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How To Boost Your Performance with In-Page Push on TrafficStars

If you are concerned about the Google Chrome updates and the future of Push, don’t be– as there is a version of it, which will not be affected, and that shows even much better outcomes than the Classic Push: In-Page Push.

If you require a push on your performance, then this is a must check format.

As engaging and captivating as the Classic Push Ads, In-Page Push is a banner type ad that resembles a message while the visitor is browsing the Publisher’s website.

What makes it even more enticing is that TrafficStars developed a distinct style that drives greater user interest and engagement for a few of the leading verticals.

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What is the Difference Between In-Page Push and Classic Push?

In-Page Push is extremely appealing, simply as Classic Push, however it is not an invasive advertisement format, and you do not require a user to subscribe in order to get your advertisement.

It does not depend on the web browser, and you can reach your audiences on any gadget and all Operating Systems, including iOS.

Benefits of In-Page Push

  • Custom-made design— We produced brand-new special designs for leading verticals such as Dating, Webcams, Gambling, VPN & & Antivirus, which increased user engagement and interaction.
  • Greater CTR and CR— The brand-new interactive designs provide more legit clicks to your offer.
  • Engaging— Just like the Classic Push, In-Page Push resembles a message, which enables you to much better interact to website visitors.
  • No requirement for a pre-collected user base— Unlike Classic Push pre-collected database is unneeded, and users do not need to subscribe to get the notification.
  • Functions on all web browsers and platforms— It works on all internet browsers and platforms, including iOS.

Leading GEOs

The greatest conversion rate is presently in the United States, DE, GB, FR, BE. TrafficStars has substantial volumes from JP, IN, ID.

Leading Verticals

After substantial testing, we’ve decided to create distinct designs for the top verticals that transform finest on In-Page Push– Dating, Webcams, Gambling, VPN & & Antivirus, which improved the efficiency even more.

In this case study, we will show you more details on among our test projects. With among our top partners, we tested a VPN deal. The GEO we chose to evaluate for the case research study was the United States.

By the method, TrafficStars uses a bonus on the first deposit for new accounts!

  • Deposit approximately $500, get $50 additional.
  • Deposit over $500, get 10% extra!

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Case Study Data

Offer— VPN


Project period— 01.06.2021– 15.06.2021

eCPM— $0.045

eCPA— $2.12

Invest— $359

Revenues— $620

Income— $261

ROI— 73%

Campaign Set Up


We began the test with a wide targeting, choosing only the country we wanted to target, the United States, and language, English. To pick just In-Page Push, we chose it under the Push format choice in the Settings tab.

how to boost your performance with in page push on trafficstars

Initially, we tested all devices, OSs, and browsers in order to

how to boost your performance with in page push on trafficstars 1

collect enough information.

Then, we examined the stats, and we were able to get even much better outcomes after we optimized the project by gadget and area. Audience Was set up a RON project for the initial test, targeting all sites and ad spots, which was more enhanced according to the best-converting ad areas. Pricing We chose to run a project on a CPM advertising model, and a Dynamic CPM of$0.05. After a week, we

how to boost your performance with in page push on trafficstars 2

enhanced the cost for each ad area according

to the results. We increased the bids of the best performing areas and those that were not receiving enough traffic and decreased the bids of the ad areas with higher eCPA and lower CTR. We set up a daily budget of$50 and picked EVEN distribution to make sure that the campaign would receive traffic during the entire day. Creatives We utilized clear images with strong CTA.

We A/B tested various types of titles, headings, and creatives. It is necessary to utilize images relevant to the deal, so when the user clicks the ad to arrive at a landing page, he finds what he is anticipating to see. An essential part is to alter the creatives every 3-4 days so they don’t burn out. Evaluate brand-new images comparable to the best-performing ones and keep a”bank “of winning creatives.

how to boost your performance with in page push on trafficstars 3

Some of the very best performing titles for VPN deals

are the ones that create a sense of panic, get the attention and set off an action. Always add and use the regional language emojis and macros for greater engagement. We utilized a clear and short description of the deal for the headlines, which describes the advantages. Optimization Area Optimization After evaluating the above recommendations for a week, we started enhancing the campaign. We analyzed all the gathered data and recognized the best-performing spots, gadgets, and specific targeting.

We have full transparency of the sources we have readily available. We can easily enhance directly from the Stats on the platform if we have actually carried out S2S tracking, which allows us to see leads and eCPA in the stats on the platform. After examining the data, we either reduced the quote or stopped briefly the non-converting spots, which had low CTR and lots of impressions. We increased the quotes for the ad spots, which didn’t get much traffic, so that we could check their possible too. For the best-performing advertisement spots, we changed the bids according to the resultshow to boost your performance with in page push on trafficstars 4

. Targeting Optimization From the stats, it wаs clear that mobile and tablet gadgets transform better and most of the traffic on In-Page Push is mobile, so we continued targeting only mobile and tablet:

After the optimization, we handled to reach 73% ROI and a pure earnings of $261. We gathered adequate information throughout the test, and we’ve listed the best carrying out mixes and optimization ideas, which you can see listed below.



  • Use clear, uncluttered image
  • Attractive/ Bold Image (capture attention)
  • Image relevant to the offer
  • If using people– utilize pictures of genuine people
  • To avoid ads burnout, alter the creatives every 3-4 days
  • Upload brand-new creatives
  • Keep a “bank” of winning creatives


  • Introduce your offer → Short & & concise No more
  • than 20 characters
  • Vibrant to get users’ attention
  • Acts as a CTA (Download/ View/ Buy/ Click)
  • Use, and test Emojis (if relevant)
  • Capitalization (suggested)
  • Use “power words”
  • Use macros


  • Explain the offer/benefits
  • Contact us to action
  • Use “power words”
  • Maximum 25 characters advised
  • Use emojis to convey urgency/offers/relevant info (optimum of 2 recommended)
  • Create a sense of urgency (time-sensitive offers, tech problems, and so on)
  • Use macros


  • A/B test!
  • Test different Texts
  • Test various images (more bold/ various angles/ contrasts/ more stunning)
  • Test different emojis, which represent the offer
  • Test different mixes
  • Usage creatives that are similar to the “winning” creatives with minor variations (flipping/ various borders/ similar images)
  • Collect enough data with RON campaigns
  • Constantly optimize through ad areas– blacklist ad spots that didn’t transform
  • Optimize your quotes per area throughout the whole period of running your projects
  • Develop prime projects for finest converting areas at a higher bid & & winning creatives
  • Keep a RON campaign on the minimum quote and suitable daily budget plan, so you don’t miss out on brand-new areas
  • Examine per hour stats & & introduce time scheduling for best-converting ad spots to reach users in real-time/ finest time (e.g., in the United States = United States schedule)
  • Use Frequency capping– Don’t overload users with the very same creative
  • RON– set Frequency topping 1 and utilize numerous creatives (at least 4-5)
  • Prime– use best-converting creatives and FC 1 or 2 if you have more than 5 creatives or 2 or 3 if you have less than 5 creatives

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