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How to Find Out If You Have Chosen an Active Niche

Choosing an active niche is key to setting up a successful campaign. If you have chosen 10 possible niche ideas it is now time to find out which ones are the most active. You will have to do further research after that, but once you have gotten your list of niche ideas down to 3 or 4 active niches that will be easy.

What is an active niche?

An active niche is a niche people are talking about. People are involved in discussions. They are talking about every aspect of your niche. They are gathered together either online or in person to do this. They talk and think about your niche frequently.

Here's an example:

You are trying to find out which niche would be more active ~ and therefore more likely to be profitable. You have narrowed your choices down to 1. Sex 2. How to change a tire. Which do you think men think about more? Which do you think they talk about, discuss, plan about, brag about to themselves and others ~ in fact anyone who will listen?

This is an extreme example, but you get the point. You want people who are passionate about the niche, and therefore want to talk to people about it ~ a lot.

How do you find out if you have chosen an active niche?

There are many ways you can find out if you've chosen an active niche. Forums are a great way. Look and see how many forums come up for your possible niche. Go into those forums, check them out. When was the last post made? How many posts are there? How many replies are posts getting? How many views?

Yesterday I went into one forum and there were threads that had 20,000 replies. The forum had only been open for a year or so. Wow that's an active forum. You are looking for active forums, of passionate people, talking about your niche.

You can also go over to Yahoo Groups as well as Google groups and do the same thing you did at forums. These are also great indicators of whether your niche is active or not. You can see on the main page how many posts have been made to the group for each month. You can also see this information since the group was started. This will give you some good information on whether the niche is getting more active or less active.

How do you find the forums?

That's easy enough. Go to Google and enter in the search box "your niche" + forum you will get a list of the forums talking about your niche. If your niche is more than one word I would suggest you use the quotes around the niche. If it is only one word you don't need to use them.

Weeding out Non Active Niches.

Once you have put all your niche ideas through this little litmus test, you can begin to weed out the non active niches. When you are looking through forums I would set up a scale for yourself ~ not at all active, somewhat, pretty and VERY active. Once you have all the niche idea forums on this scale it will be easy for you to see which ones are active and which ones are not. Your goal here is to get your list of niche ideas down to 3 or 4 active niches for further research.

Jackie Lee believes the basics are the most important element to any successful campaign, and the piece most internet marketers miss. Put yourself in the top 5% ~ go back to basics.

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Niche ideas - List of Niche Ideas

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