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What is an affiliate marketing niche program? Let's start with what a niche is. The dictionary defines a niche as a distinct segment of the market. A niche that could be exploited for internet marketing could be something like "dog training". Consumers go into search engines to find information about dog training and they come across your website about dog training, click on an affiliate link, purchase an eBook about dog training and then you get paid. There are as many marketing niches as there are interests held by people. There are marketing niches for weight loss, dating, foreclosure prevention, self-help, etc.

How do you find a profitable niche. I would start off by telling you to find a niche on which you are somewhat knowledgeable and in which you have an interest. You also need to find a niche that is narrow enough so that you won't get slaughtered by the competition but which is wide enough to be profitable.

You should start by doing keyword research. Go to one of the several free keyword research tools on the internet and plug in some broad keywords. These keyword tools will spit back out variations of the broad keyword or keyword phrase that people search regularly. For example, the phrase "dog training" gets searched very regularly but will usually give the searcher over 700,000 results. But the phrase, "best dog training book" gets searched about 78 times a day and only has about 82,000 results. Which keyword would be easier to optimize for as an online affiliate marketer?

Once you've done some keyword research you also need to make sure that there is some competition from other affiliates. Wait a second, did I just say that you should look for a keyword phrase that is highly searched but gives back as few results as possible? Well, yes, but if you market to a niche that has no affiliate competition then there is a pretty good chance that it is not profitable. This does not necessarily mean that you have to be able to find affiliate ads with your money keyword "best dog training book" but you should be able to find a good number of affiliates in the dog training niche in general.

Next, go to one of the affiliate product networks like Clickbank, follow the instructions above, and ride your affiliate marketing niche program to the bank.

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2015NICHEConfhomepage - Niche Program

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