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How to Earn through Affiliate Marketing? Without Investment, Earn in Thousands


Do you know, if you put affiliate links in your blog OR if you send these links via Whatsapp & Facebook, you can earn thousands Rupees? How!!!

A Live Classroom Session on ‘How to create Affiliate Account & How to become an Amazon Affiliate’ happened on 9th Feb 2020 at Buddhas Learning Institute New Delhi. It was conducted by SEO Strategist Sumit Sharma. Since it was a practical Session, participants asked their Queries & Doubts about How to create Affiliate Account & How to become an Amazon Affiliate? What to search? What is ASIN Number & What is ISBN Number? and many more..

Please go through this video till the end. Since its a LIVE Classroom Session, you will feel engaged as if you are also in the Class & if you have any questions, these will be solved within the Video. Still if your queries/doubts are there, please ask in the comment section below.

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