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Beware Of Your Friendly "It's Easy to Run a Successful Internet Business" Websites

We have all seen those websites that have told us "For just $199.99 you can make $3,000 a month by selling our widgets". These sites promise you your own domain, an easy user panel, guaranteed traffic, and a step by step guide to becoming rich in no time.
In this article I am going to help you figure out if these types of website are for you, or, if they are ultimately a waste of money and time.

The motivation of writing this article is my parents. For many years of their life they have bought into many different types of "Get Rich Quick" businesses and have ultimately failed to get rich in every one. For some reason they haven't figured out that this type of business is not for them and that they would be much better off saving their money and time.

Carl's Internet Business Constitution!
Instead of writing a "book-size" article, I am going to sum up a lot of information in this Internet Business Constitution. While reading it, if you can't agree to almost everything in it, don't waste your time in an Internet business.

The Constitution!
I hereby agree to dedicate the majority of my life running my Internet business. I will get no more than 5 hours of sleep per night, I will spend at least 4 – 5 hours a day building my business and I will be available at least 15 times a day to check my emails and answering machine.

I will sharpen my business skills by spending 2 hours a day reading business articles and listening to and watching professional business seminars. I will research other websites who are doing the same business as myself and learn as much as I can. I will seek out the top 1,000's of websites on the Internet and see what makes them successful. I will keep a journal of articles and resources for quick access to ideas when I need them.

I will promote my website by any means available. This will include: advertising in every search engine, posting "legally" on forums, and by taking out classified ads. My website will be the place to be and will provide information and products that everyone will want to come for.

I will promote myself by writing articles, by leading seminars, and by joining web forums. I will be the person to go to in my field and I will have hundreds of thousands of people signing up for my newsletter. I will send my information packed newsletter out at least twice a week and will ask my subscribers to promote me and my website.

I will sharpen my technical skills by practicing typing, by finding software programs that will automate most of my tasks, and by learning how to use and find the latest and greatest business tools on the Internet.

I will realize that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done for myself, so I will eventually have to hire someone to help me. I will have to give up important tasks in my business to people who I know aren't as invested in my business as I am and who can and will not do the job as well as myself.

I will have very little time for friends, family, and fun. Once the excitement of having a business runs off, I will continue to do all the above out of sweat and tears because I want my business to be successful.

I will realize that even though I am doing all of the above that my business will probably spend me more money than I am making for many months and that I will probably get sick of my business before it every becomes successful.

_ _________________________
Name Date.

The Realization
If you can sign the above constitution and commit to it, then, and only then, should you invest in an internet business.

Resources for You
If you are really serious about running an online business, you are going to need the tools, the articles, and the resources to be successful. I provide them all for free in my newsletter. I will give you a list of places to advertise, a list of free affiliate programs, and a whole slew of free tools that can help automate your work. You can get them all by signing up (Free) for my newsletter at [] All you need is to enter your email and press enter. I look forward to working with you.

Carl Coddington has been an Internet business entrepreneur since 1994. He has been helping thousands of people and businesses succeed on the Internet through his highly successful newsletter at [] You must not edit any portion of this article, bio, or resource box.

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