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Your Unique Interests Creates A Successful Niche

When I think of starting a business, I think of what is of great interest to me and my hobbies come to mind. I enjoy writing. The freedom it brings to my soul is invaluable as the words flow from my thoughts onto paper or a word program. Another hobby of mine is reading. I love to read anything that is written for an audience who knows nothing about the topic. Learning is of great interest to me. When I learn something new from reading a book or article, I can sit down and write my opinion. Research also enhances my interest in something because it brings a balance to my own perceptions. Sometimes I won't think of the other side of the coin unless I get another opinion. I find interests that I write down as a hobby in my daily activities and routine.

Balancing my lifestyle with interests, I think, is important when finding your niche. My lifestyle enables me to take a five minute break just to jot down some thoughts no matter what I'm doing in the day. As a stay at home mom, I have the luxury of spending time with my five year old. I homeschool her to prepare her for kindergarten in September. Our whole day encompasses learning. As I watch her, the thoughts in my head begin to form and sometimes a paragraph is born. We, then, both sit down at the computer to jot down my thoughts and then go back to our activities. If I was bogged down and torn between what I needed to get done and where I'm needed, I'd be stressed and depressed. Finding a balance through incorporation of the online venture and lifestyle will lead to a positive attitude and results.

Finding your niche can be a breeze if you know what interests you. I think about writing all day long and I find inspiration by anything and everything around me. I'm always thinking about my next blog post and how it could impact someone out there. There are no boundaries when it comes to something that is of interest to you. I find that I'm more passionate and successful when I find my niche because I'm an expert in it!

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