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How to Add a Website To Your TikTok to Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Do you need to know how to include a website to

your TikTok? If so, you’re in the ideal

  • place … but the answer isn’t as easy as you might believe.
  • If you desire a clickable link,
  • you’ll have to work for it. Don’t let that scare you away! In
  • this post, we’re covering: The many methods you can include a website to your TikTok profile. Alternatives if

you can’t include a clickable link. How to make the

most of your TikTok traffic. How to maximize your link area to get more traffic, leads, and sales. How to Add A Website to Your TikTok

Profile To add a site to your TikTok profile, click”Edit Profile”. Next, tap” Bio “and type or paste your link in your bio section. If you desire a clickable hyperlink, you need an organization account with 1,000 + followers. As soon as you

reach 1,000 + fans with a business account, a brand-new option will appear in your profile settings labeled”Website”. TikTok has made lots of modifications relating to clickable profile links. Speaking from individual experience from having numerous TikTok accounts, personal profiles had the ability to include a link prior to mid/late 2020. If you made a business profile prior to mid-2021, opportunities are you have the choice to include a link, regardless of fan count.

As of late 2021 or early 2022, TikTok launched an update that no longer allows company accounts to include a link till they’ve reached 1,000 fans.

It seems quite clear that TikTok is doing whatever they can to keep users on the app for as long as possible.

They’re doing this by increasing video length from 3 to 10 minutes, incentivizing creators to go Live as typically as possible, and making it harder to add external links.

From a service perspective, this makes good sense. The longer people remain on the app, the more income they make from advertisers.

Nevertheless, it’s not excellent for your own company if you have less than 1,000 fans on your TikTok profile.

What’s weird is TikTok has actually not launched any official short articles, assistance pieces, or main paperwork concerning external links or their restrictions on them.

There are other methods to drive traffic from your TikTok profile and we’re going over all of your alternatives here.

Who Can Have a Clickable Link on TikTok?

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Business accounts with 1,000 fans or more have the ability to include a clickable external link in the “Website “section of their profile. 1,000 fans utilized to be the”magic number”to being able to go Live on TikTok, now it’s even more” magic”because you can’t include a clickable link until you get there. So if you want to include a clickable link to your TikTok account

, first you require to grow to 1,000 followers or more. Can You Add a Website
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To Your TikTok Profile Without 1,000 Followers? Technically, yes, you can add a site link to your TikTok profile without

1,000 fans. Nevertheless, this link will not be clickable. You can copy and paste or type your website or affiliate links into the bio

of your TikTok profile. If you decide to use this method, utilize a link shortener like Bitly to make your link as simple to check out as possible. This is because users can’t copy your bio, they will

have to see your link and type it out themselves if they want to visit your site bad enough. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of the affiliate program if you’re using an affiliate link. Some affiliate programs(like Amazon Associates) do not enable their affiliates to utilize link shorteners.

There are other choices if this sounds overwhelming to you. While nothing is as good as a hyperlink right on your profile, there is an option.

Premium Link Service Ads 1

Can’t Add a Clickable Link to Your TikTok Profile? Do This Instead TikTok might not enable you to add a link without 1,000 fans … however you understand who does? Instagram. And

you know what else? TikTok enables you to flawlessly link your Instagram right to your TikTok profile.

Here’s how to do it. First, you’ll require to develop an Instagram account and include your website link

to your IG

bio. Then, from your TikTok profile, click”Edit Profile “. Scroll down to “Social “and

click the link to add your Instagram account to your profile.

An Instagram login page will appear so you can enter your credentials and link your accounts

. When you connect your Instagram profile to your TikTok, users will be able to click the Instagram video camera icon on your profile to go right to your Instagram account. Include a call to action in your TikTok bio to encourage profile visitors to go to your Instagram and visit your link.

If you wish to optimize your click-throughs, incentivize your profile viewers with a giveaway. Your

bio could say something like:”Visit my IG to grab your get guide complimentary building a niche website

!” Tools to Maximize Your Link Space Once you reach the”magic number”of 1,000 followers and can include a link to your TikTok bio, you just have space for one link. If you’re like many individuals, you have multiple links you want to drive and share traffic to. Here are some of the

finest tools to maximize your TikTok link space. You can use these tools on Instagram, too, so you do not even have to wait up until you hit that 1,000 fan number to provide a try. Beacons– Beacons is an effective and visually pleasing tool to position multiple links in your TikTok bio.

You can add videos, music, and your top TikTok posts, too. Shorby– With Shorby you can include multiple links, videos, and posts, and you

material creator, you can get more website visitors, social media customers, leads, and more. If you’re simply getting started on TikTok, it might be stunning to discover out that you need 1,000 fans to be able to have a clickable link.

However, as you know now, there are other methods to catch your TikTok traffic.

TikTok users are used to connecting with their favorite developers on other apps, like Instagram.

I might even state that having to direct your audiences to your Instagram profile is in fact really beneficial. This provides you the capability to grow multiple social profiles simply from publishing TikTok videos.

Simply keep in mind that just asking individuals to go to your Instagram to find your links isn’t the most effective way to do it. Brainstorm a lead magnet that your audiences would desire and benefit from and use it as a reward to motivate them to click over to the Instagram platform.

If you need to know how to acquire thousands of fans on TikTok overnight, check out our guide: How to Make a Viral Video on TikTok.

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