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Finding a Niche in Marketing

Article marketing involves finding new niches every day. You cannot afford to specialize in any one niche. Conversely, you also need to find niches to market to. By studying niches and article response rates you can gain an understanding of your niche and also sell your product.

Imagine you were trying to market a top for a toy company. Who would you market the top to? You have several choices. You could market the top to kids. What kind of kids will you try to market to? The more you narrow down your niche, the more personal your advertisement will be. When you are writing an article you need to try to make it as personal as possible.

After you write your article you will need to find another niche. You will want to write articles for as many niches as possible. You might be tempted to just use one article to fit all of your needs. This is a bad idea. For instance, look at the top situation. Kids know when you're being a phony. You need to speak directly to their clique if you want to get through to them. The point of niche marketing is to address the niche that you are marketing to.

After you have prepared your articles you will need to figure out where to post them. Niches have already been invented. You are not wandering through uncharted territory. You need to find the Web sites that your niche is going to. That's where your articles belong. If you post the article somewhere your niche doesn't visit, they are not going to search out the article.

Your job isn't done yet. After the article is posted on an appropriate Web site you will need to study what kind of traffic it receives. If you are getting a lot of hits, then you know you did your job right. If you are not receiving a lot of hits, then something needs to be changed. Either your article does not address the niche, or you poorly chose which Web site to post on. Try changing things up until it works.

Success breeds success in online niche marketing. If you keep track of your successes, then you will be able to replicate them. Your niche doesn't only go to one Web site. If you have successfully reached them one place, use that article to reach them in another. Don't waste a good article. Those are gold.

Niche marketing has a lot of potential if you can do it right. It requires you to do your homework, and keep an eye on your results. If you are willing to work hard enough, then you can gain a plethora of valuable results. You can build on these results and branch out. Try to reach as many niches as your product will allow. Never be satisfied with only a few.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you get on track with online niche marketing. It is an exciting field filled with possibilities.

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