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How To Use Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program


How To Use Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program

Builderall has the most amazing two tier affiliate program

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So not only is it jammed packed with every feature you could possible want, but now you have the Builderall affiliate program, which has a two tier affiliate system,

let me explain how this works. Let say you are selling this product to many of your customers and prospects you have met on your mailing list, well after your affiliates start selling it just like you did, then you will have the two tier affiliate sales under you,

so you just relax and watch your affiliates do all the work, or at least helping out in getting more affiliate sales for you.

Builderall affiliate program

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Many customers just sign up for Builderall affiliate program, reason is, it has a complete funnel system for selling the system, it is all done for you, please watch my video, let’s say your ready to promote Builderall affiliate program, just choose your product to promote, copy link and done, all the rest is done by Builderall, email marketing is sent out to all you customers that are on a 7 day trial and as soon as you get a lead, the email is captured and sent right to your Builderall dashboard with email, so just setup your email list and all leads are sent to your list and campaign.

So can you just use Builderall just as a affiliate product

Well the answer is yes, many customers do, since it has a business in a box, it is ready to go, for more information on how the affiliate program please contact me.
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