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List of Niche Markets

The Number 1 Way to Establish a List of Niche Markets

Narrowing down to finding the certain niche markets that are best suited to you is the first thing you have to establish before anything else. Closely followed is discovering the best keywords targeted towards developing your niche markets BUT that's another story, ha-ha!

This article is going to show you the best way to establish a list of niche markets. What I'm going to do for you now, is give you a list of 3 amazingly profitable ideas so you can discover your chosen niche markets.

First let's say you are an avid "literature" fan. You have a great library and you enjoy reading when you can. So its fare enough to say that you enjoy reading and you know about the different types of writing, best sellers and new literature thats due out soon.

Can you guess what your niche product would be? It's NOT books because it's too broad. If someone typed "books" into a search engine they would be looking for all over information on books such as price and availability. People who do this are most likely in the market for maybe a new book for themselves or maybe a present for someone.

Your target market is people who are also into literature and know their books. When they do a search they will type in the name and author of a certain book because they know what they want, they have done their homework and they know what there are after. Now of course, I'm sure you're aware that there are some huge online book stores out there but what you should be targeting is something like "18th century poetry." Now that's an angle with low competition (hint).

A free website called DMOZ.ORG has been online for some time now. People have never understood the huge power this open directory contains. This is the largest human-edited directory on the web listing well over 4.8 million websites and an awesome 590,000 categories (or "niches").

You literally have access to 590,000 hot niche markets at your finger tips!

The site is set out in a methodical way allowing you to break down high level niches to narrowing down your categories for you to promote.

Jumping on a booming trend always works great! At any time of the year there will be information and products that people will be following like crazy online and offline. You can use this to your advantage and leverage their hype; you'll be able to milk those bad boys for all their worth!

Now everyday Google will show the top 100 trends within its Hot Trends section online. You can find this by typing "Google trends" into your search engine and it's on top of the first page.

The above list shows how simple it is to decide on your chosen niche markets. What I'm saying is that hot niche markets are everywhere. Now that you know where to look there's nothing stopping you from getting your internet marketing adventure underway.

I have extensive experience in tracking down profitable niche and keyword ideas for people looking at beginning a journey in internet marketing. If you are sick of trying to sell ice to Eskimos then learn to find various Hot Niche Ideas and learn how to Find a Market Niche Today [http://www.findamarketniche.com/].

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001 - List of Niche Markets

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