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Dream It, Then Do It: Go Find Your Niche In Life: Part 1 Of A 3 Part Series

"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be, your identity is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil." James Allen from "As A Man Thinketh"

This is part 1 of a 3 part series examining how we are in control of our lives and how we can teach ourselves and will ourselves to get what we want out of life. In this first article, I will examine the law of attraction and how it affects our lives, how the energy that we exhibit attracts like positive or negative energies.

Many individuals wonder how others have been able to advance successfully in their lives and careers while they cannot achieve the same success in their own lives no matter how hard they try. Why is that? Your success depends on your attitude towards life along with the energy you put into it, which the law of attraction gladly reciprocates. Simply said, these individuals gravitate towards what they focus upon, generally producing more of the same results as the past because "like attracts like." They are directly or indirectly responsible for everything that happens to them. You get out of life exactly what you put into it, no more or no less. If these individuals would take a long, hard look at their lives, they would see how they have attracted marvelous things along with those unfavorable things. They have been thinking and projecting energies on a daily basis. These energies attract like energies and results, they have ramifications. The way a person thinks will determine what he will be and where he will be at tomorrow. This law of attraction applies to all aspects of everyone's lives.

Then there are those individuals that are quite satisfied with just shuffling along through life, filling in some niches along the way, accepting whatever fate has bestowed upon them. As a result of this mind-set, they very rarely make any physical or mental effort to differentiate themselves from being a creature led by destiny, like a puppet on a string waiting to be made to dance. They are not dreamers or doers. They lack the desire to exalt themselves above and beyond their state in order to make changes, to improve their situation or move forward, so their world remains small. To a degree, unless that person changes his or her area of thinking, they will always be confined to a small world. Desire is the driving force that motivates one to achieve the attainment or possession of something that is within reach. This is the key element that will transform a dreamer into a doer, which will eventually lead them to that sought after place in life that they've always desired. Desire is the achieving motivation that gives power of all human action, and without it, one cannot go far.

As the oppressive clouds of the current economic climate hovers over us, many people are choked by a daily state of anxiety and panic. Since money is becoming scarce and credit is much harder to come by, the uncertainty of our economy makes it extremely hard for many dreamers to become doers. This is especially true when people are struggling with supporting themselves and their families, with inflation, or after having joined the swollen ranks of the unemployed. All this has caused tension and sleepless nights for many, causing them to stay in a negative and fearful frame of mind. Although some people hope for the best, they still really expect the worst. Of course, the worst always happens to them eventually, since it is the strongest belief that governs their mind. By permitting unfavorable vibrations and energies to invade and control their sub-consciousness, they are preventing themselves from hearing, seeing or experiencing anything positive which might provide a solution to their problems.

I believe that each person has a distinctive purpose in life and that there is a special place reserved for them that is ready to be carved out. Since two individuals cannot occupy the same spot at the same time, only one person will be able to fill that space perfectly. This area is called a "niche" which is defined as a "suitable place for somebody, a position or activity that particularly suits somebody's talents and personality."

For some people finding a niche can be an effortless task, claiming a safe haven where it is much easier for them to believe than to disbelieve. For others it is downright elusive. So why is that? Let me give you a couple of examples where certain challenges can hinder a person from finding and claiming that elusive niche, a niche that they have been breathlessly chasing after all these years.

The Elusive Niche: Catch Me If You Can.

In order to find your niche, you need to have definiteness of purpose and be decisive in the direction you choose. This can be determined by asking yourself two questions: "What is it that I want," and "Where am I going?" These two questions will give you the motivation you need to analyze yourself in an honest way. You need to reach into the depths of your mind and heart to discover what dreams or goals you really want to achieve. Find what you are passionate about, and make a plan from there.

In the process of analyzing yourself, it would be best to write down all of the strengths of your personality and all of the things you excel at. Then take a look at all your weaknesses as well. These weaknesses stand between you and noteworthy achievement. List them one by one, focusing on areas that need improvement. In part 2 of this 3 part series I will list a few common weaknesses that affect many who remain as dreamers instead of achievers.

Miriam B. Medina is a successful website administrator and blogger, a strong woman with a Positive Mental Attitude who is not only a dreamer but an achiever as well. She strongly believes that anyone can fulfill their dreams as long as they are persistent in their efforts armed with the right mental attitude. She invites you to share in her worthwhile experiences at Http://… Anyone who wants to develop or improve a positive mental attitude and anyone who is simply seeking happiness shouldn't want to pass this opportunity up. So get yourself a hot cup of coffee and a comfortable chair, kick back and come meet "MIMI".

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blogging niche - Niche in Life

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