How We Get Paid With Affiliate Marketing. What Is It How Do We Do ItMarketing Videos 

How We Get Paid With Affiliate Marketing. What Is It? How Do We Do It?


Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways for an ambitious person to start increasing their income because there is very little start-up cost, no requirement to develop or manufacture your own products, no need to hire staff, no worries about quality control or customer service or HR…

You just signup as an affiliate, grab a link, and get to work.

Yes, there are ways to make this much more effective.

Choosing the right products/services and/or the right compensation plan can make a huge difference in how much you earn relative to the time you put in working.

This video above is intended to clarify for the ultra-newbies what is affiliate marketing and how we do it, and how we make money with it.

Contrary to the mass confusion in the public, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is affiliate marketing. The only difference is the compensation plan pays on multiple levels. That is all that “MLM” means.

If a company (that isn’t you) develops and delivers the product, takes all the payments, then pays you a commission when you sell that product, that is affiliate marketing, regardless of how the comp plan is set up. You are the affiliate.

The easiest affiliate program there is, you’ll find here:

*Results can vary in business. Any results shown/given here are for hypothetical example purposes only and may represent exceptional, not typical results.

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