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List Building For Making Money Affiliate Marketing

Whether you're looking to start a home business, earn a little extra income using affiliate marketing or considering affiliate marketing work for an outside company, building a list is of prime importance to your success.

But to make affiliate marketing pay, it can't just be a generic list of people in general – you have to make sure it's a list of targeted prospects, people you already know are interested in your niche and hopefully in buying products and information you'll be recommending.

Currently there are two main ways marketers are using to build opt-in lists – by getting involved in joint venture giveaways and by offering a free incentive to those who sign up. The incentive is usually a free download of a report, audio or video that contains worthwhile information relevant to your target niche. The tighter your gifts' focus the more targeted an affiliate marketing lead it will produce, since only those interested in that information will bother to sign up and download your gift.

Don't make the mistake of using single opt-in, where the person fills in the form and gets instant access – you have no way of knowing if they entered a valid e-mail address or not. And if they entered someone else's e-mail, you'll be guilty of spamming if you start sending your affiliate promotion e-mails to that address.

Most autoresponder companies these days are set up for double opt-in, a system that protects you from that scenario. Once your prospect has filled in the form, an e-mail is generated to the address they gave asking that they click to confirm their intentions. Only once the person clicks that link are they then forwarded to the download page, thus verifying they really are a legitimate affiliate marketing lead who has given you permission to e-mail them.

Once you have that gift signup system, known as 'squeeze pages', in place, use the Web 2.0 sites and the business networking sites to let people know the gift is available. Web 2.0 sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have millions of users and usually include target market prospects for any given niche. You'll find it's much easier to draw traffic from these sites and the business networking sites with links to free downloads or videos than it is to get people to click on your affiliate links there.

Once that much of your affiliate marketing work is complete, considering adding an affiliate marketing video or podcast to your blogs and the video and podcast directories. At the end of the video or audio, invite your audience to download your free report on the subject – this can add some powerful juice to your affiliate marketing list building efforts, and will stay in place long-term to attract an ever-growing number of potential leads for you.

Once you've started building your list, send them regular e-mails to warm up your prospects. Focus on strong, related information that's of help to your readers, and place your links where they fit the natural flow of your letter. As your list grows and your readers get used to you and your style, you should start to see your affiliate marketing pay rising as your readership does – just keep repeating the process above to get there faster!

If you're ready to start making money affiliate marketing or are already an affiliate but not making what you should, visit Doug's Affiliate Marketing Training Blog at where he shares more tips, tricks and resources for affiliates regularly!

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