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How To Start Affiliate Marketing for FREE! (Start Today!) [2019]


Ever Wonder How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing for FREE?! Well In This Video I Will Show You The BEST Step-By-Step Plan To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing TODAY and For FREE!

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Today I will be going through a step-by-step plan to get started in affiliate marketing! What is affiliate marketing? It is essentially when companies pay you to see their stuff. Such as Amazon, ClickFunnels, BestBuy, and Walmart. Really any large (or small) companies have an affiliate program!

How it works is by you (the affiliate) convince someone to buy something from the company, and the company then pays YOU for getting them that sale. This is typically tracked through affiliate links that the company gives you and then you give them to the buyer. Once the buyer buys the product or service using your link, you get paid! Pretty simple!

So affiliate marketing sounds great but how do I get started? And how much does it cost? Well I will show you exactly how to get started for free today!

Step 1: Choosing your Niche, here we talk about how to make this the easiest on you, by choosing something you like! The more passionate and genuine you are when it comes to your product, the more your audience will enjoy your review or information about it!

Step 2: Start a YouTube channel. This is the most important thing for getting started for free! YouTube is a traffic driving machine!

Step 3: Join your affiliate program of choice! Then one is pretty self-explanatory as you need to be in an affiliate program, to get the links, to give to people to buy the products or services! Easiest way to do this is search “[product/service] affiliate program” in Google. Such as “Amazon Affiliates” and then sign up there!

Step 4: Create content around the product or service! All you have to do is make a video about the product or service, HONESTLY talk about it. Then people inevitably will search for “x product review” and then your video will pop up, they’ll watch it and if they enjoy it and think the product will help them, they could buy from your affiliate link! Or you could make a video about a service/software and something AMAZING that it does! And then title the video with the problem that people will search for! Pretty simple stuff!

Step 5: Is drive traffic to your videos. This has a lot to do with SEO, but you can also promote your videos or posts on other social media platforms, or even other people’s videos (respectfully and if its allowed). Lastly, once you start to get some money from your free organic traffic, you can begin with paid traffic to really sky-rocket your Affiliate Marketing Empire!

I hope this helps you guys out with Affiliate Marketing and hope you enjoyed!

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About me: I’m April Wilhelm and I’m an Online Business Coach for Stay at Home Moms & Military Spouses and I help YOU build a powerful, profitable, and remote business. I am a military spouse and I was always stuck trying to find a job, and then losing it once my family would have to move over and over. And so I did something about it and CREATED my own job, I now run a 6 Figure Digital Marketing Agency! But after finally finding something that worked, I realized there was still way too many people that WANTED to be home with their kids and still bring in an income, or have a job that wasn’t dictated by their location, so I created the Stay at Home Profit community, teaching military spouses and stay at home mom’s how to become financially free without having to leave their stay at home lives. Take charge of your life today!

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