Niches on eBay

Lucrative Niches on eBay

Some savvy Sellers have found lucrative niches for themselves on eBay, selling products that are both profitable and in high demand by eBay buyers. These are niches where there is less competition and the products are popular and in demand, so the prices stay high enough to keep these Sellers among the highest-earning on eBay.

There are many niches on eBay that just are not very profitable. The reason for this is there is too much competition in certain categories, and too many sellers are willing to take very little for their products. The collectibles industry is one of these categories – the competition online has driven prices down for several years. Still, there are some eBay Sellers who continue to eek out a living in these niches.

The difference between making an excellent income selling on eBay and making a little money is in finding out what is selling and what is not selling. EBay offers tools that give information about the most popular products with buyers. Other websites offer fee-based research as well and give information about how particular products are selling on eBay. These tools give Sellers a good idea about how many products are selling in any particular category, and how much the items are selling for on average.

One thing these tools do not tell you, however, is "what are the hot, lucrative niches on eBay" right now. Hot lucrative niches come and go. What is selling today may not be selling tomorrow, so it's important to stay on top of current market trends and product demand. Sellers who take the time and make an effort to stay on top of market trends are more likely to have continued success and a very high income on eBay.

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