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How to end up being a freelance author step-by-step

If you have a love for putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys as the case so typically is nowadays, a career as a freelance author could be for you.

Before starting You do not require formal training, to take a course or read a book to become a freelance writer. All you require is a firm grasp of language, spelling, and grammar. This does not always suggest the English language. You can become a freelance author in almost any language understood to guy. However, your spelling and grammar should be extremely accurate in whichever language you select.

You need to likewise have the desire to be a storyteller and to share details, as that is what an author sets out to do. You don’t need to want or be a novelist to produce excellent works of fiction, however at its core, any writing is the ability to tell a story well.

What is a freelance author?

So what is a freelance author? Well, anywhere you see composed words, they might’ve been composed by a freelance writer. Freelance simply implies you do not work in-house for any one company. Nowadays being an author does not equivalent getting released in magazines or attempting to be the next George R Martin.

In truth, even the words used to explain items on an online website could have been particularly crafted by a freelance writer. Here are some example of content you can develop as a freelancer:

  • Content marketing
  • Item captions
  • Social media captions
  • Blogs
  • Articles/features
  • SEO
  • Long-form sales copy
  • EDMs (e-mail)
  • Sales funnel/drip projects
  • Property listings
  • Web copy/landing page copy
  • Ad copy
  • Case studies/white papers
  • Interviews
  • Ghostwriting
  • B2B
  • Tech
  • Novels
  • Magazines
  • Editing
  • Press launches
  • Ads

Six actions to become a freelance writer

Select a specific niche

This can be a niche material type or a niche topic. Or both. As we have discussed sometimes before, picking a niche is very essential. Casting a broad web will probably not garner more work. In fact, those who claim to be an expert in numerous fields frequently come across disingenuous.

This isn’t to say you can’t have a couple of areas of knowledge or a couple of styles of composing that you surpass at. Different types of composing require different ability sets. For example, composing captivating and persuading long-form sales copy is extremely different to crafting the 25 characters of Facebook text and a video ad heading to get a client to click through. And though comparable strategies might be used, composing email marketing projects for a beauty item is greatly various to those for B2B tech companies.

Create a blog or site

Unless you have an in-depth writing career that spans years, you need to be visible online. No matter how you feel about different socials media or search engines and the method they gather information if you wish to make money as a freelance writer, people require to be able to find you. Without mistakenly coming across your service card, they will be looking for you on the web.

A blog site or site is the best method to do this and nowadays these are extremely easy to establish, even without much technical understanding.

Keep the URL as simple as possible, as this will help you appear on the very first SERP (search engine results page). If you are trading as your own name, merely ‘’ would be best, if offered.

On your site, you can sell your services and abilities. This doesn’t always suggest listing your rates, though you are welcome to if you have actually these set. Describe your enthusiasm for your specific niche and provide straightforward contact info.

You can likewise use your site to showcase your previous work.

Develop a portfolio or composing samples

Every author needs to be able to show to brand-new customers their design. Your composing design won’t match everyone which’s an advantage, because it implies you can do your finest work for those who it does. Having a portfolio or examples of your writing readily available for potential clients to browse will rapidly weed out those who you are not a great prospect for. This conserves time for everybody.

Developing a portfolio also indicates you don’t need to waste time trying to collate your previous work when somebody requests examples in a particular location. It’s all on hand and presented in a hassle-free method. Prospective clients prefer a prompt and expert reaction.

That’s fine if you are a newbie in the field and do not have anything released to show your work. You can still create composing samples. These are examples of your work that emphasize your niches, skill level and composing style. It is very important to state these are writing samples and not fabricate work for genuine brand names without their approval to do so.

If you do develop writing samples for a brand (without publishing them) you could reach out to the company and pitch your content or concepts.

Start pitching

As soon as you become a freelance author the pitching never stops. This is where you reach out to clients to show your interest in their available positions or show how you believe your work could benefit them.

If you are pitching cold, i.e. you have never ever worked with this company previously, it is essential that the core message of your pitch is what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. Program them you comprehend their service or their audience. Remember it might not be well gotten if you merely highlight to an organization all the important things you believe they are doing wrong. Lead with positivity.

You can likewise position yourself on task boards, explaining your enthusiasms and capability as a kind of broad pitching.

Job boards

Task boards are a great location to be noticeable to potential brand-new clients. They serve as a virtual recruitment agency, bringing together freelancers looking for work and companies seeking freelancers.

It’s important to source professional job boards. Those that are popular might seem like the market is saturated, there is still a chance for everyone to prosper. There are job boards out there that are less than expert and can exploit your information in different ways without in fact offering any genuine work in return.

Another area to be careful of is ‘content mills.’ Material mills are websites that seem giving work chances however their objective is to pump out high volumes of content at a minimal expense. This is not only disenfranchising to writers however it weakens the market. Churning out masses of low-quality composing at below sensible incomes sets bad expectations for customers and pollutes the online sphere with unneeded white noise.

Always make every effort to produce premium, important writing and research study market requirements for rates.


Pleased clients are your best advocates. When you deal with somebody who enjoys what you’ve produced, do not hesitate to request for a testimonial. Positioning testimonials on your website (ideally a couple of on the home page) and even on ideal social networks channels reveals potential clients that it’s not simply you who believes you’re a fantastic author, others do too.

Individuals are far more most likely to be swayed by the opinions of others, especially ones they know but likewise those they don’t. Utilize this to your benefit and let your reviews become word-of-mouth marketing for you.

Recommended online platforms for freelance authors

There are many helpful platforms to be familiar with as a freelance writer. Some are simply sources of information and can keep you notified of occurrences in the industry. Others are areas you can source work or gain an understanding of what people are searching for in your industry.

  • BloggingPro— Blogging software news and suggestions how to blog as an expert that likewise has a job board updated routinely
  • The Writer Finder— SEO-focused material marketing firm constantly trying to find writers in any specific niche
  • Earn a living composing— Practical help for freelance writers
  • Imaginative Revolt— Offers tutorials, post and totally free courses on content writing
  • Inkwell Editorial— Hub of composing suggestions
  • FreelancerFAQs— Excellent blog sites about the industry and how to be successful
  • Be a Freelance Blogger— eBooks, blog sites and other market resources in addition to a downloadable list of publications that spend for written contributions
  • The Write Life— Practical suggestions about freelancing and publishing from a variety of successful freelancers
  • Material Marketing Institute— Large firms that are trying to find freelance writers
  • Freelance Writers Den— Community that hosts writing courses, occasions and resources along with conversation forums
  • Problogger— Over 8,000 posts with blogging recommendations, tips, thorough tutorials and a job board
  • Textbroker- Job board with 10,000 content demands each month
  • Freelance Writing — Job board, composing resources, and writing competitors to help boost experience
  • Who Pays Writers?— Current rates publications are spending for content to help understand market requirements
  • Social media– There are many methods to source work on social networks. We don’t simply suggest publishing to your individual profiles, though if you have an excellent network this can work. Set up expert profiles and make use of the platforms where your perfect customers might be. If you want to be an Instagram caption writer, produce a professional Instagram profile showcasing your skills.

Some other platforms, including these, are great locations to start. Watch out for low rates and be sure to value yourself, your time and your work properly.

Suggested tools for freelance writers

Final ideas to end up being a freelance writer

Set goals

Writing can frequently be a space where it’s challenging to discover concrete objectives. Nevertheless, both lofty and small scale objectives are important to assist carve out the composing path you wish to take. If you wish to one day write for Vogue, you must work back from that objective to develop how you can arrive.

For others, it might indicate writing one individual article a week to keep regularly producing. Or to discover ongoing, paying customers. Whatever it is, it’s essential to set those out on paper and give yourself a timeline too. This changes simple ambitions into actual goals.

Have a routine

When you’re brand-new to freelancing, it can be challenging to enter into a routine. This is very important to establish, as it can be easy to enable all your ‘downtime’ to sidetrack you from deadlines. You do not require for your regular to be a basic 9-5 schedule if that doesn’t work for you. Having stated this, knowing what you require to accomplish and when will minimize tension from your procedure.

It’s smart to make use of one of the numerous readily available task management tools here to set out your work in front of you and location tasks into their calendar functions to keep yourself responsible. Some helpful totally free tools for novices consist of:

  • Trello
  • Asana
  • ClickUp

Work out what you’re ready to be paid

This is something all new freelance authors come to grips with. There are a lot of ways to be paid: per job, per word, per overall word count, per hour, per material style. What’s essential is to find a rate you are comfy with quoting to customers and sticking to.

Finding the ‘sweet area’ can be difficult but if you cost yourself too low, you’ll work yourself into burnout very rapidly. If you cost yourself too high, you may find you don’t win as numerous projects as you need to.

Do some research study into industry requirements and for others in your location of understanding. Know that rates of pay vary greatly from nation to nation and through level of experience too.

Track your time

As a writer it’s extremely easy to lose track of time. Finding a time tracking app can be a very useful method to highlight ways to be more effective. If you estimate 2 hours to a customer to write 2000 words but consistently feel as though you’re running out of time … possibly it takes you far longer than 2 hours.

Time tracking is available on lots of project management tools. If it isn’t developed into a program you’re using, you can utilize an additional service like Clockify or Harvest. Pitch constantly

When your plate is complete, it’s simple to fall off track and stop pitching your concepts. You’re already extremely busy. But unless all your time is complete with ongoing regular monthly contracts, the existing tasks you’re dealing with will complete and you’ll be left rushing.

Instead, set time aside in your calendar to pitch ideas or proactively look for more projects with prospective new clients. This simple action will stop you from seeming like you’re on a work roller coaster all the time.

Do your research

It’s fantastic that you’re a great author. Storytelling is a vital ability, however for lots of types of freelance authors this requires to be backed up by thorough research study.

Research your clients thoroughly, understand their voice and tone (they need to be able to provide this to you too). You should then do thorough research study on the topic you’ll be discussing. Constantly connect to the source if you’re stating a reality. And reality examine your sources against other research. In a world of misinformation don’t contribute to the noise. This will develop you as a fantastic author with your clients.

Constantly continue honing your writing craft

It doesn’t matter how excellent you think you are, there is always room for enhancement. Even Shakespeare could have taken some tips. Continue to discover new abilities outside of your client work. There are plenty of courses and books you can indulge in but among the very best methods to establish is to read the work of others.

Look for those in your exact same field who are achieving what you wish to accomplish, whether that’s dream customers, publications or those who have the composing design you aspire to. Consume as much of their work as you can and you will quickly begin to comprehend their qualities.


If you have a passion for words, freelance writing is an excellent career. There are so many opportunities and alternatives available to you, to discover success in this industry.

Starting as a freelancer can be hard, as there is so much liberty and some may discover it frustrating. But given the right tools and some dedication, freelance writing is gratifying and really versatile work.

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