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Seven Things Every Classroom Teacher Needs

When summer ends and the teachers head back to their classrooms, they will be looking for new ways to make teaching easier and more organized. New teachers entering the classroom for the first time will also have their eyes peeled for teaching tips. With that in mind, the following six items make the must-have list for teachers.

1. Basic School Supplies: Life is easier when you have extra pencils, notebook paper, crayons, folders, glue, scissors, and rulers available. Many times in your career you will find that for one reason or another, students won't have the supplies they need to begin working on a project. Buying or collecting loaners can help by making it easier to accommodate students and let them proceed with the classroom assignment or project.

2. Teacher Lanyards: Lanyards are often overlooked, but they can be really valuable in the classroom. They can be used for school photo ID badges and so much more. Use them to carry your whistle for recess, your classroom and file cabinet keys, or give them out to your students when they are given special jobs like Line Leader and Classroom Messenger.

3. Classroom Rules: You simply cannot operate a classroom effectively without establishing some basic rules. These will set the tone for your classroom and give your students a clear picture of your expectations for them throughout the school year. If possible try to limit your rule system to about five or six important topics. They should be easy to remember and clearly displayed in a prominent place in the room.

4. Filing Cabinets and Plastic Storage Bins: You will need a place to store seasonal items and decorations, so extra filing space and place storage tubs are a must. Clearly label your drawers and bins so that your materials are easy to find.

5. Substitute Teacher Folders: If you get these ready in advance, it will be easier on you and your substitute teachers. Include things like a roster, seating chart, emergency plans, and the daily schedule for the days you will be gone. If you become ill, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time gathering the needed documents.

6. Classroom Books and Magazines: On rainy days when the kids can't go outside, a classroom library can be a great way to let the kids spend their free time. They will be encouraged to build their reading skills, and many of the items in your library can be used for class resources on projects and assignments throughout the school year.

7. Student Award Certificates: Let your students know that you are proud of them when they do a job well. You can give out a simple award for doing an extra great job on an assignment, for helping out a classmate, for being at their desks on time every day, for perfect attendance, for good grades, and for so much more. Kids thrive on recognition, and they love having something special to take home and show their parents.

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