary budget.

I think this is as excellent a summary as you can get really!

Roman mentioned:

It does not matter. You require to publish as quickly as you have material to publish. That’s it.

My own ideas run along these lines. Nevertheless, I think it’s good to set goals and hold yourself responsible as well, particularly if you’ve got a new blog site attempting to get traction.

Chelle provided her ideas:

I believe 1 post per category weekly makes sense for those who are at the expert level. For novices, I say release as much as you can as quickly as you can.

For everyone in between, once a week is plenty. If your sites are developed you can disregard them for months, even years.

Which I concur with for the a lot of part, but I don’t advise ignoring websites for years or months, even if you can!

For beginners who are blogging as a side hustle and do not have a lot of time, one post per week is an excellent first objective to set, while releasing 2 or 3 as you can.

This really starts to accumulate– you’ll have at least 52 good posts after a year, a quantity which can actually start to bring in a little bit of traffic.

It’s all going to depend on:

  • your goals
  • your top priorities
  • and the time or cash you have available

Here are some other concepts, techniques, or philosophies on how typically you ought to publish on your blog.

Drip Feeding Blog Posts

In reaction to our post, Syed mentioned the drip-feeding method of article.

For sites earlier in the journey, it depends on the budget.

Websites driving income typically have the spending plan however it depends upon the focus of the owner on that site.

I’ll publish all the posts ready, and never leak feed, but it’s much better to set a monthly calendar, and objective for an individual turning point, and staying with your spending plan while looking at the progress.

Good advice from Syed.

Some people believe that drip-feeding blog posts that are ready for publication is the method to go. That is, holding back short articles that are ready for publication in order to maintain a schedule, instead of simply releasing everything as soon as it’s prepared.

No doubt it’s an excellent way to do it for some websites, but not all.

The benefit of publishing content as quickly as it’s prepared is that it will have the chance to rank sooner.

For the majority of niche sites, affiliate marketing sites, and individual blogs, it’s not a terrific concept to keep content– release it as quickly as it’s ready.

Here are some reasons you may wish to leak feed material:

  • Your audience expects content on a schedule– for instance, you post Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • You have a readership that takes in all your content as it is released– you don’t want to overwhelm them
  • You can’t finish the after-publication work as quick as you can release– promoting, link-building, etc

Drip-feeding material that is ready to release doesn’t make a great deal of sense if most of your traffic is coming from search.

Search engines don’t care if you publish 10 short articles per day (and may even reward it), and neither do individuals just searching for an answer to their questions.

High Frequency Blog Posting

In response to the concern ‘how often are you publishing content,’ Russel shared that he is publishing a lots of words monthly.

He stated:

100,000 words each month. Publish as soon as the post is all set.

And this is all for one site, but I think of that he has more than a little bit of aid writing, editing, formatting, finishing, and publishing this amount of content. As you’ll see in the next example, it’s not an entirely difficult amount of content.

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We just recently shared a case study from Niche Website Builders. They demonstrated how they aggressively published material on a niche site to fantastic result. The case research study had to do with developing out a website on an ended domain.

Here’s what the material publishing frequency resembled:

  • The website was introduced in December 2020 with 150,000 words
  • In February 2021 they added an additional 150,000 words
  • In May 2021 another 100,000 words went live (FAQ style)
  • Then there were another 100,000 words published in June

If we take February with 150K words as an example, how many articles did they release?

If there were 50 x 1000 word posts, 25 x 2000 word articles, and 16 x 3000 word articles, that’s 91 articles in a month, or about 3 short articles per day, every day of the month. When you put it like that, it doesn’t seem like rather as much, does it?

Ssali shared in the FB thread that he too posts “3 posts per day.”

how often should i post on my blog

With the help of powerful ended domains and a high blog publishing frequency, this website rapidly jumped up to over 100,000 page views each month. A high publishing frequency is also often described as’ the Jon Dykstra method ‘due to the fact that Jon of Fat Stacks blog site has the approach of simply releasing as much content as humanly possible.

His response to the concern of whether to drip-feed or release is “Publish all content right away.”

A Moderate Posting Frequency

Alessandro shared how often he was posting on his blog.

I’m releasing 32 posts a month all by myself.

So that’s around 1 short article per day every day, and it sounds like he’s writing them all himself as well, though we do not understand if he’s full-time blogging or not.

I have become aware of other individuals with full-time jobs setting the objective of releasing a short article every day. Instead of enjoying Netflix in the evening, they compose a blog post– it’s possible however it takes discipline!

Specific niche Website Builders shared another case study connecting to a new keyword research study strategy they described ‘Tomb Raiding SEO Keyword Research.’

The example website because post had a more moderate rate of publishing:

  • The website went deal with 9 pieces of content in Nov 2020 with roughly 13,500 words
  • Included content slowly for the first couple of months and then increased the rate
  • In March 2021 they rerouted another site and moved 25 posts over
  • By August 2021 the website has 200 posts with an average length of 1500 words

how often should you blog

As shared, this site grew to around 5,300 page views a day over the last 2 weeks of June before getting a little knockback from the July 2021 core update on the 1st of July. The page views decreased to around 3,600 daily however have been slowly returning ever since and were sitting at around 4,800 in early August.

This site had a publishing frequency of about 5 posts each week from Nov– Aug. It was assisted a lot by using ended domains (which carries some risk also), but it’s doing very well with this more moderate publishing rate.

Radio Frequency Posting

A low rate of publishing would be 1 post weekly or anything less.

Zbyněk shared in the Facebook group:

Im glad when I strike ONE 1000-3000 words article each month.

To which I say: one post monthly is absolutely better than none per month!

When I started my first affiliate site in the crafting niche, I was fortunate to get 1 post released weekly for the very first year.

I was constantly figured out to write and publish a short article as often as I could. Luckily it settled and within one year that site was making $2000 each month, and I don’t believe the website would have even had 50 posts by that phase. The profits then permitted me to slow down on my day job and increase the posting frequency.

I’ve considering that sold that website but the present specific niche site that I’m concentrating on gets 3– 5 new posts each week, with the majority of the writing being outsourced to content companies.

This exercises to about as lots of as Toan shared he posts in the FB group, “12-15 a month,” which is a lower publishing frequency.

How Often Should You Blog?

How many article should you publish each week?

I think Nick summed it up well and gave the definitive answer:

The more the better.

Nevertheless, if you can’t yet handle to outsource your writing, and you don’t have a great deal of time, I think going for a minimum of 1 post per week is good. Anyone and everybody should have the ability to discover 3– 5 spare hours per week to compose and release a brand-new article.

The overall variety of posts will build up gradually. Don’t concentrate on how slowly the website might seem to be growing, and remember you’re developing an asset.

There are other aspects of running a niche site that likewise require attention, such as link-building, social networks, and admin jobs, but content should always be the concern, a minimum of, in the beginning.

And a last word from the only comment I haven’t shared yet, Brett stated:

I’m uncertain it matters for blogs however it’s VERY essential for YouTube.

For YouTube, 3 videos a week is too much (you could stress out like TingTing ASMR), once every 3 weeks seems good (I nearly always view them if I’m a customer).

That’s for those of you questioning how often you must be publishing videos on YouTube!

If you want to check out these remarks and see the responses on Facebook for yourself, you can view the thread here (after joining the group). Let us know your thoughts on how often should you post on your blog.

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