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We are all students of life, and we become better people when we strive to learn all that we can about the world we live in. But we are also all teachers. We expand our own knowledge when we share what we already know with others. During my fifty years of life I have learned many skills and explored my many talents. My skills include mechanics, machining, music, and business management. I have taught two of my friends to be machinists, and they both now work at this occupation. I taught two teenage boys how to play the bass guitar and they both play in bands today. However, my passion and my personal niche is online marketing. I enjoy learning all I can about being successful in business and I especially enjoy teaching others how to build their own Internet businesses and how to be profitable marketing on the Internet. The skills and knowledge that we learn is ours for the rest of our lives. No one can ever take it away from us.

What is your personal niche? Look inside yourself and ask yourself, "If I could earn a living doing something that I love to do, what would it be?" Perhaps you love gardening, but that is too general of a term. You need to be as specific as possible when it comes to evaluating your niche ideas. Is it flower gardening? What specific type of flower do you like to grow? If you said, for example, that you enjoy growing roses, then that could be your marketing niche. You could then write an e-book about cultivating roses, set up a small niche website on the Internet and sell your e-book and perhaps some gardening products that are related to growing roses.

You obviously can not compete with the large gardening companies on every product line that they offer, but you can target a specific portion of the market pertaining to cultivating roses. There are thousands of profitable niches that can be targeted with online marketing and you want to research your competition before undertaking such a venture. If you find that your niche ideas are likely to be profitable niches, then it would certainly be worth your time and effort to compose your e-book and market it to the public.

There is a great personal satisfaction to be gained when we share our passions and our knowledge with others and see them also become passionate about the same things we are interested in. Explore all of your various niche ideas and share your knowledge with the world, but most of all, share your joy and share a little piece of yourself with others. You will find it to be very rewarding and you will be a better person for having done so.

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