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Getting Started With Infusionsoft

If you are an Infusionsoft user that is not using the system to capacity, you are not alone.

New users I see start by using mainly the shopping cart and autoresponder service parts of the system.

This is very common because the other systems that small business owners generally use maximize the shopping cart and autoresponders, so that's the data that gets pulled over in an Infusionsoft transition, and the habit of the 'old way things were done' often continues from there.

It's okay to start with what you know, but it's essential to start to use the other parts of the system quickly so you can develop standards and procedures easily.

Here are a few key things I like about the three main modules:

1. CRM Management: Infusionsoft has an amazing CRM system, to manage all of your contact records – and loads of data for each contact. Not only can you store an almost unlimited number of fields of data within each contact record, but it's nicely organized and easy to find what you need – from addresses, to encrypted credit card information, to orders and email correspondence (all emails, from single emails to broadcasts and follow up emails). It's very robust. And one of the neatest features is that you can upload documents (like client contracts or other docs) to your client records too. Many of my clients use the Notes function to track coaching conversations with their clients, as well as consultations or networking contact with prospective clients. The task function is one of my favourites – to help me know what needs to be looked after, and when. Just great stuff.

2. Marketing: The Campaign Builder is a fantastic way to set up all of your campaign pieces for any given launch, promotion, product sale, program, or whatever you do in your business. The pieces of the campaign builder allow you to set up emails very easily, apply tags for segregation, build opt in pages and landing pages in a flash, and even start and stop follow up sequences by other actions that are taken somewhere else in the system (for instance, if my client has a phone call with a client and then sends me a task to do something, I can 'check off' that task in my dashboard, and that can kick off the proper sequence for that particular client or prospect). Collaboration and automation at their finest.

3. Ecommerce: The shopping cart part of Infusionsoft seems clunky to set up at first – with so many places to go to set up things like order forms, payment plans, promo codes and so on. But once you get the hang of where things are it becomes a nice little dance from place to place as you set up some neat options for your products. There are lots of neat features for shopping cart design and upselling too, but the simple 'purchase' link is very easy to set up quickly, and placing orders and managing payments is basically done in a couple of clicks. It's a great smooth system for updating credit cards and scheduling payment dates.

Although there is a steep learning curve when starting to use Infusionsoft, the key is to learn the best features of each module and how they can apply to your business.

To talk about how your business can benefit from maximizing your Infusionsoft use, contact me for a strategy session today!

Tracey D'Aviero is a busy Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant located in Osgoode, Ontario, Canada. Pick up a copy of Tracey's free presentation "5 Steps to Getting Great Support in Your Small Business" at Http://

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