How to get affiliates for our growing service/product?


For the previous couple of months my little team and I'' ve been working on a SaaS tool/service that helps increase digital marketing campaigs' ' conversion rates & & lowers ad costs. We introduced to the general public after beta simply last month and currently have ~ 130 happy customers. It'' s a high ticket item (starts from $800) so we'' re really excited about the future of the company.

One of my good friends have actually advised constructing an affiliate system to help grow the business and to incentivize our present consumers to take advantage of getting the word out as they do it.

We'' re brand-new to affiliate marketing and I'' d like to ask you dear r/affiliatemarketing people, is 30%monthly repeating commission for as long as the customer stays good? How can I and where can I discover affiliates who ' d specifically have an interest in this type of a deal? Thanks for your help beforehand! submitted

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