How to Make $100 Dollars a Day Online w/ Affiliate Marketing

If you're trying to make $100/day online as an affiliate marketer, watch this video. I reveal a powerful method called the "Money-Traffic Circle" which you can use to take your affiliate websites to the $100 a day level. Subscribe and share!

Alright, so making $100 a day online is a very modest and achievable goal, even if you're a beginning affiliate.

Here is the "Money-Traffic Circle" tactic I implement on my new affiliate campaigns to get them to the hundred dollar a day mark.

First, we tap into the following 4 web properties:

1) YouTube
2) Facebook
3) WordPress
4) Your own mailing list (important!)

Personally, I put my best efforts into my YouTube channel and my own blog.

So to key to making that work is to create REALLY good, high quality stuff. You NEVER create stuff just to "trick" Google and Facebook. Quality wins 100% of the time.

Then, you funnel all your traffic into your mailing list.

Now the 2nd key to this is to "recirculate" your traffic from one property to the other. What this does it creates a snowball effect that compounds from one property to the next.

Done right, this should get you to the $100 a day in affiliate commissions mark. Most importantly, it helps you build up an audience of viewers interested in your stuff.

One final tip: At the beginning of your campaign, you can get by repurposing your content onto each specific web property. However, once you start to amass an audience, it's an advantage to start creating content specifically for individual platforms.

This is something I'm going to talk more about in the future.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video my affiliate marketing friend!

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