How to Rank # 1 for High Volume Keywords, Information Gain Score, and Other SEO Strategies with Steve Toth

NichePursuits Steve Toth

SEO specialist Steve Toth is the current guest on the Niche

Pursuits podcast. Steve has a long history in the SEO industry. He started in 2010 as a copywriter running a web advancement company blog site, which led him on his journey into search engine optimization. His proficiency soon landed him a position as the SEO method lead for Freshbooks– a huge company

that provides accounting software application for people running their own organization. Throughout the interview, Steve offered insights on what it’s like to be the leading SEO guy at such a huge company and his day-to-day work throughout his time at the multi-award-winning service.

He likewise shares his strategy for ranking number one for a keyword with 300,000 searches monthly. He provides some pearls of wisdom relating to the information gain score, plus a special angle on investigating content for keyword method.

In addition to the above, the conversation likewise covers his new WordPress plugin called Gscore, set to launch in early 2022. The plugin deals with the Google search console, highlights keyword phrases that require attention, and includes some really amazing features.

A few of the other topics covered include:

  • SEO Notebook: the weekly curated technique he sends to over 10k customers weekly free of charge
  • PAA advice (People also ask)
  • Backlinks
  • Info Gain Score (what it is and why it’s vital)
  • How working for an SEO firm can assist you to grow, and what to look out for
  • How to get organized for keyword research study
  • The biggest thing he discovered dealing with SEO professionals
  • Hub and Spoke cluster technique
  • Featured snippets
  • Plus far more

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