How To Embed A Youtube Video In WordPress: Do It Manually Or With A Plugin?

Embedding YouTube videos to your WordPress website is a fantastic method to add worth to your material. It can likewise increase your visitors ‘time on site, lower bounce rate, and offer a well-rounded satisfying experience. There’s some proof that Google looks of it positively also–

and why wouldn’t they? It puts their platform in front of your readers. However how do you embed a YouTube

video in WordPress? It’s very basic, and there are some great plugins to help

you do it. How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress Manually It’s easy to embed a YouTube video in WordPress and it does not matter what WordPress theme you’re using. If you’re using the Gutenberg block editor, it’s as easy as pasting the URL of the YouTube video you wish to embed. This is thanks to the Gutenberg Embed blocks. Now you can embed lots of things into a WordPress website, not simply YouTube videos. You can embed: Ted videos Vimeo videos SoundCloud tracks and even Tweets from Twitter Here’s how to embed a YouTube video in a WordPress post

  • or page. Go to the video you want
  • to copy the video and publish
  • URL. You can do this in 2 ways

. 1. You can either copy it from the URL bar in your web browser:
Youtube url bar

2. Or by clicking the share button under the YouTube video:

share youtube button

share youtube popup

When you click it, you’ll see a popup with the URL where you can copy it:

If you want the YouTube video to start at a specific time on your page, click on the’Start at’box and input the time you desire the video to begin. This will change the URL slightly: Now, head over to your WordPress site and modify the article or page you

desire the video to be in. DevelopYoutube video in gutenberg

a new line and paste the link: You’ll see WordPress do its magic and automatically turn the URL into the video, even in the backend of WordPress. Update your post and take a look at the outcome: This is most likely the most convenient method to include videos from YouTube to your WordPress posts, however what if you’re utilizing the timeless WordPress editor?

Let’s take a more detailed look.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress in the Classic Editor If you prefer utilizing

the traditional editor and you have a plugin active that disables Gutenberg, then here’s how you can embed YouTube a video.

The procedure is like using the block editor.

A lot of times, you can just paste the URL into the visual editor and it will develop into the video immediately.

This may not work every time.

If you’ve attempted this and the video doesn’t show up, then you might need to utilize the YouTube embed code.

Click the Share button below the YouTube video as you did before. Then, in the popup, click Embed:

Embed youtube iframe

You’ll see an iframe code that you’ll require to copy into WordPress: You can change the Start time as in the past and you also have 2 other options, Show gamer controls and Enable privacy-enhanced mode.

Choose the choices you desire prior to copying the code.

Head over to your WordPress blog site. On the timeless editor, click the Text tab:

click text tab in editor mode

Enter a brand-new line and paste the code: Now click back over to the Visual tab where you’ll

see the embedded YouTube video. If you wish to embed a YouTube video in your footer or sidebar widgets, here’s what you do. It’s practically the same procedure as
add youtube video to widget

utilizing the WordPress block editor. Due to the fact that of the upgraded widgets area that uses Gutenberg functions, that’s. Choose the widget area you want to embed a video and click the plus icon: Then browse youtube in the search box: Click the YouTube block

paste url in youtube block

, paste the YouTube video URL into the field, and click Embed: The video will display and you’re done. Click

Update and go look at the front end of your site to see what it appears like. 5 WordPress Plugins For Embedding YouTube Videos Using a plugin to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress

site has some additional benefits over embedding them by hand. Here are 5 WordPress plugins that give you more control over how your YouTube videos appear on your site. 1. WP Social Ninja WP Social Ninja is finest for those who wish to show their own YouTube videos on their WordPress site to boost user engagement, video views, and customers.

It offers you a lots of alternatives to configure how YouTube videos show on your page.

There’s a channel design template, playlists, pop-ups, galleries, and more. Each design template makes it simple to display a channel or a choice of videos all in one put on your site.

Keep reading to learn how to do it yourself.

Activate the plugin and install and click on All Platforms under the WP Social Ninja menu.

You’ll see an option for YouTube:

wp social ninja youtube

Click on it to configure the YouTube settings:

Choose OAuth 2.0 from the dropdown box and click the Sign In And Get Google Access Code button.

Pick your Google account and click continue the next page:

youtube oauth code

Copy the code and paste it in the field in the plugin settings:

Now you can create a Template with WP Social Ninja. Click Add a New Template and you’ll see the choices panel on the right:

wp social ninja youtube template

Choose Channel from the Feed Type dropdown box and then paste

in the channel ID of the channel you wish to show on your site. The Channel ID is the string of characters in the URL of the YouTube channel. Enter the variety of videos you want to

click and display Fetch Videos. Go through the other settings to personalize your template. When you’re done, click copy the shortcode and conserve. Now you can add your template to a WordPress page.

Paste the shortcode into your page and click upgrade:

wp ninja shortcode

wp ninja youtube on page

Now take a look at your page to see the YouTube channel template on the page: To open all the choices, you can update to the premium version of WP Social Ninja. With WP Social Ninja, you can likewise embed evaluations on your site such as Google and Yelp, and other social feeds like Twitter and Instagram. Pricing of the pro variation starts at

$79 each year. Try WP Social

Lazy Load plugin

Ninja Here 2. Lazy Load for Videos Lazy Load for Videos plugin

helps speed up your pages that have YouTube videos on them by turning them into thumbnails.

This lazy loads the code of the YouTube video until someone clicks on the thumbnail. It’s best used for people who have a lot of ingrained videos on their website so that it doesn’t adversely impact the performance. It will likewise work with Vimeo videos too.

Here’s how to set it up.

Install and trigger Lazy Load for Videos and head over to the settings page.

Choose the General/Styling options you want.

Here’s mine:

lazy load plugin general settings

Then select your favored settings on the YouTube tab: The fantastic thing about the settings is that you

can conceal some links that will take individuals over to YouTube. This means more people will remain on your website. When you see your post with YouTube videos on them, they’ll appear like a typical video,however will fill much faster. 3. Smash Balloon YouTube Feed

Feeds for YouTube by Smash Balloon is a YouTube embed plugin particularly produced YouTube.

It lets you add a YouTube video gallery of the channel to your site. It can be your own channel or any channel you desire.

Functions include:

  • Carousel Sliders
  • Video Filtering
  • Smart Video Player Loading

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Install and trigger Feeds for YouTube and click on the Feeds for YouTube link in the sidebar.

Setup is like WP Social Ninja, except you will not need to copy and paste the OAuth code.

Click the big button that says, Connect to YouTube to Create a Feed. Follow the steps and return to the settings page.

In the area that says Select Feed Type, past in the channel ID of the YouTube channel you want to show on your site.

smash balloon youtube plugin

Hit save and click the customize tab. From here, you can customize the way the videos show on your site. Choose your preferred settings and save the modifications.

smash balloon youtube settings

Now all you need to do is place the shortcode onto any page where you desire

smash balloon shortcode

to show videos of a YouTube channel. Here’s what it looks like on the frontend: Feeds for YouTube Pro has more functions than thefree variation. Pricing begins at

$49 per year. Attempt Smash Balloon Here 4.

Embed Plus

Embed Plus for YouTube Embed Plus for YouTube is like WP Social Ninja and Smash Balloon YouTube Feed, however it has more display options and more settings offered in its free variation. You can embed single videos, a YouTube playlist, a channel page

, and live stream videos. One downfall is that it isn’t as easy to set up all the settings as it is with the other plugins.

Because there are a lot of options, it can be a somewhat overwhelming procedure.

embed plus youtube settings

If you want to use it for the essentials though, like adding a playlist or single video, you can do so by pasting the URL and
embed plus youtube wizard

using the default settings: The video will show in your post as typical, but you have actually the included extra of adjusting how it

shows and modifies to enhance efficiency.

If the free version of Embed Plus wasn’t enough, the professional version takes it to another level. It adds advanced personalization, will lazy load videos for faster page loads, even embed live stream chat on your site, and a lot more.

Prices begins at $39.99 and is an one-time payment.

Try EmbedPlus Here

5. EmbedPress


EmbedPress is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin to embed not just YouTube

videos, however from other video platforms. If you need to embed videos from Vimeo, Wistia, Twitch, and others, then EmbedPress is a great option.

embedpress services

EmbedPress is best used for inserting single videos into your posts and utilizing the settings to feel and enhance the appearance and

efficiency of your pages. Including a video to your posts is almost the same as doing it manually, except you use a various Gutenberg block or shortcode:

embedpress shortcode

The settings are truly uncomplicated which makes this plugin fantastic for novices or those trying to find nothing too technical.

embedpress settings

The Best Way To Embed YouTube Videos

To embed a YouTube video in WordPress, you just paste the YouTube URL into a page or article. Using a plugin has additional benefits such as enhancements to layout, efficiency, and branding.

For something basic that can embed from other video hosting platforms, take a look at EmbedPress.

If you want to embed evaluations and things from social media platforms, experiment with WP Social Ninja, which includes YouTube embedding.

To just lazy load YouTube videos, take a look at the Lazy Load for Videos plugin.

For more recommendations for WordPress sites, check out this round-up of the best WordPress plugins for Google Analytics or this list of the best Chrome extensions for SEO.

how to embed a youtube video in wordpress do it manually or with a plugin