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I stopped working.

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Long story short, some people I understand are really good at drawing and I coordinated with them. I produced a site called which develops profile images for people who have social networks or anyone basically.I attempted marketing

it utilizing Snapchat ads and I failed awfully. I burnt so much money with not even one sale. A lot of individuals were swiping up on my advertisement however no one was making a purchase. I think the site looks great, I believe the cost is fair. I believe the concept is truly great. I was on a call with a specialist and he stated that my prices are too low and I ought to increase them. Uncertain about his advice.Now, I don’t understand what to do. I’m simply gon na accept the fact I’m horrible at marketing and wish to discover an affiliate to market it for me. Willing to pay ₤ 6 for each sale produced. If this will not work then I ‘d want to offer the website for essentially anything.I seem like a stopped working teen business owner (well tbf that’s generally what I am)and really thought this website would be a gamechanger for me.EDIT 1: My imaginative is

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