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Improve Your Advertisement Performance with TrafficStars Optimizer

May 26, 2022 – 2 min checked out

Project optimization is a crucial stage in online advertising. A boost in the number of ad campaigns will certainly result in the reality that the online marketer will not have enough time to monitor all the metrics qualitatively … Here comes the TrafficStars Optimizer!

This new tool intends to automate under-performing traffic sources to blacklists. Simply put, you set up guidelines according to which blacklists are created.

Quick Navigation How Can Optimizer Help You? With TrafficStars Optimizer you’ll be able to examine traffic sources much easier and quicker. Also, it provides you the capability to target a more comprehensive series of sources and optimize your budget plan to evaluate brand-new ones.

How To Use Optimizer?

Initially, register on TrafficStars for free.

Log in to your account, and you can quickly find the Optimizer in your control panel.

Once inside the Optimizer, you can proceed to establishing the rules.

  • Here are the offered metrics at the minute: Clicks Spent eCPA
  • Leads
  • Impressions
  • ROI
  • CTR

You can add as numerous parameters and groups as you want. Integrate different rules to get

what fits you most. Do not forget to give the Optimizer a name and wait. You can edit it anytime!

Next, go to the Campaign to which you want to use the guidelines.

Then, save the project and delight in the results! You can link the Optimizer with already running ad campaigns. Note that, they will not be picked up moderation. How To Track the

Performance To track the performance of the Optimizer, go under the

  1. History Log tab. When there, you can discover in-depth information about campaigns, their conditions, guidelines, etc< img alt=" trafficstars optimizer history log" width ="1999"height="842"class=
  2. “aligncenter wp-image-28078 size-full lazyload”src=””> Key Benefits of the Optimizer Automate the blacklisting of ad spots and sources that don’t meet your requirements. Combine any rules to attain the very best result. Optimizer can be used to any advertising campaign in TrafficStars. Conserve your time and cut costs ultimately.


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