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RedTrack Review

So, it’s been more than a year given that we spoke about RedTrack last time. And what a year it has actually been:

  • The pandemic that stimulated the growth of e-commerce and digital marketing (at the same time stagnating offline marketing)
  • iOS 14+ that altered the video game for in-app tracking
  • Facebook changes to attribution that affected media-buyers
  • Advancement of Google Privacy Sandbox and Google delaying death of third-party cookies

All the changes that we discussed above considerably changed the marketing landscape.

Let’s see if RedTrack’s tool is all set to face those changes and offer online marketers, marketers, and publishers the appropriate performance.

We will provide an updated evaluation of RedTrack and its existing functions.

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Marketing Market Before

The marketplace utilized to be quite divided:

  • You require to carry out advertisement tracking → you are looking for an ad tracking service.
  • You need to work with affiliates/publishers → you get affiliate management software.
  • You need a sophisticated referral program → you get another tool.
  • You are working with influencers tracking promo-codes → you get different tools to assist you manage influencers.

Such a technique triggered an increase in the variety of tools in use. A common marketing manager or item owner had to purchase lots of tools to assist them achieve their income objectives. Not just is it pricy to spend for all those products, however it is likewise really tough to evaluate information from many sources.

It looks like RedTrack keeps altering the game by offering an all-in-one option that supports most of your tracking and attribution needs natively. And “natively” is a keyword as you do not need a workaround to reach your objectives. Whatever works out of the box.

RedTrack Review: How It Works

Let’s discuss the essential features of RedTrack’s product and see what changed in a year.

Ad Tracking

It was one of the star includes even in the past, however it’s still getting better and improving. There are more combinations included, rules, alerts, and filters/redirect options. For the key highlights, we would choose:

  • Ability to send traffic from several channels, both direct and reroute to the very same page all at once. And you can quickly drill down the reporting to see what channels contribute to the desired conversion rate and ROI.
  • Native assistance for Mobidea, Google, Facebook, TikTok, Bing, Shopify, and other marketing platforms.

redtrack integrations

redtrack integrations

Facebook CAPI assistance We were quite surprised by how quick RedTrack adapted to FB Ads modifications and developed an option for Facebook CAPI in early winter’21. It was still raw by

  • the time they launched it, but at the minute, it’s a leading option for Facebook media buyers. With RedTrack, you can: Automatically send enriched conversion data back to Facebook by means of postback for additional optimization; Attribute conversions to right clicks even when they take place in different internet browsers(always a case
  • with Facebook advertisements when users are rerouted to Safari/other internet browsers from the FB app); Verify domains, even for third-party domains– a brand-new guideline from Facebook that affiliates need to adapt to; Enlarge attribution window beyond seven days– again, one of the most recent Facebook updates;
  • TikTok Advertisement Tracking Support

    While lots of marketers started looking for Facebook Ads options, TikTok announced their public advertising platform with postback support. And once again, RedTrack was the very first to respond. Along with Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, Taboola, etc, RedTrack now supports API combination with TikTok, consisting of automatic data conversion upload, expense updates, and auto-optimization rules.

    Affiliate Tracking

    They initially introduced this performance in 2020 however continued improving their deal. RedTrack has all the functions you may desire from an affiliate tracker, including customized payouts, payment management, and advanced white-label modification. What’s missing out on is the ability to automate those payments, but we are sure it is on the way.

    Our top choice would be:

    • Ability to run numerous white labels from the very same account, all with deep personalization;
    • Extremely flexible payout management, consisting of assistance for combined models (CPA+R evShare);
    • Complimentary Publisher Discovery subscription, software application that simplifies the finding and recruiting of affiliates for your program (neat additional benefit).

    Recommendation Tracking

    We put it into a different category as it requires a number of typical use-cases that RedTrack now supports out-of-the-box.

    • Ability to use direct links with human-readable names;
    • Ability to create a multi-level referral program to grow the variety of publishers quicker;
    • Ability to develop promotion codes on a project level and do attribution based upon voucher applied. This one should deserve much more attention both from RedTrack and from us.

    Advanced Reporting

    Ok, so you got all this data. What about the reports?

    RedTrack included a great deal of new cool things in reporting throughout 2021. They had dashboards, campaigns, offers, channels, and offers sources– level reports. And now there is more:

    • Finally fixed the concern triggering you to select dates every time your refresh the page and, surprise– added a “comparison function” permitting you to compare the efficiency throughout 2 durations;
    • Report templates and pattern charts exist and still hidden;
    • Affiliate/publisher reporting is excellent;
    • You can get logs for practically every interaction tracked. That’s big, and the majority of trackers miss the function and hide it behind;
    • A standalone white label reporting portal for those of you who have clients of their own– very useful to share results;
    • 20+ tracking criteria. Usually, you do not need that much, but it’s nice to have some additional when you miss out on a couple of.

    Unique Feature at RedTrack

    We have an unique mention here: cross campaign multi-touch attribution report.

    If we checked out the signals right, RedTrack develops the foundation to enter the domain of larger gamers by providing customer journey tracking and conversion course analysis.

    Thi report is in beta, and it is missing a lot of features we would like to see, so time will inform.

    Other Cool Developments

    Now, finishing up this RedTrack evaluation, we want to include a number of honorable discusses:

    • Multi-access. It was excellent, but the RedTrack group made it even much better.
    • New UI: we had a number of remarks about the obsolete UI, so the brand-new user interface is the right indication that the company is moving for much better services. It’s still in the beta, so you can switch it on and off just for a test. So make certain to inspect it out and perhaps contribute to making the UI much better.
    • Alerts and Automation: the list of alternatives is growing, and the UI might be much better. Do you want to know why we added it to the list? RedTrack DOES not charge you extra based upon your budget plan for using all those guidelines.


    Now we got to the most exciting part– prices. And RedTrack group made quite a huge modification dividing their membership plans based upon the industry functions:

    redtrack pricing

    redtrack pricing

    By registering for yearly strategies, RedTrack users get a FREE 2-month membership. Use our RedTrack discount coupon and get 25 % off in the first three months+a 14-day totally free trial.

    Now, let’s see what they have for every group:


    Solo affiliates, media buying teams, and publishers will discover their prices in this tab.

    The most evident distinction in between Pro ($99/mo), Advanced ($149/mo), Team ($249/mo), and Enterprise ($749/mo) strategies here are the variety of events consisted of and the variety of users that can work within one RedTrack account.

    While opening the comparison table available on their rates page, you can see that the membership plans have particular limits in functions, like the variety of connected BMs, access to logs, others, and smartlinks.


    RedTrack group decided to unite the following users under this group– e-Commerce businesses, brands (aka advertisers), and SaaS business.

    Unlike the Affiliate group, the users who sign up for Advertiser plans have another tracker user interface and access to the Partnership Portal offered by default.

    Again, you can see the department based upon private and team (when a number of users run within one RedTrack account) strategies.

    Another thing that appears is that RedTrack charges Advertiser prepares based on Revenue tracked instead of events in Affiliate plans. That’s the big move that indicates RedTrack is broadening its influence and switching to the advertising landscape.


    This only subscription strategy aims to cover ad agency’ needs that manage their client(s)’ RedTrack account(s) or operate on their behalf. And it will cost a firm just $99/mo, no matter the number of customers they connect.

    RedTrack Review: Summary

    RedTrack stunned us again: they constantly improve the item and look like they do not prepare to stop.

    We can see them expanding the offered functions and exceeding standard trackers.

    Despite how many features have actually been included, the item still has an extremely competitive price in the market. Even the small increase in the cost does not wash away that it’s one of the best deals on the ad tracking market.

    Do you want an even much better deal?

    RedTrack Pros

    • Fantastic set of features, some of which you will not find elsewhere;
    • Great assistance;
    • Multi-lingual support;
    • Auto-optimization is included free of charge (usually it’s charged in other trackers);
    • No limits on information storage;
    • Excellent worth for money.

    RedTrack Cons

    • A few of those incredible features are well-hidden.

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